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III. 1. rewarding 2. communicate 3. access 4. embarrassing 5. positive 6. commitment 7.

virtual 8. benefits 9. minimum 10. opportunities

IV. 1. up 2. into 3. from 4. with 5. to 6. up 7. of 8. in 9. for 10.with

V. 1.G 2.B 3.E 4.I 5.H 6.K 7.M 8.O 9.F 10.C

Sentence Structure


1. Universities in the east are better equipped, while those in the west are relatively


2. Allan Clark kept talking the price up, while Wilkinson kept knocking it down.

3. The husband spent all his money drinking, while his wife saved all hers for the family.

4. Some guests spoke pleasantly and behaved politely, while others wee insulting and


5. Outwardly Sara was friendly towards all those concerned, while inwardly she was



1. Not only did Mr. Smith learn the Chinese language, but he also bridged the gap

between his culture and ours.

2. Not only did we learn the technology through the online course, but we also learned

to communicate with friends in English.

3. Not only did we lose all our money, but we also came close to losing our lives.

4. Not only do the workers want a pay increase, but they also want reduced working


5. Not only is the house expensive, but it is also too far away from my company.



1. Not only can students choose when and where to learn for an online course, but they

can also take time to think through answers before making a reply.

2. She is excited by the idea of online learning while be considers it meaningless and


3. Communicating with native English speakers is a very rewarding experience from

which we can learn a lot.

4. Today, more and more people have access to the Internet through which they look for

the information they need.

5. He wants her to give up working and stay home to look after the children. She feels,

however, that this is too much for her.

6. Now that we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work.


1. 我永远都不会忘记那位老师,是他告诉我学外语是有趣的、有价值的。如果没有他,


2 没有任何其他语言能像英语那样让你感受到多姿多彩的世界文化。有了过硬的英语知


3. 写作不仅仅要写老师布置的话题,而且要写自己感兴趣的东西,例如,给朋友写电


4. 远程教学课程是指授课者与学生通过计算机通信技术进行交流的课程。

5. 英语不但是世界上最有用的语言,也是世界上最易学、易用的语言之一。

6 远程教学课程在时间安排上给予学生更多的自由,但与其他课程比,这些课程要求学



1. B 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.C 6,C 7.B 8.A 9.a 10.B 11.A 12.A 13.B 14.A


Structured Writing

XII. I am proud to say that I succeeded in learning a foreign language. It was a real

challenge and, needless to say, it took a lot of practice. I carried a small dictionary with

me everywhere I went as well as a notebook in which I listed new words I came across. I

also managed my time carefully so that I met the standards of the course and finished

assignments on time. After years of persistence, I reaped the benefits of all my hard


Section B

Reading Skills

1. 1.C 2.B 3.D 4. A 5. B

Comprehension of the Text


1.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.B 7.C 8.D


1. community 2. effective 3. unique 4. committed 5. reinforce

6. perspective 7. explicit 8.

challenge 9. hindered 10. arose


1. for 2. with 3. on 4. on 5. on 6. of 7. in 8. up 9. of 10.In


1. It is reported that he is very rich and that he is a man who trades in weapons.


2. Men or women of any country should be against war as it can destroy the



3. People call Nobel a man of peace and a man full of love


4. It is very dangerous to cross the river during the raining season. 在雨季渡过那条河非常危险

5. He did not know what to do, as it was new to him to build roads through mountains.


Alferd Nobel invented his explosive at a perfect moment in time

1. 诺贝尔在最合适不过的时候发明了他的炸药。

He wanted to think of the best way for people to use his money after his death

2. 他要考虑在他逝世后让人们用最佳的方法使用他的遗产。

The world thinks of him the way he wanted to be remmembered:Nobel,a man of peace

3. 全世界按照他所希望的方式怀念他,铭记他:诺贝尔,一个致力于和平事业的人。 He decided that after he died,his money should be used for a prize to honor people who did great things in science,writing,and world peace

4. 他做出决定,在他去世之后,他的遗产应当用来奖励那些在科学、文学和世界和平等领


The first Nobel Prizes were awarded in 1901,and they very soon became the greatest honor that a person could receive in these fields

5. 最早的诺贝尔奖是在1901年授予的,这个奖项不久便成为人们在上述领域所能获得的


1. The mistake is hard to find.


2. The book is interesting to read


3. The Nobel Prize is not easy to win.


4. The test is difficult to pass.


5. The soup is too hot to drink now.


6. The story is really interesting to listen to.


7. Mr. Smith’s lessons are hard to follow.


8. The garden is pleasant to walk in.


9. Is smoking really so difficult to give up?


10. I like to make friends with those who are easy to get along with.



1. He has visited 20 countries, as he is interested in all sorts of cultures and customs.


2. Nobel preferred people to remember him as a man of peace..


3. But not everyone would agree with you that men and women have the same abilities.


4. That is a very good example of how the language has changed as a result of the women’s movement.


5. The differences between the sexes in language are, in fact, present in any kind of language.

I know you’ve written a lot about how language changes when we talk about the two sexes

1. 我知道,你写了很多论著,探讨人们在谈论两性时语言如何发生变化。

You know Enlish has several special words that people sometimes use when they’re talking about women

2. 你知道,英语中有一些特殊的词是人们谈论女性时常用的。

We’re changed dozens of words describing jobs

3. 许多描述职业的词都改变了。

They might think of some silly,beautiful woman who’s moer wooied about her hair than she is about the play

4. 他们也许会想到某个傻乎乎的漂亮女人,她关心自己的头发胜过关心戏剧表演。 If you travel to other cultures,you’ll find all sorts of amazing things

5. 如果你在异国文化中徜徉,便会发现各种各样令人惊讶的事情。


1. These children are trying to fit into their new conditions.


2. The husband and wife are going to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary this year.


3. This man enjoys reading newspaper and looking after his child. 他发现女儿正躺在床上看书

4. He found his daughter lying in bed and reading a book.


5. With her very fair skin, red hair and blue eyes, she looks more beautiful than before.

The three children sat in the airplane,watching the clouds clear away as the airplane went higher and higher into the sky

1. 三个孩子坐在机舱里,注视着云彩随着飞机升空渐渐消散开去

Although their father often spent days traveling round the sheep farm looking at the sheep,grass,and fences,their mother was always there

2. 虽然父亲常常一连几天绕着牧羊场转来转去,照看着绵羊、草地和围栏,但母亲总是在他们身旁。

The day Amy learned of the car accident and her parents’ death in Sydney,she realized what it really meant to be the eldest in the family

3. 得知父母在悉尼死于车祸的那一天,艾米就意识到了作为家里的长女真正意味着什么。 Susie was too young to realize exactly what had happened,but through watching the other children,she knew it was something terrible

4. 苏茜当时年纪太小,未能确切地意识到究竟出了什么事,但通过观察其他孩子,她知道可怕的事情发生了。

Amy knew that she needed a firm parent,but it often seemed easier to avoid a fight that to stand up to her in public

5. 艾米知道苏茜需要一个严厉的大人管教,但似乎阻止一场打斗都比在众人面前驳斥她更容易。


1. The Jacksons are to go to Australia for their holidays next month. 明天下午有场足球比赛

2. There is to be a football game tomorrow afternoon.


3. They are to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary on May 1st. 你们的作业必须在下星期一交上来

4. You are to hand in your homework next Monday.


5. You are not to eat anything in the class.


6. He is to regret sooner or later.


7. We are to do something as soon as possible.


8. No mistake was to be found in his homework.


9. How were you to believe what he said?


10. If you are to be successful, you’ll have to work very hard.


1. It’s impossible to compare London with New York; they are quite different. 他用许多科学信息来支持自己的观点

2. He supported his opinion with a lot of scientific information.


3. We think that it is needed to work out laws and rules to stop smoking in public places and to strongly enforce them.


4. We can use many facts to prove that smoking is dangerous to people’s health.


5. He believes that creating no smoking areas would cost too much money and waste too much time.

He,therefore,supports the restricion of smoking in every public place,including schools,hospitals,theaters,and other work areas

1. 因此,他支持在各种公共场所,包括学校、医院、剧院及其他工作地区对吸烟加以限制。 He takes the view that restrcting somking in public places”would set up two classes of citizens and would make many people angry”.

2. 他认为在公共场所限制吸烟“会将公民分为两个阶层,从而惹怒许多人”。

He states that people working in the same office must sit near each other,and the cost of changing offices to avoid smoke is too great

3. 他指出,在同一办公室工作的人必须相距很近,为避开烟雾而调整办公室的代价太高了。 They fight each other,and at the same time defend their own opinions with examples,numbers,and personal experience

4. 他们唇枪舌战,同时又用实例、数字和个人体验来捍卫自己的观点。

Screvane cares about creating different classes of people in society,about money,and about time,but he never talks about public health and safety

5. 斯克里文关心在社会中形成不同阶层的问题,关心钱和时间的问题,但他从未谈及公众健康与公共安全问题。


1. Such weather would be quite common in the South.


2. Without that medicine, the man might have died.


3. He couldn’t have won the big prize without/but for his teacher’s help. 过量饮酒会损害你的健康

4. Drinking too much would hurt your health.


5. I wouldn’t have made such a mistake, but I was so careless.


6. She is ill today. Otherwise she would have come to the class.


7. I would love to live in Sydney.


8. A weak man couldn’t have removed such a heavy rock. 我昨天应该来看你的,可是我女儿病了

9. I should have come to see you yesterday, but my daughter was ill. 除了你还有谁会写出这么好的文章呢?

10. Who but you would have written such a good article?


Vocabulary 选词填空

Unit 1 tradition shy period pushing adventures pause welcome stuck Unit 2 valuable investment population leaked familiar furniture merely enter Unit 3 announced organized pouring directly exchanging entire communicated boiling Unit 4 blow regular posted estimated repeated mailbox hurried unfold

Translation 翻译

Unit 1

1.If the weather is fine tomorrow, he will take his girl friend to the beach.

2.When he was a young fellow ,he was very sensitive about what he said and did

3.He is interested in a particular girl and often goes with her to Shanghai Grand Theater to watch plays

4.As soon as he finished what he had to say, the guy next to him got all excited and laughed loudly

5.On that day, the boy was not willing to go to school, so his parents had to push him







1.The students were sitting around the classroom and discussing questions when their teacher came in

2.Last year I bought this house, but I have not paid off the money I owe on it

3.My friend nodded to me and thought over the questions I put forward

4.It is not difficult to understand that housing has become a popular subject of conversation these days

5.You have got used to these problems of your old house, just like your own shortcomings






Unit 3

1.The students listened and took notes carefully as the teacher gave them a lecture.

2.We admire great people because what they did is worth admiring

3.Four students share a flat, where they share a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom.

4.Those Americans were curious about Chinese culture and were curious to know about the main differences between Chinese culture and American culture.

5.Those British students enjoyed their summer vacating in China last year, mainly because they made lots of Chinese friends.






Unit 4

1.They were eager to know if the room was available for them to spend the night.

2.The teacher sounded as if he had a cold or a cough when he spoke.

3.For a long length of time many people in our country believed that the number 13 was bad luck.

4.As a hardworking student, he learns by heart every text he has studied.

5.I haven’t seen Professor Wang since he moved away from the old neighborhood.






新视野大学英语预备级2:课文翻译 Unit 1



当我还是个13岁左右的年轻小伙子时,我有一群年龄比我稍大、经验比我丰富的伙伴。 他们认识许多不同的女孩,经常在天气宜人的日子里和她们一块儿到海滩上去玩。

有一次我们在海滩上时,大多数小伙子都和那些姑娘们到海边的礁石上玩去了。 我对其中一个女孩颇感兴趣,自言自语道:"我想带芭芭拉去看电影??"

我想说的就是这句话,而旁边那个家伙听了兴奋不已。 他迈开大步走到礁石上,找到了她。 他一个劲地催她回到海滩上, 一路上大声说: "芭芭拉, 范曼有事要对你说。" 那情形真令人尴尬极了。

不一会儿,大伙儿都围着我站了一圈,吵吵嚷嚷,对我说:"好的,范曼,说出来呀!" 于是,我邀请她去看电影。 这是我的第一次约会。

回到家里,我把这事告诉了妈妈。 她给了我各种各样的指导,告诉我如何做这样那样的事。 比如说,如果我们不得不在街上走时,我应该走在路的外侧。 她甚至告诉我什么样的事儿该说。 她在遵守这样一个传统:母亲教儿子如何善待下一代女性。

吃过晚饭,我洗了个澡,装扮好之后就到芭芭拉家去找她。 这对于我来说是一次十分激动人心的特别的经历,我感到紧张,甚至有点儿害羞。 当时她还在楼上做准备,这是意料中的事(女孩子临行前总是那样),因此,她的家人让我在餐厅里等她。他们在餐厅里跟许多朋友一起吃馅饼。 他们嘴里一边衔着叉子,一边说着这样的话:"他真可爱!" 还说了其他各种各样的事儿。 我并不觉得喜悦。 这绝对是可怕的。

我对这次约会的一切记忆犹新。 在我们从她家走到城里戏院的路上,我们谈到了弹钢琴的事。 我告诉她,在我年幼的时候,我父母让我学了一段时间的钢琴,六个月后我还在弹"花之圆舞曲",于是我忍无可忍了。 你知道,其他男孩会以为我是笨蛋,这种想法困扰着我。 连续几个星期辛辛苦苦弹奏"花之圆舞曲"却没有多大进展,这对我来说太难受了,因此我放弃了。 我对任何表现出弱智的迹象真的非常敏感。

看完电影后,我送她回家。 她穿着粉红色的外衣,我赞赏了一番。 然后我们俩便握手告别。芭芭拉对我说:"谢谢你让我度过了一个美好的夜晚。"

"不用谢!" 我答道。 我感到惊喜。


我没觉得那么惊喜了。 我开始渐渐明白:"谢谢你让我度过了一个美好的夜晚"或许意味着"我不想再见你了"。





我于1937年4月5日出生。当时我家住在哈莱姆区莫宁赛德大道。 我父母的第一个孩子--我的姐姐玛丽琳--比我大5岁半。 我对在哈莱姆度过的岁月已经记不起什么了。 他们说我们最早的回忆通常与不好的事情联系在一起,的确如此。 我4岁的时候,我们家搬到了南布朗克斯。 由于我的父母都要工作, 我由我的外婆艾丽斯·麦考伊大妈照料。 我当时正在地板上玩耍,把一片金属插入电插孔里。 我还记得,那令人目眩的电光和强烈的电击几乎把我从地板上掀起。 我的外婆给吓坏了,一边责骂我,一边把我抱起,当时那种情形我至今记忆犹新。 爸爸妈妈下班回家后,发生了一场激烈的争论,随之而来的是更多的斥责和关注。 对那天发生的事,我记得最清楚的不


我9岁的时候,麻烦事降临到了鲍威尔家。 作为第39公立中学的一名学生,我从三年级升到了四年级,但进入了最低班,被称为"直升四年级",这个术语意味着孩子有点迟钝。 这是一种在家里大家窃窃私语、连连摇头的秘密。

对来自西印度群岛的人们而言,教育是安全之门,是找出路和往上爬的途径。 我的姐姐已是一名优秀学生,正准备读大学。 而我呢,在这里读四年级都有困难。 其解释是我缺乏动力,而不是能力。 我是一个逍遥自在的孩子,对自己在学校的分数并不担心。

虽然我喜欢街道体育运动,但我并不擅长。 我孩提时代的一个朋友曾数出36种街道运动比赛。 一天,我正在一块空地上打棒球,看见爸爸沿着街道走过来。 我希望他不要停下来,因为那天我很倒霉,但他却驻足观看。 爸爸在那儿站了好一阵子,我始终接不到球--无论我怎么努力,我都不能击球得分。 每次轮到


我击球时,我总是一而再再而三地失球。 至今我仍然可以感觉到当时自己狼狈不堪、心焦如焚的感受。 让父亲失望了,这一直使我心痛。 事实上,他很可能并没有真正地感到失望,我也很可能是在想像不存在的东西。 因为他几乎没说什么责备我的话,所以他当时不大可能感到失望。

我孩提时上过钢琴课,但钢琴课对我并不适合,因此,很快就结束了。 后来,我学习吹长笛。 玛丽琳认为,从长笛里发出的噪音很可笑。 我也放弃了。 看来我不会成为一个运动员,也没有任何音乐才能。 尽管如此,我是个满足现状的孩子,在家人组成的层层的安全圈里成长。 我父母站在圈子的中心。 我母亲的姐妹们及其家人组成第二个安全圈。 我父亲惟一的一个住在美国的妹妹--贝里尔姑姑,单独一人组成了第三个安全圈。 这些圈子随着远亲越来越多而不断增多,但整个大家庭保持着相当密切的关系。 大家庭的成员是一长串相互照顾、相互促进、相互帮助的人们。



在我们的人生历程中,有很多经历,其中有好有坏。 有时人生经历是别人的行为引起的,有时是我们自己的行为所致的。 有时发生的事使我们终生难忘。 作为生活在这世上的一个人,我也有一些永远难忘的经历。 其中一段经历涉及到一位女性,她在这座城镇的一所公立医院里当护士。1982年年末,我在 Jalan Veteran遇到了车祸。 在这次事故中,我的腿断了,不得不在医院住了几个月。 就在那家医院里,我们第一次相遇了。

我早上醒来的时候,一位身穿白衣的女子站在我的床边, 她友好地对我说了一声"早上好"。 我意识到她在向我打招呼,便抬头看了看她。 她名叫内利莫尼,年方20,身高160厘米。 她戴着一副眼镜,圆圆的脸蛋儿长得很漂亮。 她那口洁白整齐的牙齿,在她微笑时使她更加动人。 她为人善良友好,给我留下了强烈的印象。

在我住院期间,她不论上午还是下午总是在照料我,即便在她不上班的日子里,她也来我的房间看望我。 有时候,她给我带来一些水果、面包、牛奶及其他一些吃的东西。

一次当我夸她时,她体贴我的程度甚至超过了我的预想,她问我要不要洗澡,要不要洗脸。 想了一会儿后,我决定只洗个脸。 她立即把洗脸所需要的一切准备就绪。 她帮我洗脸之后,还为我整理床铺。 在她离开我房间之前,我问她是否会继续帮助我。 她回答说,只要我还在医院里,她就乐意来照顾我。 我为有一位像她这样乐于助人的护士而感到高兴,尽管我知道作为护士其工作

就是照顾病人。 但是,对我来说,她给予我的帮助大大超过了一个病人在公立医院通常得到的那种关照。 在过去,能找到一位如此细心照顾病人的护士是非常罕见的,除非病人是有钱人,住在特别的病房里。

然而,她确实也有自己的弱点。 我曾经拒绝了她给我带来的一件礼物,她为此生气了。 此后,她连续几天不跟我说话。 后来,我解释了我拒绝她的礼物的缘由,她开始理解我了,并且原谅了我。

遗憾的是,自从我离开医院以来,已经过去一年了,我从她的朋友那里获悉她搬到万隆去了,以便继续她的学业。 我很失望她没有告诉我她要搬家。 我感到我失去了一位难以忘怀的朋友,一位具有特别品质的人。

我与她相处的时光我一辈子也不会忘怀,我将永远记着她的善良友好,她的关怀备至。 Unit 2


一个星期六的晚上, 我妻子和我与一些老朋友散坐在我们相当破旧的起居室里, 就在这时一个朋友开始努力回想我们已经在这里住多久了。



对钱我除了会花以外,别的一窍不通。 这些话使我很不高兴。

“这房子对谁来说不那么值钱了?”我大声地问他,音量超过了使他听清楚所必需的范围。 “对我来说不是那回事,我是住在这儿的人。 事实上,我现在对房子喜爱的程度大大超出了当年银行也部分地拥有这房子的时候。”





我不理解为什么如今这已成了一个流行的话题,但我们的房屋是不出售的。 我们的房子可不是一种临时性的投资。 它不是一个帐篷,晚上在里面过夜,第二天早上起来就继续赶路往别处去了。 我们的屋子是我们的家。 我们住在这里。它是我们不想到其他地方去时所呆的地方。我们不打算搬家。

最近的调查研究表明,每年有四千万美国人迁居。 每五个美国人中就有一个打包装箱,搬往别的地方居住生活。

大家都往哪里搬呢? 他们为什么要迁居到那儿呢? 换一个地方果真好些吗?


如果老板说他们的工作地点迁到了一个新的城镇,为什么他们不换个工作? 工作比一个家容易得到呀! 我简直不能想像因为工作变动而要放弃我的家。