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9B U4

1. But he spent all of it on high living and ________ business (successful). 错因:前面有but,所以应该是转折 错解:successful

2. Title: ________ in Marco Polo’s life. 错因:有in,下文都是事件 错解:Introduction

9B U3

3. Fill(形容词)________ 错因:filled是fill的过去分词 错解:filled

4. Ms Li showed her strong i________ in Tibet after having worked in a company for less than three months. 错因:兴趣(不可数)爱好(可数) 错解:interests

5. She has got to almost every c________ of the Tibet within 8 years. 错因:Tibet是中国的一个城市 错解:cities

6. ________ on how to choose a hotel in Bangkok. 错因:ways to .../advice on … 错解:ways

9B U2

7. Nod(现在分词)________ 错因:是现在分词,不是过去分词 错解:nodded

8. Robots are m________ used in factories. 错因:这个词用来修饰used不是are的 错解:most

9. The use of robots can i________ the working conditions for people. 错因:improve sth for sb 错解:increase?

9B U1

10. The gravity on Mars in only about _______(八分之三) of that on earth. 错因:用英文表示分数的时候,分母要用序数词 错解:three-eights

11. However ,meals will be in the form of pills and will ________(不如…好吃)they are today.错因:as…as中间要加be动词 错解:not as tasty as

9A U6

12. He was________(被指控)break into several computer systems. 错因:前面有be动词 错解:be charge with

13. Safe(名词)________ 错因:safe的名词加ty 错解:safty

14. As the policeman handed it ________, he said I had found not only the purse. 错因:hand over递给 hand in上交

15. That night Mrs Smith ________ home alone. 错因:骑自行车回家ride home 错解:came hom

9A U5

16. Since her first film, Red Sorghum, Gong Li ________(演出了)many other successful films. 错因:act in 错解:has acted

17. She also won an Award for ________(最佳女配角)form the New York Film Critics Crile in 1933. 错因:最佳女配角是专有名词要大写 错解:best supporting actess

18. Tracy Ma, a famous actress coming from Hong Kong, had worked hard at learing Mandarin and her e________ paid of. 错因:effort 错解:experience

9A U4

19. Badly(比较级)________ 错因:是比较级,不是最高级 错解:worest

20. He finds friendship and s________ form others and always has comfidence in himeself. 错因:support不可数 错解:supports

21. He got a record of more than 2.5 million v________ from fans all over the world. 错因:前面有

2.5million后面应该用复数 错解:vote

22. TV violence may influence children’s behaviour now or _______ 错因:later和after用于过去式,in用于将来时 错解:future

23. I really ________(对此感到伤心). 错因:对此用it 错解:feel sorry about this

24. I hope _______(收到……的来信)you soon. 错因:hope to do 错解:hear from

25. A way to ________ with others. 错因:和别人交流的方法,不仅仅是谈话 错解:talk

9A U2

26. All tradition red things have been playing special ________ in China. 错因:扮演一个特殊的角色 错解:places

9A U1

27. We alse think he is _______(勤奋的). 错因:hard-workind中间要加连字符 错解: hard working

28. He even ________(曾经再一次英语测试中得了满分). 错因:full表示满mark 要加s 错解:a full mark

29. Wake(形容词)________ 错因:awake 错解:waking

30. He likes taking a ________ by sea. 错因:trip旅行 travel旅游 错解:travel

31. Although she can accept _______ advice. 错因:others名词性物主代词加’s表示形容词 错解:others

8B U6

32. 后援团________ 错因:support team 名词修饰名词 错解:supporting team

33. They s_______ out those young people that need their help most. 错因:seek是抽象的找,search是具体的找 错解:search

8B U5

34. Now they should operate on many patients with any p_______. 错因:payment是pay的名词 错解:pay

35. He _______ a message to President Obama and lawmakers. 错因:post to 错解:post

36. A TV report s________ us some pictures of childten working in a clothing factory. 错因:全文都在用一般现在时 错解:showed

37. Many people call for m________ governments’ money to support in eduction. 错因: 更多的钱 错解:making

38. They are so poor that they have to work to make money for their f________ 错因:family可数,前面是their 错解:famliy

39. In 1970, Dr David Paton had the idea of staring ORBIS after _______ the hospitala in some developing countries. 错因:observe是观察的意思 错解:seeing

8B U4

40. At the night before the show, Ricky was _________(太兴奋以至于睡不着觉). 错因:应该用过去式 错解:so excited that he can’t sleep at all.

41. Speak(名词)________ 错因:speech 错解:speaking

42. Rise(过去分词)_______错因:rose是过去式 错解:rose

43. Among her contributions is a song for a charity album and a message for a found-raising T-shirt to go on s________ this week. 错因:on是介词,后面加名词 错解:selling

44. When some Japanese officials p________ her with a thank-you letter form the Japanese. 错因:presentsb with 错解:posted

8B U3

45. The goal of this game is to help you learn English by ________(通过测试你的英语语法和词汇知识). 错因:by+doing 错解:tests your knowledge of grammer and vocabularly

46. After f_______ training in the show, he could now walk like a person. 错因:更多的训练 错解:finishing

47. Later she used peanut butter on a spoon as a lure(诱惑)and r________ for him. 错因:reward作为名词 错解:rewarded

48. Mean(形容词)________ 错因:meaning meanful 错解:mean

49. Marry(名词)_______ 错因:marriage 错解:married

50. End(反义形容词)_______ 错因:endless 错解:first

8B U1

51. The water pollution there was very serious because a shoe factory used to ________ (倾倒废水)错因:waste可数 错解:dump its waste

52. Each year there is an increasing number of cars on roading ans streets _______ milliona of new cars are polluced. 错因:不需要区分 错解:when

53. As a r_______, the passenger was held up. 错因:result 错解:reasult

8A U6

54. I was tring to find my way out when I suddenly heard some noise________(在我上方)

55. Frost(形容词)________ 错因:天气的形容词直接加y 错解:forsted

56. After a serious earthquake happened, a father left his wife _______ at home and rushed to his son’s school. 错因:leave做系动词 错解:safely

8A U5

57. Tom often watched them come to the ground because he liked the way they ________ the air with their winga. 错因:beat the air固定搭配 错解:held

58. Many of them work in animal h________. 错因:前面有many,后面要加复数 错解:hospital

8A U4

59. Well, they may not be able to read English, but they use tools and ________ each other. 错因:前面是use,所以后面的动词也用原型 错解:talking

60. Jane has seen many examples of chimpanzees ________ like people. 错因:前面是see,所以see sb doing 错解:to share

61. They were doing this to tell chimpanzees nearby tha they had found lots of fruit and wanted ________ the food. 错因:want to do sth 错解:save

62. “When chimpanzees’ friends are in danger, they try to _______ them,e ven if they could get killed.” 错因:前面是in danger,所以后面是save 错解:help

63. Yet they have no trouble see on the darkest nights and finding their way_______ very well. 错因:find way around固定搭配(在找) 错解:find up

8A U3

64. There are models of over a hundered ________(名胜古迹)from all over the world. 错因:interest做名胜古迹时不可数 错解:places of interests

65. Now the tower gets more ________ than another famous building _ the Louvre 错因:more后面的可数名词加复数 错解:visitor

8A U2

66. You don’t want to make a mess, but you do want to have ________ to woek. 错因:space做面积不可数,room做面积不可数 错解:spaces

67. History is m_______ interesting to some students because they want to learn about important events physics. 错因:interesting是adj.,形容词的最高级一定加the 错解:most

68. It will be more _______ for you to do the job necessary. 错因:likely可能的 错解:easily

8A U1

69. May has ________(直的齐肩发). 错因:“直的”没翻译出来 错解:shoulder-length hair

70. Humour(形容词)________ 错因:humorous中没有u 错解:humourous

71. Smile(形容词)________ 挫因:smiling中不双写l 错解:smilling

72. Dirty(反义词)________ 错因:看错题目 错解:wet

7B U5

73. Don’t be ________ of your competitors’ faster speed. 错因:be afraid of 错解:sad

7B U4

74. Lazy(反义词)________ 错因:hard-working 错解:unlazy

75. One day, he ________ an e-mail to a friend on the Internet. 错因:根据上下文,在过去一段时间内持续做的事用过去进行时 错解:sent

7B U3

76. Cloud(形容词)________ 错因:天气的名词转为形容词后面全加y 错解:cloudly

The t________ was that the only world I knew was the name of the street. 错因:the trouble is that 错解:空

7B U2

77. The word “________” means a person who is trained or skill in exercises, sports or games. 错因:word是单个单词,不加复数 错解:atheles

7B U1

78. How can you ________ close again? 错因:become close 错解:go

79. If you follow these, you will be able to break down the walls between your parents and ________. 错因:指两个人之间的一堵墙,不用反身代词 错解:yourself

7A U6

80. The students in my class are going to ________(举行时装表演)to raise money for Project Hope. 错因:be going to do 错解:having a fashion show

81. They are from ________(20世纪90年代). 错因:年代前一定要加the 错解:1900s

82. So it can ________ any other colour. 错因:can后面动词用原型 错解:matches

83. It ________(使我看起来神气). 错因:“看起来“没翻译 错解: make me smart

84. How hard can it be to rearrange the nine little s________ on each side of the cube. 错因:每一面的小方块 错解:same

85. It has been over 30 years since the cube first h________ the market. 错因:hit the market固定搭配 错解:happened

86. However, not many people know it was used as a simple classroom m________ at beginning. 错因:被用作教室的模型 错解:machine

87. This classroom example was quickly t________ into a popular toy. 错因:前面有was,后面应该用被动语态 错解:turn

88. Venice lies ________ of Italy. 错因:north of+…/north+…/northern part of+…. 错解:northeastern

7A U5

89. Raise(反义词)_________ 错因:raise是筹集的意思,及物动词 错解:drop

7A U4

90. The boiling p________ of water is 100℃. 错因:水的沸点 错解:power

7A U3

91. They ________ (敲)their neighbours’ door. 错因:knock是不及物动词 错解:konck

92. P________ fireworks away from people. 错因:指着别人 错解:put

7A U2

93. It can be any k_________ of trouble, serious or not serious. 错因:any后面加单数 错解:kinds

94. A person who b________ a rule can be in hot water with police. 错因:break a rule 错解:beat

95. It’s something finished and it can’t be c_______. 错解:不能被改变 错解:controled

96. Some people think our brain uses ________ to talk to us. 错因:用象征 错解:pictures



1. Class(复数)_________ 错因:class可做可数也可作不可数 错解:class

2. Brush(复数)________ 错因:brush是以sh结尾的,应该用es 错解:brush

3. Family(复数)________ 错因:family可做可数也可作不可数 错解:families

4. Designers need to do further ________(实验)before the cars are mad in factories. 错因:experiment可数,要加复数 错解:experiment

5. These days are very hot. The ________(温度)is above 35℃. 错因:temperaure 错解:tempurature


6. There are many trees and flowers ____________________ (在街道的两边)now.. 错因:both前面不加冠词 错解:on the both sides of the street

7. Shanghai is larger than ________(任何一个)city in Shandong. 错因:上海不是山东的城市,所以不是其他任何一个,而是任何一个 错解:any other

8. Would you please buy some salt for me, Tony? ________(几乎没有了). 错因:There is little left. 错解:It is little

9. She is too busy to help us finish the work. ——Let’s do it ________(独自). 错因:独自的by oneself 亲自是oneself 错解:ourselves

10. This is ________ difficult problem that few students can work it out. 错因:problem可数 错解:such


11. thin ________ ________ 错因:thin的比较级和最高级要双写 错解:thiner thinest

12. Mr Brown always makes his class lively and keeps his students ________ (interest) in his class. 错因:sb is interested/sth is interesting 错解:interesting

13. I don’t think he does ________ ________ ________ his brother. 错因:do是行为动词,后面要加副词 错解:as good as


14. Mr Green usually gets to school ________ 8 o’clock ________ the morning. 错因:具体时间点要加at 错解:on

15. What bad weather we have. It has rained ________ the day before yesterday. 错因:since引导前完后过,所以前面有完成时,后面应该用since 错解:on

16. Kitty lives two flooes ________(在…之上)me, and we often study and play together. 错因:在…之上有above 错解:over

17. The moonlight goes ________(穿过)the window and makes the room bright. 错因:light是through 错解:across

18. ——Frank, when will the short meeting begin? ——You should come at 2:30. If you come 10minutes ________ that time, the meeting will be over. 错因:过去式用after和later 错解:past


19. ——So you were in the supermarket ________ you heard a stange sound, right? 错因:当你听到声音的时候,在超市 错解:and

20. Making friends is not easy. Sometimes it can take years ________ you become true friends with someone. 错因:在你和他成为朋友之前,花很长时间 错解:and

21. Many students didn’t relize the importance of study ________ they left school, 错因:承接的关系 错解:and


初中三年级英语阅读 阅读理解及答案解析(十一)

My friend Matt and I arrived at the Activity Centre on Friday evening. The accommodation wasn't wonderful,but we had everything we needed (beds,blankets,food),and we were pleased to be out of the city and in the fresh air.

On Saturday morning we met the other ten members of our group. Cameron had come along with two friends,Kevin and Simon,while sisters Carole and Lynn had come with Amanda. There were some other members I didn't know. We had come from different places and none of us knew the area.

We knew we were going to spend the weekend outdoors,but none of us was sure exactly how. Half of us spent the morning caving while the others went rock-climbing and then we changed at lunchtime. Matt and I went to the caves(岩洞) first. Climbing out was harder than going in,but after a good deal of pushing, we were out at last. Though we were covered with mud,we were pleased and excited by what we'd done. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

1. The writer spent the Saturday morning _____.

A. rock-climbing

B. sleeping

C. meeting friends

D. caving

2. There were _____ members in all in the writer's group.

A. 6 B. 8 C. l0 D. 12

3. We can learn from the passage that _____.

A. some of the group had been there before

B. the group had done rock-climbing many times

C. some of the group already knew each other

D. group all came from the same city

4. The write thought her weekend was _____.

A. interesting B. relaxing

C. frightening D. unpleasant

5. This passage mainly talks about ____.

A. the writer's friends at the Activity Centre

B. the writer's experience at the Activity Centre

C. outdoor sports at the Activity Centre

D. how to go rock-climbing and caving


1. 选D,根据文中说明Half of us spent the morning caving while the others went rock-climbing. Matt and I went to the caves(岩洞) first.可以判断出应该选择D。

2. 选D,Matt and I 还有the other ten members。

3. 选C,A. B. D.均可以从文中找到证据证明其是不正确的。我们知道Cameron had come along with two friends,可以知道C项是正确的。

4. 选A。

5. 选B,总揽全文,可以知道B项为最佳答案。

初中三年级英语阅读 阅读理解及答案解析(十)

As many as 10 of the 17 kinds of penguins(企鹅)may be in danger of disappearing. The number of penguins have decreased(减少) by 30% since 1987.

Penguins are black and white birds that live in the southern part of the world. They are common in South America,New Zealand,Australia and South Africa. Mary live near cold waters. But some live near warm waters in Galapagos Islands. Penguins cannot fly,but they are fine swimmers. Penguins eat fish and krill(磷虾).

The warming of the earth is the decrease in penguin populations. The heating of the air has caused ocean waters to become warmer. Higher water temperatures have reduced the supply of fish and krill. Some years later these birds are completely unable to reproduce(繁殖). Besides,many adult penguins die of hunger.

Widespread(广泛的) fishing,exploration for oil and oil leaks(漏) also make penguins be in danger. Poisonous organisms(生物) in ocean water are another danger. Penguins also have their enemies,including wild dogs,sharks,seals and sea lions.

News about penguins is not all bad,however. Several years ago,oil leaking from a ship hurt 40% of the penguins in South Africa. The penguins became covered with oil. But thousands of people helped clean and treat the birds well. Then they returned the penguins to the wild. Now these South African penguins are reproducing in higher numbers than before the oil leaking.


1. Penguins ___________.

A. can swim better than fly

B. can be found near Oceania (大洋洲)

C. eat fish only

D. live only in cold waters.

2. Which of the following is NOT the cause of penguin's decrease in numbers?

A. Oil searching. B. Widespread fishing.

C. Huma


n's killing. D. Warming of the oceans.

3. Why are the penguins in South Africa reproducing in higher numbers than before the oil leaking?

A. Because people removed the ship.

B. Because people sent a lot of penguins to the wild.

C. Because people helped the penguins.

D. Because people treated the penguins well.


1. 选B,我们知道企鹅不会飞,因此A不正确,除了吃鱼,他还吃磷虾,因此C不正确。只能选B。

2. 选C,本文中并没有说人类是如何捕杀企鹅,相反,人类对企鹅的态度相当友好。

3. 选C,根据文章可以判断是由于人类的帮助。

初中三年级英语阅读 阅读理解及答案解析(九)

Hundreds of years ago,a Roman army came north from England to make war on Scotland. The Scots,a brave people,loved their country very much. They fought hard to drive the enemy out of Scotland,but there were too many Romans. It looked as if the Romans would win.

One night,the leader of Scots marched his soldiers to the top of a hill. "We will rest here tonight,my men,"he said. "Tomorrow we will fight one more battle. We must win or we will die."

They were all very tired,so they ate their supper quickly and fell asleep. There were four guards on duty,but they,too,were very tired,and one by one,also fell asleep.

The Romans were not asleep. Quickly they gathered at the foot of the hill. Slowly they climbed up the hillside,taking care not to make a sound. Closer and closer they came to the sleeping Scots. They were almost at the top. A few minutes more,the war would be over. Suddenly,one of them put his foot on a thistle(蓟). He cried out and his sudden cry woke the Scots. In a moment,they were on their feet and ready for battle. The fighting was hard but it did not last long. The Scots wiped out the Romans and saved their country.

The thistle is not a beautiful plant. It has sharp needles all over it. Few people like it. But the people of Scotland liked it so much that they made it their national flower.


1. Hundreds of years ago there was a war between ________.

A. Roman army and North England

B. Roman army and the Scots

C. England and Scots

D. a brave people and the Scots

2. At first it looked as if the Romans would win because ________.

A. the Scots were not brave

B. the Roman army was so strong

C. the Scots did not have a good leader

D. the Romans had the support from the Scottish

3. "We must win or we will die."What the leader of the Scots said means ________.

A. they were sure to win

B. they couldn't escape from death

C. they would win and then they would die

D. they must try hard to win, otherwise they would be killed

4. The Romans climbed up the hill quietly because ________.

A. they didn't want to wake the Scots

B. they wanted to reach the top

C. they wanted to catch the four guards first

D. they were afraid of the sharp needles of the thistle

5. The people of Scotland made thistle their national flower because ________.

A. it is a beautiful plant

B. it is fresh and lovely

C. it had so many sharp needles all over it

D. it was the thistle that helped the Scots to win the battle


1.选B,文中很明显的指出,这场战争是Roman army和the Scots之间的。

2.选B,They fought hard to drive the enemy out of Scotland,but there were too many Romans. It looked as if the Romans would win. 是因为Romans太强大。因此选B。

3.选D,"We must win or we will die."的意思是"我们必须胜利,否则我们会死掉",因此选D。

4.选A,the Romans悄悄爬山的原因是不想吵醒the Scots,以便偷袭。


初中三年级英语阅读 阅读理解及答案解析(八)

Have you ever been ill? When you are ill,you must be unhappy because your body becomes hot,and there are pains all over your body. You don't want to work,you stay in bed,feeling very sad.

What makes us ill? It is germs(细菌). Germs are everywhere. They are very small and you can't find them with your eyes,but you can see them with a microscope. They are very small and there could be hundreds of them on a very small thing. Germs are always found in dirty water. When we look at dirty water under the microscope,we shall see them in it. So your father and mother will not let you drink dirty water.

Germs aren't found only in water. They are found in air and dust. If you cut your finger,if some of the dust from the floor goes into the cut(割开处),some of the germs would go into your finger. Your finger would become big and red,and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs would go into all of your body,and you would have pain everywhere.


1. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. If things are very small,they are germs.

B. If things can't be seen,they must be germs.

C. Germs are only in dirty water.

D. Germs are everywhere around us.

2. What is a microscope used for?

A. Making very small things look much bigger.

B. Making very big things look much smaller.

C. Helping you read some newspapers.

D. Helping you if you can't see things clearly.

3. Why don't your parents let you drink dirty water?

A. You haven't looked at it carefully.

B. Water can't be drunk in this way.

C. There must be lots of germs in it.

D. Water will make you ill.

4. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Germs can be found both in water and in the air.

B. Germs can go into your finger if it is cut.

C. If your temperature is not OK,there must be germs in your body.

D. If your finger isn't cut,there aren't any germs on it.

5. What's the main idea of the passage?

A. Germs may make us ill.

B. Germs are in dirty water.

C. Don't drink dirty water.

D. Take care of your fingers.


1.选D,根据第四段中Germs aren't found only in water. They are found in air and dust.可以排除C选项。A,B选项明显不符合题意,只有选D,并且根据第二段It is germs(细菌). Germs are everywhere.可以确定正确答案。

2.选A,根据文中They are very small and you can't find them with your eyes,but you can see them with a microscope.可以知道microscope是显微镜。确定选A。

3.选C,文中说到Germs are always found in dirty water.因此父母不让喝脏水。


5.选A,总揽全文,可以确定答案为A, Germs may make us ill。

初中三年级英语阅读 阅读理解及答案解析(七)

Gadgets for Work and Play

It's 7: 45 in the morning,and 26-year-old Steve Clarkson is going to work. He puts on his jacket,and picks up his mobile phone and laptop. As he leaves the house,he turns on his MP3 player and puts on his headphone. He is ready to go.

Today,for millions of people,gadgets like Clarkson's are a normal part of life. "I'm a reporter for a magazine,and I'm usually not in the office. My mobile phone and laptop help me to do my work both on the road and at home,"says Clarkson. Today many people can check e-mails, send messages,or surf the Web,using their mobile phones.

Tina Fang is studying photography in New York City. "Some of these gadgets are expensive,but they can save your money in the long run. I have a digital camera. I can use it to take eighty pictures and shoot video (record an image onto video) at the same time. I listen to music on my MP3 player,and I can download and read books on it,too. I use the camera and MP3 for both learning and fun."

It's now 9: 45. Steve Clarkson gets an e-mails from his 17-year-old sister. She has a gadget that lets her send e-mails,play games,and take notes. She is in class right now. "I e-mailed her back. I told her to stop playing,and pay attention," laughs Clarkson. "These gadgets are fun,but sometimes they can distract(分散注意力) people,too."

1. What is Steve Clarkson?

A. A student.

B. A reporter.

C. A businessman.

D. A computer programmer.

2. Which of the following things is not a gadget?

A. A picture. B. A laptop.


4.Another thing that I found very difficult was English grammar. 另一个我发现非常难的是英语语法。


5.Then I started to write my own original sentences using the grammar I was learning.

划线部分是分词短语,在句中做状语。I was learning是定语从句,修饰grammar。

e.g. He used to drink. 他以前常常喝酒。

→He didn't use to drink. 他以前不习惯喝酒。 e.g. We usedn't to watch this kind of plays. 我们以前不习惯看这种电视剧。


●在反意疑问句中可借助于助动词did来提问和来否定。 e.g. But you used to be really short, didn't you? 你曾经真的很矮,是吗?

2.Are you still afraid of dark? 你现在还怕黑吗?

be afraid of后接名词或动名词,主要表达“害怕,担心”。 e.g. She is very much afraid of her mother. 她非常害怕她的妈妈。

He was afraid of losing face. 他担心丢面子。

be afraid to do sth. 不敢做某事 e.g. He is afraid to travel by plane. 他不敢坐飞机旅行。

3.We're visiting for a couple of days. 我们参观已有两三天了。

a couple of (口语) 两个的,一对的;两三个的,几个的,数个的(=few)

e.g. They keep a couple of dogs. 他们养了两只狗。

I've got a couple of letters from him. 我已收到了他的几封信。

4.I go to sleep with my bedroom light on. 我开着卧室的灯睡觉。

with my bedroom light on是一个介词短语,在句中作伴随状语。

e.g. He went to sleep with his mouth open. 他张着嘴睡着了。

The teacher came in, with a book in his hand. 老师手里拿着一本书走了进来。

5.I used to be on the soccer team.我曾经是足球队的。on介词,表示“属于,参加”,在表达这个意思时可与介词in互换。

e.g. They are all in/on our team. 他们都属于我们这个队。

6.It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot. 余梅似乎改变了许多.

seem vi.看起来(像是??),似乎,好像??(不可用于进行时)

(1)seem to be + adj.

e.g. His mother seems to be a friendly woman. Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark.


本单元我们将完成下面的学习任务: 1.学习谈论自己和他人过去经常做的事。

2.学习谈论自己和他人过去的外貌、性格、爱好等。 3.学习谈论自己和他人的变化。 4.学习一些重要的单词、词组和句型: (1)used to do sth. (2)连词but 的用法。 (3)Mario used to be short. Yes, he did. Now he is tall. (4)I used to eat candy all the time. Did you?

Yes, I did. And I used to chew gum a lot. 二、重难点概述

1.—Mario, you used to be short, didn't you? Mario, 你过去个子矮矮的,是吧?—Yes, I did. 是的。

used to意为“过去常常”,后接动词原形,表示过去常常干某事,现在不再干了。 肯定句:

e.g. I used to play computer games after school .(But I don't play computer games any more.)

我过去常常玩电脑游戏。(但是我现在不玩了。) She used to be thin. ( But now she is heavy.) 她过去瘦瘦的。(但现在她胖了。) 疑问句:

e.g.—Did you use to be a teacher?—Yes, I did.—你曾经当过老师吧?—是的。

e.g. —Used you to go to school by bike? — No, I didn't.

—你过去是骑自行车上学吧? —不是。 否定句:

他妈妈似乎是个友好的人。 (2)seem to do sth.

e.g. She seems to know something about that. 她似乎对那件事有所察觉。 (3)seem like

e.g. It seems like years since we last met. 我们似乎好几年不见了。 (4)It seems that+从句

e.g. It seems that he has caught a cold. = He seems to have caught a cold. 他好像是感冒了。

(5)It seems as if (as though) +从句

e.g. Look at the dark clouds! It seems as if it is going to rain.


twelve-year-olds 是复合名词,此短语相当于“twelve-year-old children”。

“twelve-year-old”是复合形容词,作定语。如: a twelve-year-old boy 一个12岁的男孩 (2)get their ears pierced 扎耳朵眼


pierced是过去分词,在句中作ears的补足语。因为与宾语之间是动宾关系,所以用过去分词。 e.g. I need to get my hair cut. 我需要理发了。

We should get our classroom cleaned. 我们应该把教室打扫一下。 有相同用法的动词还有have。

e.g. Please have the TV set repaired. 请把这台电视机修理一下。 3.I agree. 我同意。 agree v. 同意

(1)agree with+n.与(人、想法)意见一致

e.g. I agree with you. =I agree with what you say. 我赞同你。(我和你意见相同。)

(2)agree about/on+n.(关于??)意见一致 e.g. We agree about/on that. 关于那件事我们意见一致。

Do you agree with me about/on that matter? 关于那件事你同意我的意见吗? (3)agree to do sth. 同意做某事 e.g. We all agree to help them. 我们都同意帮助他们。 agree的反义词是disagree。 4.stay up 熬夜,不睡觉

e.g. Don't stay up too often. It's bad for your health. 别经常熬夜,对你身体不好。

5.—We have a lot of rules at my house. 我们家里有许多规矩。

—So do we. 我们也是。

So do we.是一个倒装句。“So+助动词/系动词/情态动词+另一不同主语”表示“??也如此”。

e.g. She likes English, so does her brother. 她喜欢英语,她弟弟也一样。 I'm late, so are you. 我迟到了,你也如此。 He can drive, so can I. 他会开车,我也会。 在否定句中用neither或nor。

e.g. She doesn't like PE, neither do I. Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to

choose their own clothes.


在本单元里我们要完成以下学习任务: 1.学习谈论规章制度以及表达同意或不同意。 2.学习谈论应该被允许和不被允许做的事情。 3.学习情态动词should+be allowed to do sth. 4.学习重点词汇、句型。 二重难点提示

1.I think teenagers should be allowed to go out with their friends every night. (1)allow 允许

△allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 e.g. I don't allow you to say so. 我不允许你这么说。 △allow doing sth.

e.g. We don't allow smoking in public. 我们不允许在公共场合抽烟。

(2)should be allowed to do sth. 应该被允许做某事 should 情态动词,意为“应该”,其后接动词原形。 be allowed to do sth. 被允许做某事

should be allowed to do sth. 是“情态动词+被动结构”的用法。

e.g. He is allowed to play computer games on weekends. 他被允许在周末玩电脑游戏。

Children shouldn't be allowed to go swimming alone. 孩子们不应该被允许独自去游泳。

2.I don't think twelve-year-olds should be allowed to get their ears pierced.

(1)twelve-year-olds 12岁的孩子们

Han Wen Training School

5.You like talking to one or two people rather than to a group.你喜欢对一两个人讲话而不是是对一群人讲话。

rather than=instead of 意为“而不是”,用作连词,连接两个并列的成分。

e.g. I think I'll have a cold drink rather than coffer. 我想要冷饮,不要咖啡。

Why didn't you ask for help, rather than trying to do it on your own?


You would also rather stay at home and read a good book than go to a party.

你还会宁愿呆在家里看一本书而不愿去一个聚会。 6.一些短语和词组:

(1)worry about 为??而担心

e.g. Don't worry about me. I'll look after myself. 别为我担心,我会照顾我自己。


1.It must belong to Carla. 那肯定是Carla的。


e.g. It's too late. He must be away. 太晚了,他肯定走了。

She must dislike such a joke. 她肯定不喜欢那种玩笑。

(2)belong to意为“属于??所有;属于??之一员”。(不用于进行时)

e.g. This is not my car. It belongs to my uncle. 这不是我的车,是我叔叔的。 Who does this backpack belong to? 这个书包是谁的?

I belong to our school soccer club. 我是校足球俱乐部的。

※ This book belongs to me. =This book is mine. = This is my book.

2.Whose volleyball is this? 这是谁的排球?


e.g. He made a speech on peace. 他以和平为题发表演讲。

(3)without permission 没经过允许 with permission 经过许可 (4)let sb. down 让某人失望 =make sb. disappointed =frustrate sb.

(5)come up with 想出,找出(答案、计划)(不可用于被动语态)

e.g. You've come up with a good idea. 你想出的主意太好了。

6.the rest of the students 其余的学生rest n. 其余,其他,

rest常用作the rest of,其后可接可数名词或不可数名词。 e.g. You can eat up the rest of the food. 你可吃光剩下的食物。

Mary is out. The rest of the girls are at home. 玛丽外出了,其余的女孩在家。

=Whose is this volleyball?

=Who does this volleyball belong to?

3.There is a hair band, so the person can not be a boy.这里有一个发带,那么这个人肯定不是个男孩。

can't be意为“肯定不是”,是一种语气很肯定的否定,是“must be”的反义词。

e.g. —Who is that man? —It may be Mr. Zhang?

—No, it can't be Mr. Zhang. He has gone to Beijing. —那个人是谁? —可能是张先生吧。

—不可能是他,张先生去北京了。 ※ 表示肯定的猜测用must be, 把握性最大。

※ 表示非常有把握的否定猜测时用can't be;表示语气不肯定,把握不大的肯定猜测时用may be, might be, could be。 might be的可能性最小。

e.g. —Who is knocking at the door? 谁在敲门?

—It's 3 o'clock. It must be Jim. He told me he would come at 3.

三点了,肯定是Jim,他告诉过我他三点要来。 (—It may be the post man. 可能是邮递员。 —It might be Jim. 或许是Jim吧。) ※ mustn't 不表示猜测,而表示“不许,不准”。 e.g. You mustn't talk in class. 上课不准讲话。 Young children mustn't smoke. 小孩不许抽烟!

Unit 5 It must belong to Carla.


本周我们要完成以下学习任务: 1.学习用情态动词表示推测。


3.学习must, might, could和can't的用法及区别。 4.学习一些重要的单词、短语和句型。