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Unit1 This is me! read this book读/看这本书 look after照顾

how to look after your e-dog 怎样照顾你的电子狗

make friends (with sb.) (与)某人交朋友 the first day第一天

introduce oneself to sb. 向某人作自我介绍 in Class 1, Grade 7= in Class One, Grade Seven 在七年级一班

love/like/enjoy doing sth.喜爱做某事 love reading热爱读书

love playing football喜爱踢足球 like listening to the music喜欢听音乐 enjoy playing computer games喜爱玩电脑游戏come from …= be from…来自…… work hard努力学习(工作) be good at… = do well in… 擅长于…;在…主面做得好

in the Reading Club/ in the English Club 在阅读兴趣小组/参加英语兴趣小组 wear glasses戴眼镜

get to know the students开始认识这些学生 Good morning./ Good afternoon. 早上好。/下午好。

Good evening. 晚上好。(晚上见面) Good night. 晚安。(睡前告别) make notes做笔记 be born出生

play football/badminton踢足球/打羽毛球 on the football field在足球场 on the badminton court在羽毛球场 in the swimming pool在游泳池里 go swimming/running去游泳/跑步 walk home = go home on foot步行回家 take the bus home = go home by bus 乘公共汽车回家

take the bus to school = go to school by bus 乘公共汽车去上学 at the weekend在周末 fly a kite/ fly kites放风筝 in the morning/ afternoon/ evening 在上午/下午/晚上

take sb. for a walk带某人去散步 take the dog for a walk遛狗

talk to/with sb. 与某人谈话 talk about sth谈论某事 play for Huanghe Football Team 为黄河足球队效力

score for our school football team 为我们校足球队进球得分 score goals进球得分

look strong/ look happy看起来很强壮/高兴 sound great听起来很好(系表结构) in the next World Cup在下一次世界杯 work with others和他人合作 say sth. in English用英语说…(某事) speak English说英语 the answer to ………的答案 half an hour半小时

leave sth. sp. 将某物遗忘在某地 practice doing sth. 练习做某事 need to do sth. 需要做某事

Unit 2 My day wake up醒过来;叫醒 wake sb. up叫醒某人

It?s time for sth. = It?s time to do sth. 是该做某事的时候了。 It?s time for sb. to do sth. 是该某人做某事的时候了。 be going to do sth打算做某事 go to sleep去睡觉;入睡

have fun =have a good time = enjoy oneself 玩得开心

have fun doing sth. = enjoy oneself doing sth. = have a good time doing sth. 开心地做某事a new online friend一个新的网友 keep a diary记日记 do morning exercises做早操 have lessons上课

do after-school activities做课外活动 in the play ground在操场上 chat with each other彼此聊天 be nice/kind/friendly to sb. 对某人友好 spend …….(in) doing sth. = spend …… on sth.

(某人)花(时间/金钱)做某事 every Tuesday and Friday每逢周二和周五 a member of …………中的一个成员


e-mail me = send an e-mail to me 给某人发电子邮件

send sth. to sb. = send sb. sth. 发送某物给某人 twice a week一周两次 listen to the radio听收音机 make model planes做飞机模型 watch too much TV = watch TV too much 看太多电视

too much + 不可数名词太多 too many + 可数名词复数 much too + 形容词或副词 all the time = always总是;一直 meet up with sb. 约见某人,会见某人 know a lot about computers 了解很多关于电脑(的知识) dancing lesson(s) 舞蹈课

have no time to do sth. 没有时间做某事 talk to/with sb. on the phone 和某人在电话上谈话 teach us English教我们英语 say hello to sb向某人问好 go on a trip去旅行 Thank you for doing sth. 因为做某事而感谢你。

look forward to sth. / look forward to doing sth 期待做某事(to为介词)

What do you think of ….? = How do you like…? 你认为……怎样? need to do sth. 需要做某事

get/be ready for sth. 为某事做(好)准备 get/be ready to do sth. 准备做某事 be good for…对……有好处

….be hard for sb. …….对我来说很困难 learn more about the world


Unit 3 Let’s Celebrate dress up化装;打扮

dress up as a ghost化装成一个鬼 dress sb. 给某人穿衣服

be/get dressed in….= wear… = be in…= have …on穿着……..(衣服)

thank sb. for doing sth. 感谢某人做某事 tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人关于某事 have a special party举行一场特别的晚会

play a game called ?trick or treat? 玩一个被叫上不招待就使坏的游戏 knock on/at people?s doors敲人们的门 give us some candies as a treat = give us a treat of some candies 给我们一些糖果作为招待

give sb. sth as a treat = give us a treat of sth. 给某人某物作为招待 play a trick/joke on sb. 捉弄某人/开某人的玩笑 at Halloween在万圣节

wear special costumes with masks 穿着带有面具的奇特服装 make sth. for sb. 为某人制作某物 cut out…切割出…;剪出… on the evening of October 31st 在十月三十一日的晚上

make… out of …=make… with … 用…..制成…… at Christmas在圣诞节 on Thanksgiving Day在感恩节 at Dragon Boat Festival在端午节 at Mid-Autumn Festival在中秋节 on the afternoon of 12th October 在十月十二日的下午

on Monday (morning/afternoon/evening) 在周一(上午/下午/晚上) at breakfast/at lunch/at supper/at dinner 在早饭时/午餐时/在晚餐时 at 7=at the age of 7在七岁时 have …for lunch午餐吃…… that person in a special costume 那个穿着一件奇怪服装的人 go on holiday去度假 be on holiday在度假

watch the lion dance观看狮子舞 traditional Chinese food传统的中国食品 It?s my first time to do sth. 是我第一次做某事。on the other side of…在……的另一面 a few seconds几秒钟

try (not) to do sth. 努力(不)做某事 in many ways用许多方法;在许多方面 shine through the eyes透过眼睛发光/闪耀

Unit 4 Food


be always hungry总是饿 the Get Fit Club健身俱乐部 What about…? = How about…? …… 好不好?…….怎么样?

What about going fishing? 去钓鱼好不好? …be important for sb. ……对某人来说很重要 need to do sth. 需要做某事

need sth. to do sth. 需要某物来做某事 get tired变累

keep fit = stay healthy = keep healthy保持健康 between meals一日三餐之间 too much sugar太多的糖

want to be healthy想要(保持)健康 eat/have……..for breakfast早饭吃… a top student一个顶尖的学生 have a healthy diet and lifestyle 有健康的饮食习惯和生活方式 run fast跑得快

It?s time for sb. to do sth. 是该某人去做某事的时候了。 It?s time for me to change now. 现在是该我改变(……)的时候了。 plan to do sth. 计划做某事 the way you live你生活的方式 be careful with sth. 当心某物/某事 don?t have much time to do sth. 没有很多时间去做某事 three times a week一周三次

sit in front of the computer坐在电脑的前面 go to dancing lessons去上舞蹈课 go roller skating去滑旱冰 a packet of salt一包盐 two bags of rice两袋大米 three cups of tea三杯茶 four kilos of meat四公斤肉 five cartons of milk五盒牛奶 so many things这么多东西 less than 5 hours少于五小时 more than 10 hours多于十小时 not … at all一点也不,根本不 watch less TV少看电视 Congratulations to sb. 祝贺某人

watch 2 hours of TV = watch TV for 2 hours 看两个小时电视

How do you like….? = What do you think of …? 你认为……怎么样? not …any more = no more不再 lie on the couch躺在长沙发上 Good luck to sb. 祝某人好运。 Good luck with sth祝某事顺利。 healthy eating = healthy diet健康的饮食 without getting fat没有变胖 hate doing sth. 讨厌做某事

Unit5 Go shopping

want sb. to do sth. = would like sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事

need sb. to do sth. 需要某人做某事 come up来临了

buy sth. for sb. = buy sb. sth. 为某人买某物 just a minute稍等片刻

take a look (at) = have a look (at) 看一看 There?s a discount on………打折 many kinds of hair clips许多种类发卡 be sure + that (宾从)确信,有把握 be sure to do sth. 确信做某事 be sure of sth. 对某事很确信

sth. match sth. (well) 某物与某物很匹配 have eno ugh money to buy… 有足够的钱买……

sth. fit sb. (well) 某物很适合某人 Never mind. = It doesn?t matter. 没关系。 have a high price有高价 the same… as…与……一样的….. ask/tell sb. (not) to do sth. 叫某人(不要)做某事

th. cost sb. money某物花费某人…..钱 different kinds of books不同种类的书 something good某样好东西 a pair of shoes一双鞋子 invite sb. to one?s birthday party 邀请某人参加某人的生日晚会 invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事


at the moment = now = right now现在 wait for one?s turn to do sth. 等待轮到某人做某事

It?s one?s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事了 pay (money) for sth. 为某物付钱 stay out too late呆在外面太迟 stand at the table站在桌子旁 make a wish许愿 pocket money领花钱 the poor穷人

call sb. on .... 用…号码打电话给某人 donate sth. to sb. 捐赠某物给某人 raise sth. for sb. 为某人筹集/募捐某物 the children in need需要帮助的小孩 the children in poor areas在贫困地区的小孩 a pair of football boots一双足球靴 try … on试穿…… a cheaper pair更便宜的一双

in the name of our school以我们学校的名义 some more …更多一些

one more… = another one …再来一个 different kinds of food from different countries 来自不同国家的不同食物 a fun place to go (to) 一个值得一去的有趣的地方 a good place to meet friends 一个接见朋友的好地方 call 110 for help打110求助 ask sb. for help向某人求助

Unit 6 Fashion

don?t know what to wear不知道该穿什么 10 more minutes再多10分钟 have/give a fashion show举办时装表演 Project Hope希望工程

raise money for Project Hope为希望工程筹款/募捐 show sb. sth.= show sth. to sb. 展示某物给某人看 clothes from the 1990s来自20世纪90年代的服装 look colourful看起来多彩绚丽的/吸引人的(系表)look cool看起来很酷(系表) How beautiful Sandy is! sandy多美呀!

in the 1990s在20世纪90年代

look smart and modern看起来很帅气也很时髦(系表) That?s all for today?s fashion show. 今天的时装表演观到此为止。

ask/tell sb. (not) to do sth. 叫某人(不要)做某事 talk about doing sth. 谈论做某事

turn… on/ turn… off打开/关闭(电器)(代词放中间) turn… up /turn… down

调高/调低(音量等)(代词放中间) do the show作秀(作表演)

dress up in white trousers = wear white trousers 穿白色的裤子

go on a trip (to Japan) 去(日本)旅行 go for a dinner party去参加宴会

be made of…由……制成(可看出原材料) be made from…由……制成(看不出原材料) be suitable for…适合于…… make my feet hot使我的脚发热

look good in blue穿蓝色(衣服)很好看 sth. match sth. (very well) = sth. go well with sth. (very well) 某物与某物搭配得好

look good on sb. 穿在某人身上看起来很好 any other colour任何一种别的颜色 make/let/h ave sb. do sth. 使/让某人做某事

make the T-shirt look clean使我的T恤衫看起来很干净 be comfortable to wear穿起来很舒适

How is your poster going? 你(设计)的海报进展如何 make my design better使我的设计更好 hope to do sth. 希望做某事 hope + (that)宾从

wish sb. to do sth. 希望某人做某事




live in a palace 住在宫殿里

next to / beside a restaurant 在饭馆隔壁 the biggest one 最大的一个

would like to do sth = want to do sth 想要做某事 the capital of France? 法国的首都French 法语

Frenchman 法国人-Frenchmen(复数)

Germany 德国-German德国人-Germans (复数) look out at the beach and the sea 看外面的海滩和海 look out of the window 朝窗外看

see the sea and the beach from the bedroom windows 从卧室窗户看大海和海滩

on the beach / balcony 在海滩上/阳台上 love to sit on the floor 喜欢坐在地板上 live with my family in a wooden house 和我的家人住在一个木头的房子里 wooden (adj)木头的、木制的 -----wood (n)不可数 木头

live in a small town 住在一个小城镇里 over a river 在河面上over表示垂直的上方 above 表示水平的上方

the second child of my family 家中的第二个孩子 be beautiful and quiet 美丽又安静quiet (adj)安静的 quite (adv)很、十分

It rains a lot 天经常下雨 = There is much rain in a small town near London 在伦敦附近的小镇里 in the centre of Moscow 在莫斯科中心 on the fifth of June = on June 5th = on 5th ,June 在6月5日

in a flat 在公寓里 on a busy street 在繁忙的街道上 share sth with sb 与某人分享/合用某物

be busy with sth = be busy doing sth 忙于(做)某事be friendly / nice / kind to sb 对某人友好 sleep in the garden 睡在花园里

the best place to grow flowers 种花的最好地方 cook meals = make dinner = do some cooking

做 / 烧饭

in most homes 在大多数家庭tell sb about sth 告诉某人有关某事

on the ninth floor 在第9层 ( On which floor does he live? ) chat with friends on the balcony 和朋友在阳台上聊天 on a quiet street 在一条安静的街道上 sit between you and me 坐在我和你之间 on / over the phone = by phone 通过电话 two hundred students 200名学生 hundreds of students 数百名学生 Two hundred of the students are from America 学生中有200名来自美国 arrive on Sunday 在星期天到达( arrive at / on; reach; get to) can't wait to do sth (can't help doing 情不自禁做某事)迫不及待的做某事 have a free day 休息/休假一天( have three days off 放三天假)

be tired after the long plane journey from London to Beijing 从伦敦到北京的长途飞机旅行后劳累了 Don't worry 别担心

worry about sb/sth 为……而担心be worried about... (形容词) sound great /good 听起来很棒

(sound, feel, look, taste等为连系动词,后接形容词) come first = win the first prize (in an English exam) 得第一名

make a video of 拍……的录像watch the video 看录像

be different from …… 与……不同 be the same as …… 与……相同

There are many differences between the USA and the UK=The USA is different from the UK (different adj 不同的 )

your own bedroom 你自己的卧室 owner (n)主人 own (adj)自己的 call sb (up)打电话给某人call sb back 给某人回电话 answer the telephone接电话

homes in different countries 不同国家的家be free = have time 有空

take a message for sb 为某人捎个可信



Unit One This is me!


1. 相互间进行自我介绍


2. 在阅读俱乐部

3. 出生于??

4. 有黑色长发

5. 努力学习/ 工作

6. 擅长游泳

7. 喜欢玩电脑游戏


8. 是Millie上体育课的时间了。

9. 在羽毛球场




















24.对你所有的新朋友都很了解 introduce oneself to each other in the Reading Club be born in/ on… have long black hair study/ work hard be good at swimming enjoy playing computer games It‘s time for Millie‘s PE lesson./ It‘s time for Millie to have PE lesson. on the badminton court at lunchtime take… for a walk walk home/ go home on foot take the bus at the weekend go running in a restaurant one‘s favourite football player sports news play… for … Football Team score goals play well in the match How do you say that in English? at school know all your new friends well

Unit 2 My day


1. 早餐时间


2. 做早操

3. 做课后活动

P24time for breakfast FWE 7A do morning exercises do after-school activities

4. 午餐时间 at lunchtime

5. 一起聊天 chat with each other

6. 每天8点开始start at eight every morning

7. 课后与朋友一起练习 practice with my friends after school

8. 游泳俱乐部的一员 a member of the Swimming Club


9. 在校足球队 in the school football team


10. 在排球场上 on the volleyball court

11. 按约与西蒙见面meet up with Simon


12. 向某人问好 say hello to sb.


13. 查找一些中国航空博物馆和中国科技博物馆的信息

get some information about the China Space Museum and the China Science and Technology Museum

14. 感谢你组织了这次班级旅行。Thank you for organizing the class trip.

15. 每一个学生的(票)价 the price for each student

16. 周一闭馆 be closed on Mondays


17. 对某人有好处be good for sb.

18. 帮助我们为一天做好准备help us get ready for the day

19. 更加了解这个世界 learn more about the world


20. 第二题的答案the answer to number two

21. 做飞机模型 make model planes

Unit 3 Let’s Celebrate!


1. 让我们庆祝!Let‘s celebrate!

2. 打扮成一个鬼 dress up as a ghost


3. 端午节 dragon boat festival

4. 中秋节mid-autumn festival

5. 感恩节 Thanksgiving Day

6. 喜欢吃月饼 like to eat moon cakes


7. 为万圣节做好准备 get ready for Halloween

8. 在10月31日开一个特别的聚会 have a special party on October 31st

9. 玩一个叫做“不招待就使坏”的游戏 play a game called ―treat or trick‖

10. 给我们一些糖果作为款待 give us some candy as a treat

11. 对某人恶作剧 play a trick on sb.

12. 穿着带有面具的特殊服装 wear special costumes with masks


















25. 制作我们自己的特别的南瓜灯 make our own special pumpkin lanterns 挖出眼睛,鼻子和尖尖的牙齿 cut out the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth 儿童节 Children‘s Day 教师节Teachers‘ Day 国庆节National Day 吃粽子eat rice dumplings 舞狮子 lion dance 焰火 fireworks 我第一次看到它 my first time to see it 吃一些传统食物 eat some traditional food 敲他们邻居的门 knock on their neighbors‘ doors 给他们一些糖果的款待 give them a treat of some candy 光透过眼睛,鼻子,牙齿闪出来 light shine through the eyes, the nose and the teeth

7A U4


1. 让我们来吃汉堡。 Let‘s have a hamburger.

2. 走向我的碗。 walk to my bowl

3. 一天多次many times a day


4. 想要干某事/想成为want to be/do…

5. 一份健康的饮食 a healthy diet

6. 甜食 sweet snacks

7. 两餐之间between meals

8. 早餐/午餐/晚餐吃??have/eat… for breakfast/lunch/dinner

9. 最好的学生 a top student

10. 与某人在网上交谈 chat with sb. on the Internet

11. 进行锻炼do some exercise


12. 注意饮食be careful with one‘s diet

13. 健康餐healthy diet

14. 多久一次How often…?


15. 一星期去三次游泳俱乐部 go to the Swimming Club three times a week

16. 将所有的空余时间用来坐在电脑前

spend all his free time sitting in front of the computer

17. 去上舞蹈课 go to one‘s dancing lessons

18. 去滑旱冰go roller skating


19. 一星期少于三次 less than three times a week

20. 需要多锻炼 need to exercise more

21. 改变饮食change one‘s diet


22. 你认为…… 怎么样?How do you like…?

23. 躺在沙发上 lie on the couch

24. 祝你的新饮食和生活习惯好运! Good luck with your new diet and lifestyle.

25. 写一份关于它的报告write a report on it


26. 帮我开启一天 help me start the day

27. 吃饭加鱼have rice with fish

28. 需要维他命来保持健康need vitamins to stay healthy

29. 水没有热量。 There are no calories in water.

7A Unit 5 Going shopping


1. 需要你拎所有的东西need you to carry all the things

2. 连环画册comic books

3. 发卡hair clips

4. 照片簿photo album

5. Simon的生日快到了。Simon‘s birthday is coming up.

6. 给他买一个yoyo球buy him a yo-yo / buy a yo-yo for him


7. 寻找黄河足球队的贴画look for some stickers of Huanghe football team

8. 等一会just a minute

9. 看…take a look (at sth.)

10. 去年的卡有折扣。There‘s a discount on last year‘s cards.

11. 搭配她的最喜欢的T恤match her favourite T-shirts

12. 和?搭配很好go well with

13. 价格上的优惠a cut in price


14. 和Amy买同样的东西buy the same things as Amy did

15. 电子产品商店electrical shop


16. 和一些男孩在足球场上练习足球practice football with some boys in the football field

17. 等着轮到我wait for my turn

P82- P83

18. 在外面呆得太晚stay out too late

19. 站在桌子旁边stand at the table

20. 许愿make a wish


21. 贫穷地区的孩子在学校没有足够的文具用。

Some children in poor areas do not have enough stationery to use at school.

22. 拨打55513871找我们call us on 55513871

23. 我穿8号。I‘m a size eight.

24. 试穿这双try this pair on

25. 他们很合适。They fit very well.


26. 好的地点good location

27. 靠近公共汽车站和出租车停靠站near bus stop and taxi rank

28. 一个可以去的确实好玩的地方a really fun place to go (to)

29. 在隔壁的店里inside the shop next door

30. 打110求助call 110 for help

7AUnit 6 Fashion


1. 知道穿什么


2. 为希望工程筹钱 raise money for Project Hope know what to wear

3. 猜我的衣服来自何时 guess when my clothes are from

4. 不同时代的衣服

5. Simon 来了。

6. 看起来神气又时髦 clothes from different timesHere comes Simon. look smart and modern

7. 和我的红色丝绸衬衫配 match my red silk blouse

8. 穿一双彩色运动鞋


9. 穿白色裤子

10. 选择穿什么


11. 适合旅行 be suitable for the trip

wear a pair of colorful trainersdress up in white trousers choose what to wear



(说明:凡带 * 号的只要求理解,带△号的不要求记住,不带任何符号的均为大纲要求的。)

a bit

a cup of

a kind of

a long time

a lot of(也作lots of)

a number of

a pair of

a piece of

a sense of humour

a set of

a total of

a world map

action film

after class

after dinner

after school

agree with

*air conditioner

air pollution

air tank

all day

all kinds of

all over

all over the world

all right

all the time

all year round

an hour ago

*application form

argue with

armed force

arrive in/ at

as a result

as soon as possible

as soon as A 有点儿 8B-1-9 一杯 7A-4- 一种 7A-4- 很长一段时间 7A-6- 许多 7S-12-64 许多 9A-4- 一双,一对,一副 7S-8-40 一片,一张,一块 7A-6- 幽默感 8A-1- 一系列…,一组…,一套…8B-3-1 总共 8B-3-1 一张世界地图 8B-3-1 动作片 9A-5-86 课后 7A-4- 饭后 7A-4- 放学后 7A-1- 同意…… 9A-1- 空调 7B-1- 空气污染 7B-2- 氧气瓶 9B-1- 一整天 7B-3- 各种各样的 7B-6- 到处,遍及 7B-6- 全世界 8A-3- 好;行 7S-10-52 始终,一直 7A-2- 终年,一年到头 8A-5- 一小时前 8B-1-1 申请表 8A-5- 与……争论 9A-1- 武装力量 9B-4-60 到达 7B-1- 结果 9A-6- 尽快 8A-3- 一……就 8B-2-1

as usual

as well


at age 16

at birth

at breakfast at Christmas at first

at home

at last

at least

at lunchtime at night

at once

at present

at that time at the beginning at the end of at the entrance at the moment at the right time at the same time at the show

at the traffic lights at the weekend at times

at work

bamboo shoot bank card

bark at

basketball court be able to

be afraid of be born

be careful with be close to be crazy about be fond of

be friendly towards…be full of

be good at 像往常一样,照例 7B-4- 也 8A-1- 和……一样 8A-1- 十六岁时 8A-1- 出生时 7B-4- 早餐时 7A-3- 在圣诞节 7A-3- 首先 8A-3- 在家 7S-10-52 最后 8A-6- 至少 7B-1- 吃午饭时,在午餐时间 7A-1- 在晚上 7B-2- 立刻,马上 7B-3- 目前,现在 7A-5- 那时 8B-2-1 开始时 8A-3- 在……末尾 8A-3- 在入口处 8A-5- 此刻,现在 7A-5-81 在适当的时候 8B-4-1 同时 7B-1- 在表演时 7A-6- 在红绿灯处 7B-3- 在周末 7A-1- 有时,不时 9A-1- 上班 9B-2- B 竹笋 8A-4-60 银行卡 7A-5- 向……吠 7B-4- 篮球场 7S-5-1 能,能够 7B-5- 害怕 7B-4- 出生,出世 7A-1-8 当心,留意,注意 7B-5- 靠近,接近 7B-2- 疯狂痴迷于……; 着迷于…… 7B-4- 喜欢 7B-4-65 对……友好,对……友善 8A-4- 充满 9A-4- 擅长于…… 7A-1-

be good for sb. be grateful to be in hospital be in service be in use

be interested in △be involved in be made of be ready to be trapped

be used to

be willing to because of

bedside table Beijing Duck Beijing Opera belong to

△blow out

break into

*bunk beds bus stop

by bus

by oneself

by rocket

by the lake by the way

by the year 2100 by underground calm down

△carbon dioxide care about

carry on

chat show

chat with

cheer sb.up Children's Day Chinese knot

Chinese New Year Chinese painting Chinese restaurant

clap one’s hands 对某人有好处 7A-4- 感激…… 8B-5-1 住院 7B-5- 投入使用 8B-1-1 投入使用 8B-1-1 对……感兴趣 7B-6- 被卷入…… 9A-6- 由……制成 7A-6-101 准备……;乐意…… 8A-1- 陷入困境 8A-6-95 习惯于 8B-5-1 愿意…… 8A-1- 由于 8A-1- 床头柜 7B-1-12 北京烤鸭 7B-2- 京剧 7B-2- 属于 7B-2-33 吹灭 7S-1-12 强行闯入 9A-6-101 双层床 7B-1- 公共汽车站 7S-10-52,7A-5-87 乘公共汽车 7B-3- 独自,单独 7B-5- 坐火箭 7B-4- 在湖边 8B-6-1 顺便说一句,顺便问一下 7S-1-11,8B-1-17 到2100年 9B-1- 坐地铁,乘地铁 7B-2- C 平静下来 8A-6- 二氧化碳 9B-1-18 关心 8B-5- 继续下去;继续开展 8B-5-79 (电视或广播的)访谈节目 9A-4-68 和……聊天 7A-2- 使某人高兴 9A-2- 六一儿童节 7S-10-52,7A-3-44 中国节 9B-3-41 中国新年 7A-3- 国画 7B-2- 中餐馆 7B-2- 拍手 8B-2-1

clean up

clothes shop coffee shop come back come down come from come in

come on

come out

come up with comic books computer games connect…to… cook meals cut out

deal with

department store different from *digital camera dining room do exercise

do morning exercises do one’s best

do one's homework do operations do some shopping Don't worry. double click

△Dragon Boat Festival *dress up

*dried fish

during one’s life each other

earn a point *electrical shop

△electrical appliance

enjoy oneself 清理 7B-5- 服装店 7A-5- 咖啡馆;小吃部 8A-3- 回来 7A-2- 下来 7S-10-52 从……来,来自于…… 7A-1- 进来 7S-10-52 赶快;来吧 7S-10-52 算了吧 7B-4- (书等)出版,发行,发表8B-3-42 想出(主意);找到;提出(答案、解决办法等) 漫画书 7A-2- 电脑游戏 7A-1- 把……连接到…… 8B-3-1 做饭 7B-1- 挖去;切去 7A-3- D 处置,对付 9A-3- 商场 8B-4-1 与……不同 8A-2- 数码照相机 9B-1- 餐厅 7B-1-10 做运动,锻炼 7A-4- 做早操 7A-2- 尽力 7B-5- 做家庭作业 7A-2- 做手术 8B-5-1 买东西 7S-10-52 别担心 7S-10-52 双击 8B-3-1 端午节;龙舟节 7A-3-39 装扮 7A-3- 鱼干 7A-4- 在某人一生中 7B-4- E 相互,彼此 7S-1-10,7A-2-24 得一分 8B-3-1 家电商场 7A-5-79 家用电器 8B-3-54 过得很愉快 8A-3- 9A-1-

even though every time excuse me explain to *fact sheet fall asleep

*fantail goldfish far away from… fashioon show fast food find out first floor *fish tank △fitting room float away △floppy disk flow chartfly kites

football boots football field *football pitch for example

from time to time from…to… game show get a call

get along with… get angry get lost get married get off get on get to get up

giant panda give a talk on give up

go boating 虽然,尽管;即使 8B-2-1 每次 8B-3-1 请原谅;对不起 7S-10-52 向……解释 9A-1- F 资料单 7B-4-67 入睡 8B-3-1 扇尾金鱼 7B-6-102 远离…… 8B-5-1 时装表演 7A-6- 快餐 7S-1-11 查出,找出 8B-2-1 (英)第二层 7S-5-1 鱼缸 7B-6- 试衣室 9A-2-33 漂走 9B-1- 软盘 8B-3-1 流程图8B-5-88 放风筝 7


B-5- 足球鞋 7A-1- 足球场 7S-5-1,7A-1-11 足球场 7B-1- 例如 8B-3-1 不时地,偶尔 8B-1-9 从……到…… 7S-10-52 G (电视)游戏表演,竞赛节目 9A-4-68 接到个电话 7B-3- 与……相处 9A-6- 生气 9A-1- 迷路 8B-6-1 结婚 8B-1-1 下车 8A-3- 上车 8A-3- 到达 7S-10-52 起床 7S-10-52 大熊猫 8A-4-59 做个有关……的报告 7A-6- 放弃 9A-1- 去划船 8A-3-