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Unit 1 Personality

1) You should spend a reasonable amount of time relaxing and exercising.


2) In general children are healthier and better educated than ever before.


3) When the right opportunity comes along, he’ll take it.


4) Every day he sets aside some time to be with his family and enjoy life.


5) I remember those dark streets and walking hand in hand with my father.


6) He finally failed to live up to his parents’ expectations.


7) In contrast, our use of oil has increased enormously.


8) He succeeded in his efforts to overcome his fatal weakness.


Unit 3 Social Problems

1) Because of an emergency, the doctor will not be available for several hours.


2) How will taxes affect people with low income?


3) My mother always told me that in the long run I would be glad I didn’t give up practicing the piano.


4) These books range in price form $10 to $20.


5) It seems to me that you don’t have much choice.


6) Given their inexperience, they have done quite a good job.


7) For such a big house the price is fairly cheap/low, but you’ve got to take into consideration the money you will spend on repairs.


8) Can we begin with discussing questions/problems arising from the last meeting?


Unit 4 Career Planning

1) He underwent a major heart surgery several years ago.


2) We estimated that it would take a week to finish the work.


3) I used to enjoy photography, but I now have no time to pursue any hobbies.


4) You may love someone but not necessarily have to marry him.


5) Terrorists resort to violence to achieve their political aims.


6) He says he’ll stay in the office this afternoon in case you want to see him.


7) Scientists have identified the gene that causes abnormal growth.


8) These examples demonstrate how badly some students write their resumes. 这些例子显示了有些学生的简历写得多么差.

Unit 5 Language

1) Seeing all the people walking to and fro outside the office, I became more worried. 看到所有的人在办公室外卖走来走去,我变得更焦虑了.

2) In time he will see who is his true friend.


3) That scientist’s experiment gave birth to a new drug.


4) He had been shut in by illness during much of the winter.


5) They would practice spoken English at the first opportunity.


6) Everything she valued might be swept away overnight.


7) Towards the close of the term, all the students are busy preparing for the finals. 这么冷的冬天,我们渴望它快点过去.

8) It is a very cold winter and we long for it to be over.


Unit 6 Man and Animals

1) She always behaves badly when her aunt comes to visit.


2) If it hadn’t been for your help, we wouldn’t have been able to finish the task in time. 要不是你们的帮助,我们不会准时完成任务.

3) I warned him off going to the east coast because it was full of tourists.


4) The fact that something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of low



5) Without anyone to turn to for help, making an appropriate choice can be difficult. 如果没有人可以求教,就难以作出恰当的选择.

7) Only if Peter goes to the evening party will she go.


8) I can only compare the experience to a nightmare.


Unit 7 They Joy of Travel

1) I didn’t realize putting on/staging a play involved so much work.


2) The most important thing is not what you say but what you do.


3) This is the best result that can be expected in such circumstances. 在这样的情况下,这个结果是所能期待的最好的。

4) It isn’t the first time that you’ve found yourself in such a situation. 你不是第一次处于这种情形.

5) This difficulty challenges my mind to find an answer.


6) The new threat on the horizon is unemployment.


7) We have alternative ways of expressing the same idea.


8) He slipped into the old habit of drinking.




1. The friendship grounded on common / shared interest does not break up easily. / It is not easy for the friendship grounded on common / shared interest to break up.


2. Children must learn to distinguish between violence and bravery / courage in computer games.

3. There spring up so many new things every day in the world that it is no longer sensible to expect a person to know / keep track of everything.

4. Laws do not regulate such things as betrayal to friends; that is why there is what we call / is called "the court of morality".

5. Today’s culture is described as “fast-food culture”. Whatever they may be / are doing, people just pursue the greatest / maximum satisfaction within the shortest time.

6. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want something, go and earn / work for it.


1. In either friendship or love / In both friendship and love, you should never expect to take / receive the maximum while you give the minimum.

2. I built all my hopes on his promise(s), only to find that he was not a man of sincerity at all.

3. We took Mother to all the best hospitals we could find, but all our efforts were in vain; she failed to survive the disease.

4. Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14, a perfect day to express love to the object of your / one’s affection.

5. In the information era, communications with far-away friends via e-mail can be almost / virtually simultaneous.

6. Love takes time, for it is not forged until you have grown used to the other’s company and learned to appreciate the other. 第三单元翻译

1. For thousands of years philosophers have taken pains to illustrate / explain / interpret the meaning of happiness from their own points of view.

2. When I first came to college, I suddenly found myself left with everything to deal with by myself. It was not until then did I realize that living with my parents was truly a happy experience.

3. You shouldn’t always make comparison with others; otherwise, you may be trapped in / fall into depression, for there are always many others who are better than you.

4. Today people are much better off and enjoy more leisure. Strangely enough, they find life boring / dull.

5. Life, in effect, is long but short of excitement. You are sure to

suffer from inevitable disappointment if you expect everyday life to be as exciting as a drama.

6. A life that is too easy / smooth may also be destructive because it offers no opportunity for one to learn how to deal with / handle failures / frustrations / setbacks. That / This in part explains / accounts for the high rates of suicide among young people. 第四单元翻译

1) They took their sick father on a long journey to Beijing in the hope of finding a cure for /in the hope of curing his heart disease / problem.

2) The campaign of Knowing More About AIDS needs to be carried on, and for / at this stage the emphasis is put on the way (how) the disease is contracted.

3) If power is properly applied / used / exercised, the lives of the common people will be rendered happy. If not, their daily life will be placed under threat.

4) Could a government justifiably use nuclear weapons to guard against terrorist attacks?

5) Owing to ignorance of the disease, many people still believe that HIV victims deserve what they suffer.

6) The newly issued report on improving the medical system in rural areas leads us to believe that the era is to be brought to an

end when such areas are always short of doctors and medicines 一至四综合测评翻译

1, Not until he saw in the mirror that his hair was turning grey 短暂. one a good job.

的兴趣奠定友谊的基础although good friends do not necessarily have everything in common.

4.Happiness should not be based on money, big houses ,etc.because 多么高的社会地位。了

5. Did you read Sam’s article in today’s 比如此无耻地扭曲事实更让人厌恶的了。


1. Cultivating the right emotions is indispensable in that / because it lays the foundations for the successes of one’s future work and studies.

2. West China is crying out for talented people for its development.

To this end, the government has laid down / made favorable policies, calling for more college graduates to go and work there.

3. How can you turn your back on me when I am in such difficulty? We have gone through trials and tribulations for practically half a century.

4. Web addicts spend so much time on the Internet that they are unable to draw a distinction between the virtual world and the real world.

5. Urban / City residents often have the illusion that rural life is always leisurely and comfortable. In fact, that may not be the case.

6. Distance learning is a global trend. With its quick growth / development, people are given / can enjoy an equally convenient access to educational resources, no matter where they are 第六单元 语法(1)双重否定

1. The announcement was followed by a not unexpected silence.

2. Exhausted and hungry, she could not walk without my help.

3. There's nobody who makes no mistakes in his lifetime.

4. You can't search my house without a warrant.

5. A life lived without dreams can't be as rich and rewarding as life can be.

6. The American West is a region where farming is impossible /


Unit 1

1. 汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成为她最喜欢的学生。

Tom (was) transferred to our school last year. He hung on Miss Yang’s every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye.

2. 看到女儿从中学毕业,他感到了一股难以用语言来表达的爱和骄傲的暖流。

Seeing his daughter graduate from high school, he felt a surge of love and pride that he couldn’t express in words.

3. 当李先生去年开始涉足股市时,他做梦也没想到会变成了百万富翁!

Last year when Mr. Li began his first venture into the stock market, becoming a millionaire was beyond his wildest dreams.

4. 在休假日,我有幸看到一些野生海豹吃鱼。我照了几张像,可惜焦点都没对准。

On my holiday, I was lucky enough to witness some wild seals feeding on fish. I took several photos of them, but unfortunately they were out of focus.

5. 王子跟那位女演员保持确定的情侣关系已三年。没有任何东西能改变他们在下周结婚的决定。

The prince has been going steady with the actress for three years and nothing can alter their decision to get married next week.

6. 因为穷人连饭都吃不饱便认为他们不需要义务教育的看法完全是一种错误的想法。没有教育怎么克服贫穷?

It is a complete misconception that the poor do not need compulsory education because they do not even have enough to feed on. But without education, how could people overcome their poverty?

7. 大卫所有的同班同学都困惑不解——没有人可以想象得出他怎么突然变成了优等生。 All of David’s classmates are completely stumped — no one can work out how he became a top student overnight.

8. 很明显,她拒绝他的求婚给了他沉重的打击,但他最终还是从痛苦中恢复了过来。

It is obvious that her rejection of his proposal hit him hard, but in time he recovered from his wounds.

Unit 2

1. 独立生活的能力对于任何一个成年人来说是必不可少的, 但真正的成熟远远不止那些基本的生存策略。

The ability to fend for oneself is indispensable to any adult, but real maturity is more than just a set of survival strategies.

2. 孩子们在儿童节有资格免费进入每一个城市公园。这是对他们全年长期呆在学校里的一种补偿。

On Children’s Day, kids are entitled to free entry to all city parks. It’s a way of compensating them for the long hours they spend in school all year.

3. 你更注重个人的生活而不是学习,难怪你的成绩下降了。

You’re giving more priority to your personal life than to your studies. It’s no wonder your grades are suffering.

4. 鉴于当今社会大多数的妇女离家就职,很自然她们反对丈夫把她们作为家庭主妇来对待。 Given that most women nowadays have jobs outside the home, it’s natural that they object to their husbands treating them like housekeepers.

5. 美国的不少百万富翁都至少拥有两座房子和一架私人飞机。

Quite a number of American millionaires own at least two houses and a private plane.

6. 当约翰意外地从癌症康复时,他的医生把此归因于他坚强的毅力和对未来的信念。

When John recovered unexpectedly from cancer, his doctors attributed it to his strong will and faith in the future.

7. 没有任何实际理由要保留为女性开门那种习俗,更不用说保留"妇女和儿童优先"的传统了。

There’s no practical reason to perpetuate the custom of opening doors for women, let alone the tradition of “women and children first”.

8. 许多女权主义者反对男人养育孩子不如女人的想法。

Many feminists object to the notion that men can’t nurture children as well as women can.

Unit 3

1. 我们不久就对她无休止的抱怨感到厌倦,并尽量避开她。

We soon grew weary of her constant complaints, and avoided her as much as possible.

2. 市长将在今天下午主持会议,为建设一条新公路的规划作准备。

The mayor will preside over a meeting this afternoon that will pave the way for plans to build a new highway.

3. 如果我们有更多的时间可支配,我会带你上这座山。从山顶上四下观望真令人惊叹。 If we had more time at our disposal, I’d take you up this mountain. The view from the top is truly awe-inspiring.

4. 任何热爱生活的人都不难发现鸟类迁徙中的象征性美和实际美。

Anyone who is in love with life will have no difficulty in finding the symbolic as well as the actual beauty in the migration of the birds.

5. 观看壮观的潮涨潮落景色使我感到一种在其他地方感受不到的内心的满足。

Watching the magnificent view of the ebb and flow of the tides fills me with an inner contentment that I find nowhere else.

6. 他的不幸激起了听众深深的同情。他们热切地想帮他抚平心头的创伤。

His misfortune aroused great sympathy among the listeners, who are keen to help his mental wounds.

7. 对一个门外汉来说,要认识霍金博士研究的重要性也许是困难的或不可能的,但它肯定会对我们的生活产生经久的影响。

Recognition of the importance of Dr. Hawkin’s research may be difficult or impossible for a layman, but it is sure to have a lasting impact on our lives.

8. 史密斯先生早就希望能有机会向周围的年轻人讲述他的登月经历,但他一直没有足够的支配时间。

Mr. Smith has long wished for a chance to relate his lunar landing experience to the young people around him, but he never has enough time at his disposal.

Unit 4

1. 我们想提醒我们亲爱的观众,敬请体谅他人,在晚上十点以后调低你的电视机音量。

We’d like to remind our viewers to be considerate to your neighbors and keep your TVs turned down after 10 PM.

2. 我希望我的忠告对处于压力下的学生们会起作用:前面的路有着许多不能预见的机遇。

I hope my advice will work on the students under pressure — the road ahead is full of unforeseen opportunities.

3. 顺便说一句,琳达是个腼腆的人,在那么多的生人面前讲话,她会感到不自然。

Incidentally, Linda is a shy person who might feel uneasy about speaking in the presence of so many strangers.

4. 要在学习上取得进步,学生需要具备独立学习的技能而不是事事都依靠教师。

In order to get ahead in their studies, students need to equip themselves with independent-study skills instead of relying on their teachers for everything.

5. 现在的年青人变得老成,他们确信成就是以拥有多少财产来衡量的。

Young people nowadays are growing up old, with the conviction that achievement is measured by how many possessions they own.

6. 许多学生为他们利用部分时间打工辩解,说这会减少他们的经济压力。

Many students justify their working part time by saying that it reduces their economic pressure.

7. 你现在必须马上做的是填好在你来时给你的表格。

What you need to do right now is to fill in the forms you were given when you arrived.

8. 就事业本身而言,需要一个人毕生的奉献,但是这并不意味着进入一种职业后就要坚持不懈地一直干下去。

A career in itself requires one’s lifelong devotion, but it does not mean that after you get into a profession you must continue all along.

Unit 5

1. 为了帮助外国投资者更好地了解上海,他们根据能找到的各种资料来源汇编了这本上海指南。

To help foreign investors get a better understanding of Shanghai, they’ve compiled this little guide from the various sources they could find.

2. 他是在计划实现之后才让大家知道的那种人。

He is the sort of person who prefers to keep his plans to himself until they’re realized.

3. 我千里迢迢到纽约来看他,结果却发现他两天前出国了。

I came to New York from far away to see him, only to find he had gone abroad two days before.

4. 现在很难想象没有电、没有电视、没有电话,我们是如何生存了如此之久的。

It is difficult to imagine now how we’ve survived for so long without electricity, television or telephone.

5. 只要钱是老老实实赚来的,新政策鼓励人们变得富有。

The new policy encourages people to become wealthy if the money has been acquired honestly.

6. 如果我负责这个项目,我会更好地利用现有的资金。

If I were in charge of the project, I’d make better use of the money that’s available.

7. 他们拒绝给他进入这个国家的签证,理由是他是个危险分子。

He was refused an entry permit on the grounds that he was a dangerous person.

8. 老师没有多久就发现, 汤姆总有迟交作业的借口。

It didn’t take the teacher long to catch on that Tom always had an excuse for being late with the assignments.

Unit 6

1. 我真希望你对这一事件能采取一种更加通情达理的态度。

I wish you could adopt a more reasonable attitude towards the event.

2. 在那次车祸中我的腿摔断了,我儿子的腿也摔断了。

I had my leg broken in the car accident and so did my son.

3. 那位老妇人不胜悲伤,几乎不能自己走路了。

The old woman, overwhelmed by grief, could hardly/barely walk on her own.

4. 在他过世五十年之后,他的成就才为社会所承认。

It was 50 years after his death that his accomplishments were acknowledged by society.

5. 这里曾经是战火纷飞,现在却是一片和平与繁荣。

Where there were flames of war, now there are peace and prosperity.

6. 他病的很重,他的病无药可治.

He is seriously ill and his disease defies the healing power of any medicine.

7. 由于前途渺茫,一片空白,早年的希望逐渐消失,他对生活失去了信心。

He has lost confidence in life as the future blurs and goes blank and the early hopes fade into nothingness.

8. 小汤姆意识到已无法改变这一严酷的现实:随着父母的突然去世,他的家庭已经破碎。 Little Tom realized that nothing could change the harsh reality that his family had fallen apart with his parents’ sudden deaths.

篇四:全新版大学英语3 课后句子段落翻译



.1) The volunteers sent/assigned by the Red Cross disinfected, with great caution, the drinking water in the village so as to avoid an outbreak of plague.

2)Einstein spent many years trying to unify the theories of electromagnetism and gravity but failed.

3)Professor Wang received/won the Presidential Award for his excellence in stimulating students' creative imagination.

4) As there were some major design flaws, the board of directors didn't approve of the economic stimulus package.

5) Having realized that nobody could help him,Jordan finally came to the conclusion that he had to face reality and take up/meet the challenge by himself.

段落翻译 2. What was remarkable about 2005 was perhaps that the UN declared it "The World Year of Physics". It was the 100th anniversary of Einstein's theory of relativity and the 50th anniversary of his death. In 1905 Einstein published five highly important essays in the history of science, thus revolutionizing physics. His great achievements can be credited to his impressive powers of imagination, constant questioning, and not giving a fig for authority. It is beyond doubt that Einstein was the greatest scientist in the 20th century

Unit 5


.奶奶想当然地认为粮价要上涨,所以买了许多大米Grandma took it for granted that food prices would soar, so she bought a lot of rice.

2.我可以给你引用几个例子来会说明她献身科学的精神I can quote you several instances of her dedication to science.

3.20世纪80年代中国一些经济特区开始迅速发展起来The 1980s saw the start of the swift development of some special economic zones in China.


Tension between the two countries stemmed in part from the latest spy affair.


Peter has worked in a law firm for many years. You can consider having him as your lawyer to act on your behalf when you need legal help.

段落翻译2. Amid the atmosphere of Thanksgiving George was immersed in the diary left to him by his father, who died at sea after he completed two successive trips around the world. The diary brought back every moment George had spent with his father and

many of the specific things his father did on his behalf. George's father used to impress on him the need to undergo all kinds of hardship in quest of excellence. He also taught him that nothing in the world could be taken for granted. Even today, George still remembers how his father would quote Aesop's famous saying "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls" and tell him to accord the greatest importance to it.

Unit 6



The red house stands out against the old trees that reach high up to the sky.

2.我的新工作薪酬很高,但是在其他方面我并不满意The salary in/for my new job is great, but for the rest,

I’m not satisfied.


The waters of the two streams mingle near our village.


We should not mock at other people’s religious beliefs.


The curtains of the room are not quite in tune with the style of the furniture.

段落翻译Here and there we see young artists

who stand out from other

people . They may be in worn out jeans all the year round, or walk barefoot / in bare feet even in winter, or drink to excess, or cling to the fancy of creating a master

piece without actually doing any creative work. In

fact, many of them act like this just to look the part, or to be "in tune with" other artists. They have forgotten that only through persistent effort can one achieve success.



I grew terribly scared when I heard sound of footsteps echoing round the hallway at midnight yesterday.

2. 这些名牌运动鞋保穿12个月。

The name-brand sports shoes are guaranteed for 12months.


Snowstorms threw communications and transportation into disorder.


I’ve been suffering a lot of stress from work lately, I feel like taking a vacation at the seaside.


Living in an apartment is all right, but it has its limitations--- for example, you don’t have your own gardens.


Tom was born a cripple, with one of his lower limbs useless. Early in his childhood, he learned that unless he so exerted himself as to rise above his limitations, he could not earn a living, and unless he

succeeded in making a living on his own, he could not win/gain the respect of others. That was the price he had to pay for his dignity as a human being.

Tom applied for numerous jobs, only to be turned down, before he finally got one as a delivery boy for a Pizza Hut. He then worked as a sales representative for a sportswear company in a territory no one else would want. Today he owns a fairly profitable retail shop in his hometown, and hires several people to work for him.



Unit 1

1.无论你是多么富有经验的演说家,无论你做了多么充分的准备,你都很难在这样嘈杂的招待会上发表演讲。(no matter how)

No matter how experienced a speaker you are, and how well you have prepared your speech, you will have difficulty making a speech at such a noisy reception.

2.就像吉米妹妹的朋友都关心吉米一样,吉米也关心他们。(just as)

Just as all his sister’s friends cared about him, Jimmy cared about them.

3.汽车生产商在新车的几处都印有汽车识别号码,以便帮助找回被盗的车辆。(track down)

Car manufactures stamp a vehicle identification number at several places on new cars to help track down stolen vehicles.

4.老师回来时你敢告我状的话,我就不再和你说话了。(tell on)

If you dare tell on me when the teacher gets back I won’t say a word to you any more.

5.有些老年人愿意独自过日子,但大多数老人选择和儿女一起生活。(on one’s own)

Some elderly people prefer to live on their own while the great majority choose to live with their children.

6.现在需要面对的事情是:如何筹集创建公司所需要的资金。(reckon with)

Here is something that needs to be reckoned with: how to get the necessary finances to establish the company.

Unit 2

1. 被告是位年仅30岁的女子,她坚持称自己无罪。(Use an appositive)

The defendant, a woman of only 30, kept insisting on her own innocence.

2. 总体来看,枣、豆类以及一些多叶的绿色蔬菜是最好的铁质来源。(Use anabsolute)

All things considered, dates, beans and some leafy green vegetables are the best sources of iron.

3. 正餐时不供应饮料,饮料会影响消化。(interfere with)

No beverages are served with meals because they interfere with digestion.

4. 考虑到那个地区受欢迎的程度,提前订旅馆是明智的。(advisable)

Taking the popularity of the region into consideration, it is advisable to book hotels in advance.

5. 服药后若有呕吐感,请立即停止服用并尽快咨询医生。(throw up)

If you have a feeling of wanting to throw up after taking this drug, stop taking it immediately and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

6. 总结这次讨论时,他说双方都要好好考虑怎样以最有效的方法来解决这一问题。(sum up)

Summing up the discussion, he said both parties should consider the most effective way to solve the problem.

Unit 3

1.在思维方面,与他的行为一样,他是非常传统的。(Use “as” with the meaning of “in the way that, in the manner that, like”.) In his thinking, as in his behavior, he is very traditional.

2. 老师一旦同意接受新的教学计划,他们就得面对新计划所带给他们的压力。(Use “once” as a conjunction with the meaning “from the moment that”)

Once the teachers agree to accept the new teaching program, they have to face the strain it puts on them.

3. 从长远看,大学毕业后继续深造而不是直接参加工作是值得的。(in the long run, worthwhile)

In the long run, it is worthwhile to pursue one's study after graduating from university instead of going to work directly.

4. 由于这所学校的办学宗旨是品德第一,所以道德观和学习成绩受到同样的重视。(operate on)

As the school operates on the Character First principle, moral values and academic achievements are stressed equally.

5. 据说原定于这个月召开的会议将推迟到下个月召开。(be scheduled to, put off)

It is said that the meeting, which is scheduled to be held this month, will be put off till next month.

6. 这所学校把为学生做好人生准备当作其职责,办法是倡导一整套能使所有学生受益的道德标准。(see…as) The school sees its job as preparing its students for life by cultivating a comprehensive set ofprinciples that can benefit all of them.

1.从各方面考虑,这座城市都是世界上最令人激动的城市。(Use an absolute structure)

Everything considered, this city is the world’s most exciting city.

2. 尽管没有得到父母的赞同,他还是继续他的计划出国学习。(Use the structure of “conjunction +prepositional phrase”; go ahead)

Though with no approval from his parents, he went ahead with his plan to study abroad.

3. 这座桥是以一位英雄的名字命名的,这位英雄为人民的事业献出了生命。(name after)

The bridge was named after the hero who gave his life for the cause of people.

4.据说画家是以他母亲为模特的。他母亲的面容沧桑却又不失坚定。(It is said)

It is said that the painter used his mother as the model in the painting whose faced represented suffering yet strength.

5. 这位作家于1950年因出版一本小说而一举成名,小说的灵感来自于他和一位姑娘在农场的经历。(rise to fame) The writer instantly rose to fame in 1950 with the publication of a novel inspired by his experience with a girl on a farm.

6. 有个故事说,US是“山姆大叔”的缩写,“山姆大叔”原名叫山姆?威尔逊,他曾和一名男子一起工作,这名男子和美国政府签订了一份合同,给军队提供肉食。(short for)

One story says that “US” was short for “Uncle Sam” whose real name was Sam Wilson, who had once worked with a man who had signed a contract w2ith the government to provide meat to the US Army.

Unit 5

1.直到看见弥留之际躺在床上的母亲,他才意识到自己是多么地爱她。(Use “not until” at the beginning) Not until he saw his mother lying in bed, dying , did he realize how much he loved her.

2.考虑到他最近的身体状况,我认为他这次考试成绩还不错。(Use a present participle as adverbial)

Taking into account of his recent physical condition, I think he has done quite well in the exam.

3.克拉克夫人躺在床上一动不动,一时间我都纳闷她是否还活着。(wonder if)

Mrs. Clark lies in bed motionless, and I wonder briefly if she is still alive.

4.整栋楼一片黑暗,只有三楼的某个窗户透出一丝光。(except for)

The building was darkened except for a single light burning in a third-storey window.

5.这些士兵接受了严格的训练,并且对完成这项新任务有充分的准备。(be equipped)

These soldiers have received very strict training and are well equipped to fulfill the new task.

6.他伸手拿起电话,拨通了宾馆的号码。(reach for)

He reached for the phone, picked it up, and dialed the hotel’s number.

Unit 6

1. 我们应该尽最大努力预测地震,这样地震造成的财产破坏才会被尽可能地避免。(Use “so that”)

We should try our best to forecast earthquakes so that destruction of property caused by them could be prevented as much as possible.

2.一个农民注意到有很多鱼在水面上游动,他说这预示着可能有地震发生。(Use “which” clause)

A farmer noticed large schools of fish swimming near the surface of the water, which, he said, indicated the possible occurrence of an earthquake.

3.要将英英词典放在手边。当你不能准确地理解单词时,你就能随时查阅。(keep sth. handy)

Keep an English-English dictionary handy, and when you cannot understand a word with accuracy, you may refer to it any time.

4.如有必要,生活在将要发生地震地区的人可以睡在帐篷里。(if necessary)

If necessary, people who live in the area where an earthquake is about to occur may sleep in tents.

5.对一个想找工作的学生来说,有没有硕士学位的确有很大影响。(make a difference)

A master’s degree does make a great difference to a student who wants to get a job.

6.这本书除了告诉我们地震方面的知识外,还告诉我们如何做好预防工作。(in addition to)

In addition to the knowledge about earthquakes, the book tells us how to prepare for them.

1.因此,以盖茨为首席执行官的微软还能走多远依然是个有趣的问题。(Use “as to” )

An interesting question therefore remains as to how far Microsoft can go with Gates as its CEO.

2.抱怨是没有用的,因为抱怨并改变不了什么。重要的是得采取措施预防类似事件发生。(There’s / It’s no use doing) There’s / It’s no use complaining since nothing ever changes as the result of a complaint. What’s important is to take measures to prevent similar events from happening.

3.要学会接受这样一个事实:有些你认为是朋友的人结果却是敌人。(turn out)

Learn to accept the fact that some people you thought were friends turn out to be enemies.

4.正如你能从书名期待的那样,书里多处提到(reference)盖茨是个什么样的人。(expect from)

As you would expect from the book’s title, there are many references to what kind of man Gates is.

5. 该公司的兴隆源于公司上下人人克勤克俭。(stem from)

The prosperity of the company stems from hardworking and thrifty of the entire staff.

6.就星期六晚上首次上演的那出戏,他什么也没说。(on the subject of)

He said nothing at all on the subject of the play which was put on fro the first time Saturday night.

Unit 8

1.那个提议听起来很诱人,但如果是个骗局怎么办?(What if…)

It sounds like a good idea, but what if it’s a trick?

2.这一地区的城镇因为地震遭受了很大的损失,受灾最严重的地方包括九江和瑞昌。(with +n. +prepositional phrase) Cities and towns in this area suffered a lot from the earthquake with Jiu Jiang and Rui Chang among the worst-hit.

3.他抱怨说,他们压根儿就不应该参与这件事。(in the first place)

He complained that they should not have got involved in it in the first place.

4.看在玛丽的份上,我可以把车借给你,以解决你的交通工具问题。(for sb.’s sake, get around)

For Mary’s sake, I can lend you my car to get around your transport problem.

5.理论上说,克隆一个孩子以获取器官是可行的,但实际上这么做却可能对孩子的心理有害。(in theory) In theory it’s feasible to clone a child to harvest organs, but in practice it would be psychologically harmful to the child.

6.他以Braver为笔名发表了一篇文章,强调克隆动物的过程也同样适用于克隆人类这一观点。(under the name of) He published an article under the name of Braver which stresses the idea that the process of cloning animals would work for humans as well.

Unit 9

1.昨天传来消息说,他们在试图登上峰顶时遇难了。(while +V-ing)

Word came yesterday that they were killed while trying to reach the summit.

2.我绝不会向任何人提起我曾拒绝她的邀请,没有去参加她的婚礼。(under no circumstances)

Under no circumstances shall I mention to anyone that I have turned down the invitation to her wedding.

3.总裁夫人威胁要公开揭发丈夫,这件事成了头条新闻。(make the headlines)

It made the headlines that the president’s wife threatened her husband with public exposure.

4.那位富有的女士再三要求签订婚前协议,令其未婚夫自尊心大受伤害,结果以据婚告终。(end up)

That wealthy lady’s repeated demand for a premarital agreement greatly harmed her prospective husband’s self-esteem and ended up in his refusal to get married.

5.确实有些妇女坚持认为,在丈夫挣的钱不如她们期待的那么高的情况下,她们有权要求离婚。(make no mistake about it, insist on)

Make no mistake about it, some women would insist on the right to get a divorce if their husbands did not earn as much as they expected.

6.偶然发现的指纹有助于弄清他一直在调查的凶杀案。(shed light on)

The casual discovery of the fingerprint shed some light on the murder he had been looking into.