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篇一:实用大学英语综合教程1 答案

Unit 1 College Life


1. Hello, may I speak to Professor Chen? B

2. How long may I keep the book?A

3. How did you get on in your exam? B

4. What did you think of the lecture? D

5. May I use your dictionary for a moment? C

Text A练习答案:

I. 1. productive 2. outcome 3. goals 4. presented 5. memory II.1. A. 2. B.3. C. 4. B.5. D.

6. C 7. C.8. A.9. A10. C

III.1. academic 2. ideal 3. challenge 4. recommendation

5. previously6. inherit7. beneficial 8. turn out

9. resume10. properly

IV.1. 尽可能地描述详细。

2. 尽管你尽力了,但你有可能仍然失败。

3. 想象的关键在于可以帮助你现在更好地做决定。

4. 我不推荐死记硬背,因为实在太慢了。


V. 1. make up for.

2. other than him.

3. advanced technical skills

4. previous night.

5. first challenge is the economy.


I. 1. College freshmen may make new friends through attending the events,

joining clubs and being active on social networks.

2. They should be polite and firm when they confronting their roommates and set expectations and clear boundaries from the beginning.

3. Because they may lose out on meeting other people and potential friends. II. 1. confront 2. firmly 3. potential 4. offending 5. overcome

6. acquaintance 7. graduation 8. gesture 9. gossip 10. inevitably III. 1. 参加你感兴趣的社团。

2. 大学期间,你很有可能会结交一辈子的挚友。


4. 而提到流言蜚语,管住嘴巴就能避免麻烦。

5. 在大学生活中,恋爱通常是不可避免的。

IV. 1. for the sake of our friendship

2. in common

3. lose out

4. potential clients from home and abroad

5. overcome your shyness


I. 1. provides→provide

3. have→has

5. is→are

7. is→are

9. are→is

II. 1. C.2. A.

6. D. 7. B.

翻译答案: 2. is→are 4. are→is 6. has→have 8. their→its 10. has→have 3. B.4. B. 8. D. 9.A. 5. A 10. C

1. 他用法语说了俩小时,未出任何错误。

2. 足球赛后,选手们相互握手致意。

3. 每天都见到她做家务活---做饭、扫地、洗洗涮涮。

4. 狮子是百兽之王。

5. 他们修路、盖房、 架桥、 造船、挖运河。

6. 她比实际年龄看上去年轻。

7. 一个男孩在看书,另一个男孩在写字。

8. 苏珊苏醒后看到身边的一张张笑脸。

9. 他穿上衣服,戴上帽子匆忙离开了。

10. 他们谈到通货膨胀问题、失业问题和环境污染问题。


Unit 2 Rainbow of Life


1. How does the new cell phone work?C

2. What does your brother do? D

3. May I speak to Helen, please? A

4. What do you think of our new English teacher?C

5. Would you mind turning down the music? A

Text A练习答案:

Ⅰ. 1. dependent 2. amazing 3. rewards4. recognize5. beautiful Ⅱ. 1.C 2.D3.A 4.B5.A

6.D 7.B8.A 9.C10.C

Ⅲ. 1. surrounded 2. sneaked3. be disturbed

4. occasional5. rewarded 6. Incredibly

7. appreciation 8. recovering 9. reflect

10. depends

Ⅳ. 1. 这给了我很多时间去观察,慢慢地我熟悉了周围的环境。

2. 我从一位护士那里获知疗养院里有一个员工奖励活动。

3. 你的微笑使整个房间充满了欢乐,使每一天都充满了意义。

4. 简简单单的几句话会带来如此的不同,它的效果真是美妙。

5. 你应该对你所爱的人说他们对你有多么重要。

Ⅴ. 1. amazing story

2. am filled with desire

3. The busier / the happier

4. reward for his help

5. must be aware of

Text B练习答案:

Ⅰ. Open answers

Ⅱ. 1. rarest 2. perform 3. attraction 4. miracles

5. struggle6. more glorious7.absorbs 8. splendidly

9. charming10. suffered

Ⅲ. 1. 她匆匆忙忙地离开,很快消失在人群中。

2. 我从来没有见过她穿漂亮衣服或化过妆。

3. 但无论等多久,她的表演都值得一看。

4. 这个场景就像是美人鱼出现在耀眼的阳光下。

5. 我意识到,每个女孩都有一双属于自己的特殊的谢,就像灰姑娘的水晶鞋


Ⅳ. 1. a glorious rainbow

2. had shown his brilliance

3. focus on my work

4. expression of sadness

5. glitter in their eyes


Ⅰ. 1. they→them 2. I→me 3. others→rest 4. both→all

5.ourselves→we 6. me→myself7. hers→her 8. everyone→anyone

9.what---which 10. what---who

Ⅱ. 1.C 2. B3.A4.C5.C

6.B 7.B 8.D 9.C10.C


1. 这个婴儿除非饿了,否则是绝不会哭的。

2. 尽管他行为鲁莽,但并未受到应得的处罚。

3. 机器的各个可动部件常常涂上润滑油,以便大大减少摩擦。

4. 我呢,我只要食能果腹就可以了。

5. 节假日行人车辆减少了。

6. 艺术家以蔑视的目光看着他。

7. 我在当时就知道得如同现在一样清楚。

8. 这个小孩随身带着刀子啦,剪子啦,以及诸如此类的东西,在口袋里叮当直响。

9. 这之前,基辛格七月和十月两度在此下榻。

10. 我们不后退,我们从没有后退过,我们将来也绝不后退。


样例1 参考译文



Please accept my season's greetings.


Good health and good luck throughout the year.


May the joy and happiness around you today and always.


Please accept my sincere wishes for the New Year. I hope you will continue to enjoy

good health.


On this special day I send you New Year's greetings and hope that we shall be together soon.


Unit3Dream and Success


1. Excuse me, are you Mr. Simpson from Seattle? C

2. I?m going to have a cup of tea, would you like some? A

3. What can I do for you, Sir? B

4. What day is today? B

5. Where can I find my dictionary, mom?C

Text A练习答案:

Ⅰ. 1. salesperson2. motivational 3. tough

4. survived 5. speaker

Ⅱ. 1.A 2.B 3.D 4.A5.C

6.D 7.B 8.C 9.D 10.B

Ⅲ. 1. decision 2. spirit3. motivational

4. pursued5. region 6. were granted

7. accomplishment 8. abandoned 9. succeed

10. are celebrating/ will celebrate

Ⅳ. 1. 我九岁的时候看到一则招聘明信片推销员的广告。

2. 正当我的事业如日中天之时,我却选择了离开。

3. 我参加了一次公司组织的地区销售会以后,才决定辞去自己原本稳定的工作,去开办自己的公司。

4. 那一刻,我永远无法忘记他的话给我带来的震撼。

5. 在墙壁一侧的顶端,她用刷子写下了这样一句话;“这个世界永远属于有梦的人。”

Ⅴ. 1. grabbed it at once

2. motivate the children


实用大学英语 1


Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1、You must____your gun and uniform when you leave the army. (B)

A、turn upB、turn in C、turn round D、turn against

2、Please _____your telephone number on the application form. (C)

A、depend on B、fill with C、fill out D find out

3、How much did you _____that dictionary? (C)

A、cost B、spend C、pay for D、take for

4、Anna doesn’t have ______ Susan. (B)

A、so many money asB、as much money as

C、as many money asD、as much money so

5、If it rains, the boy usually _____to school by bus. (A)

A、goes B、wentC、go D、will go

6、______his work Einstein needed only a pen and a pad of paper. (A)

A、Doing B、Having done C、To do D、To have done

7、All our food products are completely _____ artificial(人造的)colorings.


A、free of B、happy with C、afraid of D、along with

8、Russian has just ______a new trade agreement with Japan. (B)

A、written B、signed C、moved D、sighted

9、Most boys like to swim ______they have learned how. (C)

A、as B、because C、once D、though

10、The play ran _____two months and it was a great success. (B)

A、until B、for C、into D、after

11、My brother is very interested ______a pianist. (B)

A、to become B、in becoming C、becoming D、in become

12、He has a ( A )of biting his lips when he thinks hard.

A、 habit B、 behavior C、 custom D、 manner

13、You should remember it, ______,you should get it right. (A)

A、more or less B、and what’s more

C、otherwise D、on the other hand

14、Today’s film is _____ seeing.It’s said to be based on a very popular novel. (D)

A、necessary B、permitted C、needed D、worth

15、A lot of people ______to help us when we were in trouble. (B)

A、served B、volunteered C、realized D、traveled

16、Everything ______he said at yesterday’s meeting seemed quite reasonable.


A、which B、who C、that D、what

17、We were surprised ______he came out first in the race. (D)

A、after B、sinceC、unlessD、that

18、Money ______ nothing to Einstein. (C)

A、mends B、serves C、means D、needs

19、His words _______this: we ought to try the new technique. (A)

A、come up withB、keep up with

C、add up toD、in addition to

20、You look _______ after such a long walk. (B)

A、tiredly B、tired C、tiringD、tirdness

21、I think this problem should ________quickly. (D)

A、treat B、treated withC、deal with D、be dealt with

22、The number of children( B )from 1 to 5 in different families.

A、seems B、varies C、changes D、turns

23、The company requires that every worker ( D )able to use a computer.

A、 is B、 areC、 to be D、 be

24. A manager is supposed ______ responsible for everything in the factory.(B)

A. at being B. to beC. beingD. of being

25.I spend much of my time _______ financial reports. (D)

A. studyingB. to studyC. study D. on studying

26.Teachers are pleased _______ every improvement in the students. (C)

A. atB. to C. with D. for

27.John has ______ a promising career in law to become a teacher. (D)

A . given offB. given awayC. given in D. given up

28.The car broken down ______ and again on my way to the seaside. (A)

A. now B. ever C. all over D. then

29. I’ m worried about Steven; he is ______ too much work, He looks awful. (B)

A. calling for B. taking onC. turning on D. searching for

30. We spent more than a month designing the program. And our partners have only made some ____ changes to it . (D)

A. major B. little C. huge D. minor

31. Peter is often late for work .And the traffic jam has become the best excuse that he can __ . (B)

A. set sights onB. come up withC. pay attention toD. make up for

32、He is of about( C )you.

A、a same age as B、same age likeC、the same age with D、the same age as

33. I felt that everybody in the room was laughing at me. What had I done to ______ this? (D)

A. overlookB. inspire C. compress D. deserve

34. Our secondary school may build the advanced lab next year , ______ the generous donation of the businessmen. ( A )

A. thanks toB. along with C. according to D. by way of

35.This car runs two times ( A ) that machine.

36、I think this problem should ________quickly. (D)

A、treatB、treated with C、deal withD、be dealt with

37、Money ______ nothing to Einstein. ( C)

A、mends B、serves C、means D、needs

38、My brother is very interested ______a pianist. (B)

A、to becomeB、in becomingC、becomingD、in become A、 as fast as B、 faster as C、 more fast than D、 fast as

39、______his work Einstein needed only a pen and a pad of paper. (A)

A、Doing B、Having doneC、To do D、To have done

40、How much did you _____that dictionary? (C)

A、cost B、spend C、pay forD、take for

41、He’s my sister’s friend_______mine. (D)

A but rather B but for Cmore than D rather than

42、Like most people,I’d prefer _______a nice job and to live a better life. ( A )

A、to have B、have C、to havingD、having to

43、A hope ( B )as the people of the world come to realize the problems of pollution.

A、raises B、arises C、rises D、is raised

44、They will plant flowers________roses and sunflowers. (B)

A、as such B、such as C、such like D、such as it is

45、All the tourists safely ______ at a small village after they had walked in the woods for almost 30 hours. (D)

A、got B、reached C、received D、arrived

46、Susan has difficulty finding a job in the field of computer technology ______she gets high scores in the exams. (B)

A、as long asB、even if C、until D、whatever

47、The teacher asks the students to work hard at English _______the other required courses. (C)

A、on the other hand B、as soon as C、as well as D、despite

48、Dennis gave up smoking two years ago. But he( C ) 40 cigarettes a day.

A、had smoked B、likes to smoke C、used to smokeD、was to smoke

49、Louise thought I was talking about her, ______in fact, I was talking about myself. (C)

A、where B、whichC、while D、whom

50、A free trip to Hong Kong—that’s _________good a chance to be missed!


A、too B、very C、soD、much

51、--Where did you study French?

-- I didn’t. I just _______up the language when I lived there. (A)

A、pickedB、got C、putD、gave

52、The old man was seriously ill and he was in ______need of treatment.(C)

A、main B、popular C、urgentD、upset

53、I didn’t understand at first why Jane couldn’t pass the test,no matter ______hard she had tried. (D)

A、what B、where C、when D、how

54、Jane , _____where to find her book, asked everyone in the class where the book was. (D)

A、not to know B、with no knowledge

C、never to knowD、not knowing

55、It’s natural for Peter that he _______his best to help those in need.


A、tried B、try C、tryingD、tries

56、The only thing _______Mrs Smith asks for is a blue ribbon(丝带). (C)

A、which B、what C、that D、for which

57、--Would you ______changing places with me so that I can be nearer to the

fire? I’am feeling so cold.

---Of course not.(A)

A、mind B、stopC、keepD、like

58、I think you’d call it an essay ______ a poem; they’re different in style.(D)

A、other thanB、except for C、besidesD、rather than

59、Take the umbrella with you ( C ) it rains.

A、if B、so thatC、in case D、in case of

60、Due to the effort of the lawyer ,Gilbert narrowly escaped being arrested ______ the charge of robbery. (B)

A、onB、in C、with D、under

61、We can’t find anyone ______ will take the job. (B)

A、whom B、who C、with whom D、which

62、You can’t get a job ______ you’ve got experience. (A)

A、unless B、if C、when D、as

63、It’s two o’clock,I’ll be back ______ an hour. (B)

A、afterB、in C、later D、over

64、If you _____ him, he will help you. (D)

A、askedB、had askedC、will ask D、ask


1. Respectable

2. Agony

3. Put down

4. Sequence

5. Hold back

6. Distribute

7. Off and on

8. Vivid

9. Associate

10. Finally

11. Turn in

12. Tackle

1. Has been assigned to the newspaper’s Paris office.

2. Was so extraordinary that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

3. A clear image of how she would look in twenty years’ time.

4. Gave the command the soldiers opened fire

5. Buying bikes we’ll keep turning them out.

Reputationrigidto inspireand tedious what’s moreout of date ideas

careeravoid showing hardly hold back

1. Composed

2. Severe

3. Agony

4. Extraordinary

5. Recall

6. Command

7. Was violating

8. Anticipate

1. At

2. For

3. Of

4. With

5. As

6. About

7. To

8. In in

9. From compose


1. Brief

2. In terms of

3. Cutoff

4. Tend

5. Anyway

6. Precise

7. In the form of

8. initiative

9. convey

10. in two minds

11. concept

12. grasp

1. has ensured their team a place in the Cup Final

2. medical workers’ responsibility to heal the wounded and rescue the dying

3. entertain as well as educate the learner

4. can do without are and water

5. is likely to be held in June.

1. Lies in contact between

2. Basis ofis likelysufficient at the moment

3. The steadyensures will be highly

1. Regained

2. Undecided

3. Undersupplied

4. Disabled

5. Precondition

6. Foresight

7. mispronounced

8. eich


1. wreck

2. balance

3. approaching

4. handle

5. discard

7. aiet

8. do with

9. checked on

10. cleaned up

11. weekly

12. principles

1. to look for survivors were abandoned after it had been

2. was amazed that Bob left a well-paid job to travel around the world

3. for a loan has been turned down by many a bank as her business is small and she could

provide no guarantee

4. express her thoughts with precision,so people often misunderstand her

5. will weaken our determination to modernize our country in the shortest possible time.

1. For sale hunting forbe amazed by

2. Become skilled handle theirloans

3. Characterby calling onhe passed away


1. Fertile

2. Reflected

3. Overseas

4. Slim

5. Split

6. Sustained

7. Glow

8. Thrust

9. Keen

10. Bud

11. Precious

12. Whichever

1. Of carpets and furniture in the bedroom disgusts me

2. Corresponding with Hey after the dath of her mother

3. Is best located at an isolated place for from cities.

4. Was so absorbed in the game on TV that I didn’t hear Martin come in

5. Players grip the ball

1. To broadenmake their way

2. Disgusts take a chance on

3. Disgusts take a chance on

4. The grandand overseasreflected


1. Go far

2. Has expanded

3. In the interest of

4. Only to

5. Encountered

6. Has cooperated

7. Assessed

8. (had)switched

9. Horizons

10. Gaze

11. Disaster

12. Wiped out

1. A long controversy over whether the book should be published or not.

2. Felt relieved after her first meeting with Tom had gone smoothly

3. Suddenly went wrong with my computer when I was in the middle of writing the essay

4. Is obvious that our company is still maintaining its position as market leader in software

5. Give in until they give her a pay rise


1. Industrial

2. Idle

3. Is functioning

4. intellectual

5. scared

6. handful

7. luxury

8. private

9. woke yp

10. slice

11. miracle

12. was jammed

1. to be seriously affected by the rise in gas prices/

2. is a matter of total indifference to me

3. drove home the point that they needed extra people.










8. Was found after they searched for it for a long time Had run out of water by the time they got to the camp The young man made $5,hour,in his summer job What made you change your mind? I’m sure Jason will make a good lawyer The vet put something down the dog’s throat to make it vomit The story makes interesting reading. Five and five make ten On foot they can only make about 20miles a day. I don’t think she’ll ever really make it to the top.


21 世纪大学实用英语综合教程(第一册)课后答案及课文翻译

Text A 大学——我一生中的转折点



我很快就认识到,我的生活现在就叐决于我自己了。如果我要在学业上叐得成功, 我就必须制定一仹学习计划。我必须调整花在学习上的时间和花在社交上的时 间。我必须决定什么时候上床睡觉,什么时候吃什么,什么时候喝什么,对什么 人表示友好。这些问题我都得自己回答。

开始时,生活有点艰难。我在怎样利用时间上犯了错误。我在交朋友上花的时间 太多了。我还在怎样选择大学里的第一批朋友上犯了一些错误。

然而不久,我就控制住了自己的生活。我做到了按时上课,完成幵交上了第一批 作业,而且以相当好的成绩通过了前几次考试。此外,我还交了一些朋友,跟他 们在一起我感到很自在,我能把我担心的亊告诉他们。我建立了一种真正属于我 自己的常觃——一种满足了我的需要的常觃。

结果,我开始从一个不同的视角看待我自己了。我开始把自己看作是一个对自己 负责也对朋友和家人负责的人。凡亊自己做决定幵看到这些决定最终证明是明智 的决定,这种感觉很好。我猜想这就是人们所说的“成长”的一部分吧。

我未来的生活将会怎样呢?在人生的这一阶段,我真的不能确定我的人生之路最 终将会走向何方,我真的不知道在以后的几年中我会做什么。但我知道,我能应

对未来,因为我已经成功地跃过了我生命中的这一重要障碍:我已经完成了从一 个依赖家人给予感情支持的人向一个对自己负责的人的过渡。

Practice 5

1. smart 2. succeed 3. shortly 4. managed 5. share 6.fear7. responsible 8. however 9. enter 10. surrounded 11.handle 12. comfortable

Practice 6

1. is up to 2. keep up with 3. under control 4. at first 5. grew up 6. make friends with 7. turned out 8. as a result 9. set up 10. in addition

Practice 7

1. how to play the game 2. where I wanted to go 3. whether they would accept him or not 4. what to do and how to do it

5. whom to love and whom not to 6. when he made that decision

Practice 8

1. I see Li Ming as my best friend. We share the same hobbies and


2. They looked upon their math teacher as their best teacher.

3. We think of this place as our home.

4. They looked on their college life as their happiest years in their life. Practice 9

1. John is both smart and responsible. He likes to make friends with other people.

2. I have made the decision to compete for the new post. You can

compete for it, too. It’s up to you.

3. Shortly after the doctor came, he managed to have my father ’ s illness under control.

4. As freshmen, most of us do not know what college life has in store for us, but we all know that we must do well in our studies.

5. To succeed in college, we must keep up with the other students and set up a routine that meets out needs.

6. Though the assignments last week turned out to be more difficult than I thought, I handed them in on time.

Text B 我希望从大学教育中得到什么


中学毕业后,我计划做几件亊。我计划做的最重要的亊就是上大学。除了获得一 个学位外,我还计划从大学教育中追求更高深的学识,开始一种职业生涯,幵在 我的家庭中创造历史。

我希望从大学教育中得到的第一样东西是更高深的知识。学习知识进进不止是获 得中学教育,它在今天的社会里是非常必要的。它让我们熟悉我们的环境和环境 中的每一个人,它让我们对自己保持自信。如果毫无知识,我们很多人就会迷失 方向,我们的世界就会非常混乱。一个人不仅要成为负责、独立的人,还必须学 会做像迊用数学技能这样的亊情。我知道大学教育就会让我获得这些能力。 其次,我希望因为发了大学教育而开始一种职业生涯。作为一名大学生,我计划 学习化学工程。在学习这一专业所必需的所有课程幵成功地完成它们之后,我希 望能开始作为一名化工工程师的职业生涯。

在我的家庭中创造历史是我希望从大学教育中得到的又一样重要的东西。我的父 母都没有大学毕业,我的三个兄弟中也没有一个大学毕业生,但他们却都中学毕 业了。回顾过去激励着我走得更进。我希望成为第一个获得大学教育的人而在我 的家庭中创造历史。

追求更深进的知识,开始职业生涯,在我家中创造历史,这些就是我希望从大学 教育中得到的东西。实现这些目标,从而使我不断地获得成功,这是非常重要的。 我知道这些亊情和更多的亊情都是可能实现的。只要我相信这一点,那我就能实 现它。

Practice 14

1. skills 2. is gained/acquired 3. is planning 4. apply 5. acquire 6. complete 7. environment 8. gained 9. graduate 10. achieve/accomplish

Practice 15

1. so that 2. went beyond 3. as a result of 4. are … familiar with

5. made history 6. other than 7. such … as 8. as well as

Practice 16ACBAB DDC




眼睛瞎了而又想读乢——这就是路易?布莱叶的生活现实。想顺利迚行阅读的愿 望导致了布莱叶盲字体系的产生。1 月4 日是布拉耶日。这一节日是向盲人表示 敬意。我们还应该记住路易和他在15 岁时叐得的成就。

路易?布莱叶于1809 年1 月4 日生于法国。他与父母、两个姐姐和一个哥哥住


3 岁的路易去了父亲的作坊。路易的父亲是个鞍具制作商,他用皮革制作各种鞍 具。路易学着父亲的样子,试着用小刀割一块皮革。他的手一滑,刀尖就戳迚了 眼睛。医生们竭尽全力为他医治,但那只发伤的眼睛发到了感染。后来感染传给 了他那只好的眼睛。路易叒成了盲人。

路易迚了一所公立学校,通过听老师讲课迚行学习。为了做作业,他的姐姐和一 个朋友把作业读给他听。很快路易便成了班里的尖子生。

一天,教会的牧师来到路易家,告诉他的父母, 巴黎有一所盲童学校。路易的父 母决定把他送到那所学校去,当时他是9 岁。

路易渴望读乢。学校里只有14 本供盲人阅读的乢。这些乢又大又重。乢中的字 母很大而且是凸起的。读一本乢要花很长时间。路易心想,肯定有一种更好的阅 读方法。

路易12 岁时,一位法国军官查尔斯?巴比埃来到了学校。巴比埃研制出一种供 军队士兵使用的字母电码。这种电码被用来在夜间向士兵収送信息。它由点和划 组成。即使敌人看到信息,电码也能使它们保密。但这种电码对盲人来说太复杂 了。路易认为这种电码使用起来太慢,而那些划也太占地方。一页纸只容得下一 两句句子。

在以后的三年中,路易一直在做着简化电码的工作。在家中度假的一天,15 岁 的路易捡起了一把钝锥子。啊哈!他突然想到了一个主意。他只用6 个点就做出 了字母表。他用不同的凸点代表不同的字母。后来,他又为数字和音乐编制了一 个体系。

今天,布莱叶盲字已用于全世界几乎每一种语言。路易?布莱叶在15 岁时创造


College English

Unit Name: New Vision College English

Credits: 3

1. Unit description

College English is a compulsory basic skill course which is designed to take students in college around China from what they have learnt at senior high school to the level required by College English Curriculum Requirement(CECR). There are two important purposes for taking this course. The first is that English, as you know, is a language used all over the world for communication, most often between people who are not native speakers. The second is that a good knowledge of English is essential for success in CET-4. Other factors are important as well. Using English can be great fun, and allows you the opportunity to make friends and get to know people from other cultures and countries. But it’s not just the worldwide community of English speakers which is , it’s the worldwide community of English learners which is so important. And they’re all people like you, with similar interests and tastes in movies, music, books, as well as all the information and social networking made available on the Internet.By taking this course, students can not only learn and think but talk about it as well. Remember! Learning a language is learning to communicate.

2.Learning aims and outcomes

At the end of the semester, learners will be able to achieve the following :

? Remember and use the appropriately which are covered

in eight units by the recommended word-list in CECR.

? Understand five different : predicting and relating to the reader,

Creating an atmosphere,rhetorical questions, inferring and eulogy;meanwhile students can explain these reading skills by referring to the texts in different units.

? Write five different (presenting an argument,writing a narrative, writing a

description of a custom, reformulation: Paraphrasing and clarifying and introducing a concession)of composition by using the structure in Guided writing after finishing every unit.

? Write a without referring to students book after finishing every unit.

? Give a composition about in Reading Across Couture and also explain the reasons behind them the word limit is at least 1000(this essay is for the middle examination).

? Give a complete answer by choosing one question which the students are

interested in in after finishing each unit. Requirements: 1. when students answer the question, the time limit is at least one minute or the words should be at least 150.

2. The evidence should be enough to support your answer.

? Do a presentation in group by choosing any topics or aspects which not only

related with the topic but also students are interested in after finishing every unit. ? Impose students by practicing in Fast Reading.

2.Pre-requisite units and assumed knowledge

Before taking this course, students should grasp the basic knowledge about English grammar and their vocabulary should be about 2000-2500 words.

3.Learning outcomes and the corresponding assessment criteria

Learning outcome 1

Remember and use the eight units by the recommended word-list in CECR. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA:

a. Ask students to recite new words and phrases in class according to the Chinese meaning.

b. do various forms of exercises correctly about vocabulary in students book. Learning Outcome 2

Understand five different : predicting and relating to the reader, Creating an atmosphere,rhetorical questions, inferring and eulogy;meanwhile students can explain these reading skills by referring to the texts in different units. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA:

A.after each unit, the teacher will give students the assignment to research the definition of different reading skill and ask students to prepare the definition by referring to the text they have learnt in group, and when having class, every group choose a reporter to report their answer.

Learning Outcome 3

Write five different an (来自:WwW.hn1C.Com 唯 才 教育 网:实用型大学英语教程1)argument,writing a narrative, writing a

description of a custom, reformulation: Paraphrasing and clarifying and introducing a concession)of composition by using the structure in Guided writing after finishing every unit.


a. After finishing every unit, the teacher give students one week to finishing writing a composition by logging on and every student’ score should be over 75 or edit their composition for at least 10 times.

Learning Outcome 4

Write a for every unit according to the key words given by the lecturer without referring to students book after finishing every unit.


After every unit, every member in every group to discuss every piece of summary and give their member the corresponding scores and explain the reasons for the scores, after that, the group will choose the best summary to read in class. The teacher will collect randomly about ten pieces of summary to read again and make sure that the scores given by the students are reasonable.

Learning Outcome 5

Give a composition about in different countries by referring to the texts in Reading Across Couture and also explain the reasons behind them and the word limit is at least 1000.


this task is for the middle examination and the students should prepare for the topic

and research the related materials one month ago before the exam and they must finish the essay in class for 100 minutes.

Learning Outcome 6

Give a complete answer by choosing one question which the students are interested in in after finishing each unit.


When finishing one unit, at the beginning of the next class, the teacher will first ask students to discuss in group for their answer and the requirement is that students must prepare for their answer before class and then the teacher will choose some students to give their answer in class and of course the

Learning Outcome 7

Do a presentation in group by choosing any topics or aspects which not only related with the topic but also students are interested in after finishing every unit. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA:

After finishing every unit, the teach ask students to do a presentation in group and the teacher also will ask other students to assess the presentation and all the students will participate to give the appropriate score for the group.

Learning Outcome 8

Impose students


For the second class, the teacher will organize students to have a pre-test to check