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1. 我已经戒掉睡前吸烟的坏习惯,再也不用听妻子不断地发牢骚了。(give up)

Having given up the bad habit of smoking before bedtime, I no longer have to hear my wife complaining all the time.

2. 与其他同龄人不同的是,他迷恋京剧。(set apart from; be addicted to)

What sets him apart from other people of his age is that he is addicted to Beijing Opera.

3. 她对他用情至深,愿意克服任何障碍与他结婚。(so that; obstacle)

She is so much in love with him that she’s ready to overcome any obstacle to marry him.

4. 只是在考试成绩出来之后,我才意识到必须更加刻苦才能不落后。(only; keep up with) Only after the result of the exam came out did I realize I would have to work harder to keep up with the others.

5. 作为主要谈判人,她在打破双方之间的障碍上创造了奇迹。(miracle)

As chief negotiator she has performed miracles in breaking down barriers between the two sides.

6. 您无需担心,男士是不允许进入这个房间的。(need; allow sb. to do sth.)

You don’t need to worry. Men are not allowed to get into this room.

7. 如果要我在上大学还是去工作两者间选择,我会选择前者而非后者。(instead of)

If I had to make a choice between going to college and finding a job, I would choose the former instead of the latter.

8. 尽管说明书上说“一次吃一片”,他还是一下子吃了三片。(in spite of; at a time) In spite of the instruction of taking one pill at a time, he took three all at once.

II. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. 我们将让班长来制定野餐计划的具体细节。

We will leave it to the monitor to work out the details of the picnic plan.

2. 基于我们销售情况的预测,我们明年将开始盈利。

On the basis of our sales forecasts, we may begin to make a profit next year.

3. 无论情况多么复杂,他都能应付自如。

No matter how complicated the situation was, he could coupe with it successfully.

4. 归结起来有两条出路:你或者改进工作,或者辞职。

It comes down to two choices; you either improve your work, or you leave.

5. 有尽管她父亲在公司,但她那份工作却是靠自己得到的。

Although her father is in the firm, she got the job on her own.

6. 他的口音太重,很难听出他在说什么。

With his strong accent, it is hard to figure out what he is trying to say.


I am psyching myself up to ask my boss for a rise.

8. 我得把他们的电话号码赶快记下来,以免忘了。

I will just jot down their phone number lest I should forget it.

9. 他把整整几页的信息压缩成论文中的一段。

He has boiled whole pages of information down to one paragraph in the paper.

10. 看来她已经很快适应了她的新公司。

It seems that she has settled in very quickly at her new company.

1. 似乎总是这样的——你赚得越多,你花得就越多。(the more?, the more?)

It always seems the more you earn, the more you spend.

2. 革命运动对他们的利益造成了直接的威胁。(pose)

The revolutionary movement poses a direct threat to their interests.

3. 她觉得自己和尼克都从这次经历中受益匪浅。(figure)

She figured that both she and Nick learned a lot from the experience.

4. 摆在你面前的只有两种选择:要么投票支持他,要么投票反对他。(either?or?) There are only two choices before you. You either vote for him or vote against him.

5. 我预料到会受到指责——当你成为公众人物时,这是在所难免的。(go with the territory) I expected the criticism — it goes with the territory when you are a public figure.

6. 人们越来越关心电子游戏对儿童行为的影响。(get concerned about)

People are getting more and more concerned about the effect of video games on children’s behavior.

7. 过去的两年我不停地从一个地方搬到另一个地方,所以我很快就适应了这个新城市。(get used to)

I have been moving from one place to another over the past two years, so it doesn’t take me long to get used to this new city.

8. 他们批评领导层,但避免进行正面质疑。(shy away from)

They criticized the leadership, but shied away from a direct challenge.

9. 尽管我们存在分歧,但仍能找到共同点。(despite, common ground)

Despite our disagreements, we have been able to find some common ground.


We’ll go out as soon as we’ve cleaned up the kitchen.


I don’t have difficulty in working together with others.


Diets are most effective when combined with exercise.


I struggle to balance work and family.


He seemed incapable of understanding how she felt.


They’re delighted with the replies they’ve received from the public so far.


Due to the heavy rain, this train will arrive an hour late.


We hope they can iron out their disagreement and get on with working together.


The firm has captured the lion’s share of the UK market.


You eat a big plate of food for lunch, whereas I have just a sandwich.

1. 即使父母反对你的提议,你也应该注意听。(reject, be supposed to)

Even if your parents reject your proposal, you are supposed to stay focused.

2. 在电话里你不用承诺什么。(commit to)

You don’t have to commit to anything over the phone.

3. 很明显我们的老师相信这种教学法。 (obvious, believe in)

It is obvious that our teacher believes in this teaching method.

4. 在生命的历程中,他们渐渐认识到友谊是最珍贵的财富。 (during the course of)

During the course of life, they gradually realized that friendships are the best treasures.

5. 你认为成功的关键因素是什么? (credit as, key)

What do you credit as the key factors to success?

6. 反病毒软件能保护容易受到攻击的电脑,使之免受病毒侵害。(vulnerable, shield?from?) Anti-virus software can shield vulnerable computers from virus attacks.

7. 值得一提的是在成为执行编辑很久以前,沃尔特?安德森就已经是许多人心目中的英雄了。 (long before, managing editor)

It is worth mentioning that Walter Anderson had already been a hero in many people’s minds long before he became a managing editor.

8. 我们不应该嘲笑那些不如自己的人。(laugh at, inferior)

We should not laugh at those who are inferior to us.

1. 理查德结结巴巴地说了一个答案后坐了下来,满脸通红。

Richard stuttered a reply and sat down, his face red.

2. 我对他的老板说出事那天我看见他在上班,帮他摆脱了困境。

I got him off the hook by telling his boss that I saw him working on the day in question.

3. 他们还未安排我面试,我迷惑不解。

I am puzzled why they haven’t scheduled me for an interview.

4. 他们还未安排我面试,我迷惑不解。

The road to development is long, so we base our hopes on the young.

5. 有几个人已不止一次对此表示反对。

A couple of people have voiced objections to it more than once.

6. 一看到报纸上登广告招聘电子方面的专家,她就立刻给公司打了电话。

The moment she saw the advertisement in the newspaper for electronic experts, she called the company on the spot.

7. 最紧迫的问题就是要明白我们在生活中想要什么,并努力去实现这些目标。

The most pressing issue is to know what we want in life and work hard toward these goals.

8. 虽说你还小,但你也该学会独立生活了。

Even though you’re still young, you should learn to stand on your own feet.

9. 在转向诗歌创作之前他是做推销工作的。

He started out as a salesperson before turning to poetry.

10. 有时候他不知道如何用英语表达他的想法。

He sometimes has trouble getting his ideas across in English.

1. 在该镇,怀特先生被认为是一位很好的家庭医生。(be known as)

Mr. White is known in the town as a good family doctor.

2. 通过函授课程的学习,他取得了很大的成绩。(accomplish)

He has accomplished a great deal by attending the correspondence course.

3. 他一动不动地躺了一会儿,揣摩着刚才到底发生了些什么事。(figure out)

He lay still for a moment, trying to figure out what had happened.

4. 他的音乐表达了一种乐观主义情绪。(convey)

His music conveys a sense of optimism.

5. 经过长时间的耽搁才拿到护照和签证的事经常发生。(obtain)

Long delays in obtaining passports and visas often occur.

6. 在这种情况下,他觉得无法接受这份工作。(under the circumstances)

Under the circumstances he felt unable to accept the job.

7. 博物馆依赖自愿捐助来维持开放。(rely on)

The museum relies on voluntary donations to keep open.

8. 她没有去参加他的生日聚会,这没有什么奇怪的,她不喜欢他。(no wonder)

She did not go to his birthday party. No wonder — she dislikes him.

1. 威尔逊的第一张个人专辑以她对《关爱孩子》这首歌的演绎为主打内容。

Wilson’s first solo album features her song of “Love Child”.

2. 她被大批狂热的崇拜者包围。

She was surrounded by an army of adoring fans.

3. 今年夏天这个城市已经发生了一系列游客遭袭击的事件。

There have been a series of attacks on tourists in the city this summer.

4. ——“我邀请几个朋友可以吗?”


— Do you mind if I invite a few friends?

— By all means.

5. 教会不可以把他们的信仰强加于人们。

Churches are not allowed to impose their beliefs on people.

6. 英国政客往往会避免谈论宗教话题。

British politicians tend to steer clear of religious topics.

7. 我们只同意各自保留不同意见,任何协议都没有达成。

We have accomplished nothing except that we agree to disagree.

8. 我姑且相信她。

I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

9. 有些学生总是会诋毁老师。

Some students will always dump on the teacher.

10. 我需要有人帮忙,那正是用得着你的地方。

I need some help, and that’s where you come in.

1. 这次选举将意味着现行制度的结束,或者至少说是开始结束。(at least)

The election will mean the end, or at least the beginning of the end, of the present system.

2. 法律将寻找更好商机的人们拒之门外。(in search of)

The law denies entry to people in search of better economic opportunities.

3. 这位老人总是把勤奋工作的小儿子作为范例来讲。(hold up)

The old man always held up his youngest son as a model of hard work.

4. 我连见都没见到他,更谈不上和他说话了。(much less)

I didn’t even see him, much less speak to him.

5. 那两具尸体被辨认出原来是两名贩毒嫌疑犯。(identify ? as)

The bodies were identified as those of two suspected drug dealers.

6. 所有的迹象都表明交易将按计划进行。(indication)

All the indications are that the deal will go ahead as planned.

7. 在午餐和晚餐之间,可以吃些午后茶点补充一下。(bridge the gap)

The afternoon tea bridges the gap between lunch and supper.

8. 入侵者突然从他的口袋里掏出一把刀来。(whip out)

The invader whipped out a knife from his pocket.

1. 作为俱乐部的成员他们应该承担相应的义务。

They should accept the duties that go with the membership in the club / being the member of the


2. 我会把你的建议转达给委员会的。

I’ll pass your suggestion on to the committee.

3. 民意调查的结果反映出人们对经济状况的普遍担忧。

The poll results reflect widespread anxiety about the economy.

4. 发展农业形成了当时我国经济政策的基础。

The development of agriculture formed the basis of our policy of economy at that time.

5. 对安全程序的忽视有可能带来悲剧性的后果。

Ignoring safety procedures can have potentially tragic consequences.

6. 他虽然清楚地知道前面有危险,但毫不畏惧地接受了任务。

Though cle


arly aware of the danger ahead, he accepted the task without fear.

7. 禁止出版“有毒材料”的新法律迫使几十家出版社关闭。

New laws prohibiting “poisonous material” forced the closure of dozens of publishing houses.

8. 如果我晚上要外出,可能的话我宁愿骑自行车而不是开车。

When I’m going out in the evening I use the bike if I can rather than the car.

9. 直到现在,政府只对美国船只实施了禁令。

Until now, the government has only enforced the ban with regard to American ships.

10. 有一条规则规定,见习驾驶员开车时必须有持驾驶执照者陪同。

One rule specifies that learner drivers must be accompanied by a licensed motorist.

1. 关于这个问题,我们的看法和你们的是一致的。(in accord with)

Our views on this question are in accord with yours.

2. 我会反对改变这个法规。(oppose)

I would oppose changing the law.

3. 布什内阁的许多高级官员辞职了。(step down)

Many high rank officials of Bush administration have stepped down.

4. 如果你想看更多的电视节目,网络电视是不错的选择。(be inclined to)

If you are inclined to watch more programmes, on-line TV is a good choice.

5. 一般来说,女性比男性寿命长五到七年。(on average)

On average, women live five to seven years longer than men.

6. 他拒绝了在大学任教的安排,选择了从政。(in favor of)

He turned down a university appointment in favor of a political career.

7. 骑自行车是一项很好的活动,况且还不会造成空气污染。(moreover)

Bicycling is good exercise; moreover, it doesn’t pollute the air.

8. 他敦促雇主和工会根据经济情况支付工资。(urge)

He urged employers and trade unions to adapt their pay settlements to the economic circumstances.

1. 讨论大多围绕着金钱这一主题展开。

Most of the discussion revolved around money.

2. 目前,我们仅仅接触到了这个题目现有资料的皮毛。

So far, we have only scratched the surface of the information available on this topic.

3. 公寓楼里一半的房子没人住。

Half of the apartments in the building are vacant.

4. 这笔交易没有做成真是太糟糕了。

It’s too bad that the deal didn’t work out.


3. The only known way to curb AIDS is to persuade people to change behavior


4. No one should lightly deny public health officials the tools they need to combat AIDS, including use of the AIDS antibody tests.


5. The official proposing mandatory testing is facing more arguments.


3. Neither of these government systems was intended to serve the public. 这些政府的体系都不以服务大众为目的。

4. To help finance the wars postage rates were increased. 为了负担战争的费用,邮资也开始上涨。

5. Most mail was still being transported the same way in the middle of the 19th century. 到了19世纪中叶,大多数信件还是以这种方式来递送。

2. It is important that science and technology be pushed forward as quickly as possible. 重要的是要把科学技术尽快搞上去。

3. It seemed inconceivable that the pilot could have survived the crash. 飞机坠毁飞行员还能活着,这似乎是令人难以想象的事。

4. It is strange that she should have failed to see her own shortcomings.


2. For each Christmas, I followed the tradition — one year sending a group of mentally handicapped youngsters to a hockey game, another year a check to a pair of elderly brothers whose home had burned to the ground the week before Christmas, and on and on.


3. It was always the last thing opened on Christmas morning and our children, ignoring their new toys, would stand with wide-eyed anticipation as their dad lifted the envelope from the tree to reveal its contents.


4. The tradition has grown and someday will expand even further with our grandchildren standing around the tree with wide-eyed anticipation watching as their fathers take down the envelope. 这个传统在不断发展,有朝一日它将会进一步壮大,我们的孙子们也会站在树的周围,睁大眼睛,充满期待地看着他们的父辈从树上摘下信封。

3. Mr. Jones talked to his secretary who promised that she would see to it.


4. I suddenly found that I lost him forever, which I had never thought of. 猛然间,我发现永远地失去了他,这是我从未想到的。

5. There was only ten minutes when the firemen had to rescue five people.


Imagine someone getting dressed. This person puts on a wig of long, curly hair, clothes decorated with gold, jewels, and ribbons, and then high-heeled shoes. Who is this woman? Well, the year is 1683, and the person is not a woman at all. It is King Louis XIV of France!

Fashion is a part of culture that has changed a lot over time. Wigs and high-heeled shoes certainly are not popular for men anymore. So specific fashions have changed, but what about the culture of fashion?

The culture of fashion refers to how certain styles become popular at certain times. Throughout history, people have modeled their clothing after famous people. In the 1600s, people imitated the styles of kings and queens. Nowadays, people want to look like movie stars. The culture of fashion has remained the same, though: People still follow the trends of the rich and famous.

试想一下,有人穿衣服。这个人穿的假发长而卷曲的头发,衣服与黄金,珠宝,和丝带装饰,然后高跟鞋。这是谁的女人? ,今年是1683年,这个人是不是一个女人。这是法国国王路易十四的!



Tailors in Hong Kong will make almost any garment you want — suits, evening gowns, wedding dresses, leather jackets, even monogrammed shirts. Many tailors offer a wide range of cloth from which to choose, from cotton and linen to very fine wools, cashmere, and silk. Hong Kong tailors are excellent at copying fashions. Bring a picture or drawing of what you want.

You should allow three to five days to have a garment custom-made, with at least two or three fittings. If you aren’t satisfied during the fittings, speak up. Alterations should be included in the original price. If, in the end, you still don’t like the finished product, you don’t have to accept it. However, you will forfeit the deposit you are required to pay before the tailor begins working, usually about 50% of the total cost.

香港的裁缝会做几乎任何你想要的服装 - 西装,晚礼服,婚纱礼服,皮夹克,甚至花押图案的衬衫。许多裁缝提供了广泛的选择,从棉和亚麻布很细的羊毛,羊绒,丝绸布。香港裁缝出色的在复印时尚。把你想要的图片或图形。


Finances, of course, will also be part of your decision. Can your family afford for you to quit your job? Would you be okay with a smaller house or an older car if it meant you could stay home with your kids?

Also, think about a compromise. It’s becoming common for people with full-time jobs to work from home a few days a week. Consider working part-time or even starting a small business out of your home to be with your children more.

No matter what choice you make, reevaluate your decision periodically. As your family’s needs change, your work situation might change, too.




One year later, many people still remembered the big tomato fight. They met at the square again, and this time they brought their own tomatoes. There was a similar fight, and again it was stopped by the police.

In the years that followed, people continued to meet in the town square with tomatoes. The fight was illegal, but it remained popular. In 1959, the town legalized the fight and set rules to follow: ● Tomatoes must be crushed before they are thrown.

● You’re not allowed to throw anything except tomatoes. ● The fight begins at 11:00 A.M. and ends at 1:00 P.M. No tomatoes may be thrown before or after these times.

● You may not tear anyone’s clothes. 一年后,很多人仍然记得打大番茄。他们在广场上再次见面,这一次,他们带来了自己的西红柿。有一个类似的战斗,并再次被警察拦下。

在随后的几年里,人们继续在镇上的广场,以满足用西红柿。战斗是非法的,但它仍然很受欢迎。 1959年,全镇合法化的斗争,并设置遵循的规则:





Pompeii is located 8 km from Mt. Vesuvius. The mountain had once been an active volcano, but it had never erupted during the lifetime of anyone in the city. People were, however, used to earthquakes. Perhaps that is why when the earth shook for days before the volcano erupted, no one panicked. People must have thought they were safe, but they were wrong.

The first sign of danger was a strange cloud rising from Mt. Vesuvius. It was a cloud of dark smoke and ash. For about eight hours, the cloud grew and covered a huge area beyond the city. The cloud carried rocks and ash, which fell over Pompeii like rain.

People evacuated the city in terror. That night, however, the rain of rocks and ash stopped. Many people thought the danger was over and returned to their homes.




Earthquakes are among the deadliest natural disasters, causing the largest number of casualties, the highest death tolls, and the greatest destruction. In 1556 in China, the deadliest earthquake in history killed 830 000 people. But many other earthquakes have caused the deaths of more than 100 000 people, and it is not unusual, even in modern times, for an earthquake death toll to reach

20 000 to 30 000 people with hundreds of thousands left homeless.

There are four factors that affect the casualty rate and economic impact of earthquakes: magnitude, location, quality of construction of buildings, and timing.

地震是最致命的自然灾害,造成最大的伤亡人数,死亡人数最多的,最大的破坏。在1556年的中国,在历史上最致命的地震造成83万人死亡。不过,其他许多地震造成的死亡人数超过100万人,这是不寻常的,即使在近代,地震死亡人数达到20000至30 000人,与成千上万无家可归。




1. 年轻人有时会抱怨无法和父母沟通。(communicate with)

Answer: Young people sometimes complain of being unable to communicate with their parents.

2. 能在中国云南的一个苗家村落住下来一直是玛丽长久以来的梦想,现在她终于梦想成真了。(to take up residence)

Answer: It has been Mary’s long cherished dream to take up residence in a Miao village in Yunnan, China. Now her dream has finally come true.

3. 家养的动物习惯于依赖人,因此很难能在野外活下来。(survive)

Answer: Domestic animals are used to depending on humans, so it is difficult for them to survive in the wild.

4. 他突然有种恐惧感,觉得自己会因为经济不景气而被公司裁员。(overtake)

Answer: He was suddenly overtaken by a fear that he would be laid off by the company because of depression.

5. 我估计公交路线上堵车了,因为我都等了30分钟也没见一辆车开过去。(figure) Answer: I figure that there is a traffic jam on the route of the bus, for I’ve waited for 30 minutes without seeing one passing by.


Answer: Ten years ago, when our company was at the height of its production, we decided to invest in new technologies, so as to turn our company into a technology-intensive one. With our advanced technologies, we out-competed all our competitors in the rough and tumble of the marketplace. Now we have reduced the cost by 30 percent, even as / while our sales have grown by two-thirds and the earnings have doubled. 2. 我们将可持续性定义为保持企业盈利,但不以环境为代价。从商业的角度看,这合理吗?事实上,在追求可持续发展目标的过程中,我们的收益已经超过了所有的投资和开支。可持续发展的推进起到了如此重要的作用,帮助我们撑过了史上最深重的经济衰退。

Answer: We define sustainability as keeping a business profitable, but not at the expense of the environment. Does this make good business sense? Actually, what we get has more than offset all the investments and expenses incurred in pursuit of the goal of sustainable development. The boost of sustainability made such a difference that it helped us survive the deepest recession in the history. Unit2

1. 记者敦促发言人就此次军事打击作出解释。(press for)

Answer: Reporters pressed the spokesman for an explanation of the military attack.

2. 他的竞选演讲未能使选民相信他就是参议员的合适人选。(convince)

Answer: His election speech failed to convince the voters that he was the right person for the Senate seat.

3. 尽管我承认有问题存在,但我并不认为这些问题不能解决。(while)

Answer: While I admit that there are problems, I don’t agree that they cannot be solved.

4. 他在电视上的第一次辩论给观众留下了深刻的印象。(impression)

Answer: His first debate on TV made a deep impression on his audience.

5. 一切事物都是互相联系又互相作用的。(interact with)

Answer: All things are interrelated and interact with each other.

1. 这位年轻的埃及男孩在一些化学项目中积累了丰富的经验。这些经验帮助他在埃及大学读书时成绩名列班级前茅。在研究生学习即将结束时,他决定在化学学习方面继续深造。当面临选择去哪所大学时,他选择了宾夕法尼亚大学而放弃了加州理工学院,仅仅只是因为他当时认为“大学”比“学院”听起来更负盛名。

Answer: This young Egyptian boy had received a wealth of experience in some chemistry projects. Such experience helped him to sail to the top of his class at college in Egypt. When he was about to finish his postgraduate study, he decided to further his chemistry education. When confronted with choosing which university to go to, he chose University of Pennsylvania over California Institute of Technology (Caltech) just because he thought “university” sounded more prestigious than “institute”.

2. 瑞典皇家科学院授予他第28届诺贝尔医学奖,以褒奖他为战胜癌症所做的开创性工作。实际上,他已经做了整整20年的研究才取得了这一了不起的突破,他也是他所在大学第一位获得诺贝尔奖殊荣的教师。如今已将诺贝尔奖收入囊中的他更加坚定地声言,将以前所未有的更大动力去继续开拓人类攻克癌症的事业。

Answer: The Royal Swedish Academy awarded him with the 28th Nobel Prize in Medicine for his groundbreaking work in fighting against cancer. It turns out that he had spent 20 years on his research before he made this wonderful breakthrough, and he is the first faculty member of his university to receive the Nobel Prize. Now with Nobel Prize under his belt, he claimed that he had never been so much more motivated to continue to push the envelope of what human beings can possibly do about cancer.


1. 思想是通过语言来表达的。(by means of)

Answer: Thoughts are expressed by means of language.

2. 我今年买的新书多得难以数清。(keep count of)

Answer: I have bought so many new books this year that it’s really difficult for me to keep count of them.

3. 这位老太太确信,今天她儿子会回家来为她庆祝生日。(feel assured)

Answer: The old lady feels assured that her son will come back home today to celebrate her birthday.

4. 他妈妈坚持说他每月的零用钱不能超过100元。(exceed)

Answer: His mother insisted that his pocket money should not exceed 100 yuan per month.

5. 上个月我们买了一辆车,是用我的名字登记的。(register)

Answer: We bought a car last month, which was registered under my name.

1. 海尔在海外市场试图以形象而不是价格击败对手。它将其主要注意力集中在像学生这样的利基市场(定位市场)上,期望他们年长以后还会钟爱海尔品牌。目前,海尔在美国的家用电器年销售额已达2亿美元,并占有美国小型冰箱市场35%以上的市场份额。这对美国的家电生产商形成了挑战。

Answer: Haier is seeking to outflank its competitors by competing on image rather than on price in overseas markets. It has been focusing most of its attention on niche markets, such as students, in the hope that they will remain loyal as they get older. Currently, Haier sells $200 million worth of household appliances in the US annually and claims more than a 35% share of the US market for the minibars, which constitutes a challenge for the American household appliance makers.

2. 作为一个全球品牌,海尔致力于通过创新来满足消费者的需求,为消费者提供更多的明智的选择,让他们可以享受时尚的、负担得起的并且是可持续的生活方式。海尔秉承着一个信念,那就是为消费者设计和制造经久耐用、无后顾之忧的产品是一个负责任的企业应承担的使命。

Answer: As a global brand, Haier is dedicated to meeting customer needs through innovation. It is committed to giving customers more sensible options that enable them to enjoy a modern, affordable and sustainable lifestyle. It holds a belief that to design and produce durable and worry-free products for the customers is a mission that a responsible corporation should undertake. Unit4

1. 这支乐队20世纪80年代凭借那张专集一举成名。(shoot to fame)

Answer: The band shot to fame in the 1980s with that single album.

2. 冒一下险吧,你可能还是会输,但赢的机会却增加了。(take a risk)

Answer: Take a risk, and you may lose again, but you would have improved your chances to win.

3. 科学家正极力研究治愈艾滋病 (AIDS) 的良方。(push ... to the limits)

Answer: Scientists are pushing themselves to the limits in their research for finding a cure for AIDS. 4. 现在我们知道了网络的意义:鼠标一点就能知晓天下大事。(point)

Answer: Now we see the point of the Internet: we can get information from all over the world just by clicking the mouse.

5. 一些人认为政府迟早会将克隆人类的研究纳入规范。(regulate; sooner or later) Answer: Some people believe the government will regulate the research of human cloning sooner or later.

1. 那时,我过度沉溺于电脑游戏的虚拟世界,几乎每分钟都是在电脑前度过的。后来我父母禁止我用电脑,敦促我做功课。“做个好学生,想想你的当务之急。”他们的话给了我当头一棒,在我脑中回响。我开始看书学习,终于考上了大学。

Answer: At that time, I immersed myself too much in the virtual world of computer games. I spent practically every minute at my computer. Then my parents banned my computer access and pushed me toward my school work. “Be a decent student and think about your priorities.” Their words hit me like a brick, and rang inside of me. I began to work on my books and finally worked my way to college.

2. 他的描述和事实几乎完全不符。事实上就在公司倒闭之后不久,一位匿名亿万富翁设法建立了这家工厂,聘请了几位顶级科学家,开始了一模一样的项目。他们这个项目至今已经进行了两年,两个月前就该结束,但实际上却没有取得任何成果。如果没有实质性的进展,这家工厂很快就会被出售。

Answer: His story shows little resemblance to the facts. As a matter of fact, an anonymous billionaire managed to set up the factory, hired some top scientists, and went ahead with an identical project right after the collapse of the company. Now they’ve been working on it for two years. They should have finished it two month ago. However, practically nothing has been achieved. If no improvement is made for real, soon the factory would be put up for sale.


1. 知道原理是一回事,但要付诸实践又是另外一回事。(it’s one thing ... it’s another ...) Answer:It’s one thing to understand the principle, it’s another thing to put it into practice.

2. 据报道,慢跑 (jogging) 可将患心脏病的可能性减少三分之二。(less likely) Answer:It is reported that jogging makes you three times less likely to suffer from a heart attack.

3. 根据最新调查,半数英国人不清楚欧元与英镑的比值。(have no idea / in relation to) Answer:Almost half of the British people have no idea what the euro is worth in relation to the pound, according to the latest survey.

4. 这片土地本应建成一个供大家享用的公园,但现在却立起了几栋公寓楼。(should have done) Answer:The area should have been made into a park for everyone to enjoy but now some apartment buildings stand there.

5. 不知道所有这些相关信息能否凑成一幅关于他的清晰图画。(add up to)

Answer:I’m wondering whether all the related information could add up to a clear picture of him.

1. 大学生活格外愉快。校园里的年轻人们都在全力以赴地获取知识。他们除了自己的学习,对其他事情无需负责。他们应该耐心地体会


Answer:College life is extraordinarily pleasant. Young people on campus are all gung ho to acquire knowledge. They are with no responsibility to anything but their studies. They should have patience with the process of being educated, but not be anxious to make a buck. They should understand that college life is to prepare them to get out and get success at life.

2. 在一个不断创新的世界,学位不能保证你拥有成功的事业。因此,发奋学习是人们普遍的做法。他们对终身学习态度积极。他们有些


Answer:In a world of constant innovation, a degree can’t guarantee you a successful career. So it’s common practice for people to commit themselves to learning. They develop positive attitudes toward lifelong learning. Some of them go back to school where they can make use of learning resources. Some change jobs to acquire more work experience. Even after retiring, they will still invest time in learning.


1.他悲叹一声,对我们说他年轻时也曾风光一时。(breathe a sigh of; have seen a better


Answer:He breathed a sigh of sorrow and told us that he had seen a better day when he was young.

2.他有极强的责任感,这就是为什么他被选中掌管这个项目。(take control of)

Answer:He has a strong sense of responsibility, and that’s why he is chosen to take control of the project.

3.不管你去哪里,不管是出差还是去玩,尽量多了解那个地方总是一个不错的主意。(be it ... or ...)

Answer:Wherever you go, be it for business or pleasure, it is always a good idea to find out as much as you can about the place.

4.我们得小心一点,同样的情景可能就要出现。(be about; repeat)

Answer:Let’s be careful. The situation may be about to repeat itself.

5.事实上,室内空气质量与儿童的健康密切相关,当然与成人的健康也有关系。(for that matter)

Answer:In fact, the air quality of a house has a great deal to do with children’s health, and adults’ health for that matter.

1. 当我还是一个小女孩的时候,我就被中国的语言文字和历史所深深吸引,有朝一日能去中国游览一直是我的梦想。多亏了中国的改革开放政策,欢迎外国游客来到这个具有5000年历史的神秘国度。当我终于梦想成真来到了中国,我注意到的第一件事,就是这里人们的穿着主要是灰、蓝两种颜色的服装,这让我感到十分好奇。为了能触摸到中国文化的精髓,我决定在中国多待一段时间。结果,我对中国的第一次造访竟长达三年之久。

Answer:When I was a little girl, I was so absorbed by Chinese language and history that it had always been my dream to visit China someday. Thanks to China’s opening-up and reform policy, foreign tourists are welcomed to this mysterious land of 5 000 years history. When my dream finally came true, the first thing I noticed was that people mainly wore clothes in either grey or blue, which I found intriguing. In order to reach the heart and soul of the Chinese culture, I decided to stay a bit longer. It turned out that my first visit to China lasted for as long as three years.

2. 巴黎迪士尼乐园是巴黎的主要旅游景点之一,距离巴黎市中心约32公里。巴黎迪士尼由欧洲迪士尼公司运营,它是在美国本土以外开办的第二个迪士尼主题公园,以其开放式及家庭游乐式而闻名。难怪巴黎迪士尼乐园是世界上游览人数最多的主题公园之一。

Answer:Disneyland Paris is one of the major tourist attractions in Paris, which is located about 32 km far from the center of Paris. Disneyland Paris is operated by the Euro Disney and it is the second Disney theme park that was opened outside the United States of America. It is well-known for its open and family-friendly manner. No wonder the famous Disneyland Paris is one of the most visited theme parks of the world.