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篇一:创新大学英语综合教程2 第七单元课文和课文翻译


For many parents, helping children develop healthy eating habits is a struggle. With the hectic pace of many families' lives and with more women working full time, even health-conscious parents are finding it easy to tolerate less than desirable eating habits. 2.

" A lot of parents don't want to struggle

with the issue so they give up, letting kids make their own choices," says Jane Ress, director of nutrition service/education in adolescent medicine and lecturer in pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine and Public Health.

“ But children's judgment is less mature and they still depend on parents to guide them." 3.

It is best to start training children about foods as soon as they can talk since they are most influenced by their families during the preschool years. Additionally, research has shown that heart and blood vessel disease can begin very early an(来自:www.Hn1c.cOm 唯 才教 育网:创新大学英语综合教程2)d that hardening of the arteries can be associated with a high-fat diet.


Parents should carefully read food labels to check nutrients and ingredients. Most kids are attracted to the advertising and packaging of food, including highly sugared cereals. Rees suggests fitting them in occasionally as a treat in an overall diet that is focused on low sugar, low fat, and unprocessed foods.


Although it's a myth that children become hyperactive by eating too much sugar, sugary food is still bad for oral health, can be stored as fat, and aggravates diabetes, says Rees. However, completely denying children sugar will only make it more tempting.


Ress suggests involving young children in the food preparation process. For example, teach children how to set the table during their preschool years. Taken them grocery shopping. Let them choose some fruits and vegetables as well as the occasional treats, advises Rees. " You will see their capabilities grow enormously“ she says. " However, if parents don't follow the natural signs that kids are ready to help, they will lose the window of opportunity." 7.

Developing children's attitude toward food should be similar to teaching them how to handle money-by giving them growing responsibility along with sensible access. If children are properly prepared, they are more likely to make healthy food choices once they enter school. They will probably experiment some, but they will have a preference for fresh foods like fruits and vegetables along with foods like French fries, says Rees.


What about changing the diet of children who have already fallen into the junk food habit? Once children reach age 10 or 12, it is very difficult to change their habits or force them to eat healthier foods. Rees suggests calling a family meeting to rationally discuss ways to eliminate most junk foods and substitute more nutritious ones. If they learn to eat a well- balanced diet, they won't need vitamin supplements, she says.


" Nutritional guidance won't work unless you have built up a good sense of nutrition over

time,”says Rees. However, even children who have developed a taste for nutritious food may change when they reach teenage years. Teenagers like to experiment with everything, including risky

food behavior. They might gravitate toward highly processed foods, but once they become older and more independent they are likely to return to the healthy habits they had when growing up."


Other common problems among teenagers include girls who may view food as a treat to slimness, or boys who take muscle-building supplements. About 25% to 40% of teenagers are overweight, mostly from lack of exercise in combination with eating too much fat and sugar. This problem can turn into an emotionone and become a vicious circle-eating, or starving, to cope with unhappiness.


"If you see a real eating problem and there is anger and conflict," advises Rees,

"seek professional intervention." Helpful support of family, friends and healthcare professionals is the best method for addressing eating disorders.


对许多父母来说,培养孩子健康的饮食习惯不是件容易的事。随着许多家庭生活节奏加快,及更多妇女全职工作,即使是重视健康的父母也开始容忍一些并不可取的饮食习惯。 2

“很多父母不想就这个问题争下去了,所以他们选择了放弃,让孩子自己去选择”, 华盛顿 大学医学暨公共卫生学院儿科学讲师、青少年营养服务及教育指导师简里斯说到,“但是 孩子的判断力还不够成熟,他们仍然得靠父母指导。”


教孩子如何选择食物的最佳时机是在他们刚开始说话的时候,因为在学期前时期,家庭 对他们的影响最大。此外,研究表明,心血管疾病可能起源甚早,而动脉硬化也和高脂 肪的饮食有关。


父母应该仔细阅读食品标签,查看其营养素及构成成分。大部分孩子会被食品广告和包 装吸引,其中也包括高糖谷类食品。里斯建议父母偶尔可以拿这类食品哄孩子高兴,但 总体要以低糖、低脂肪和未加工的食品为主。


里斯指出,虽然吃太多糖会导致儿童多动的说法缺乏事实依据,但含糖食物有害口腔健 康,糖会转化成脂肪储存起来,还会加重糖尿病。然而,完全不让孩子吃糖又只能使糖 愈发诱人。


里斯建议年幼的孩子参与到食物的准备过程中去。比如,教学前儿童摆放餐具,带他们 去采购食品杂货,让他们挑选水果蔬菜,偶尔也允许他们选些自己喜欢的食品。“你将看 到孩子能力大大提高”, 她说,“但是如果父母没有意识到孩子乐于帮忙这一自然迹象, 他们将错失良机。”


里斯指出,培养孩子对待食物的态度就像教孩子如如何理财一样— 需要给他们更多的责 任和适当的机会。如果预备教育做得好,那么孩子一朝进入学校,就更有可能选择健康 的食物。他们可能会做一些尝试,但他们会在喜欢炸薯条之类食物的同时,喜欢水果、



怎样改变那些已经习惯吃垃圾食品的孩子的饮食习惯呢?一旦孩子年满十或十二岁,就 很难改变他们的饮食或强迫他们吃更健康的食物。里斯建议召集家庭会议,理性地讨论 如何杜绝大部分垃圾食品,而代之以更有营养的食物。她还说,如果他们学会吃营养均 衡的食物,那他们就不再需要维生素补充剂了。


“如果你没有长期以来建立起良好的营养意识,那营养指导将不会起任何作用,”里斯又 指出,“但是,就算已经喜欢上营养食物的孩子也可能在青少年时期发生改变。年轻人喜 欢尝试一切,包括有风险的饮食行为。他们有可能被深加工食物吸引,但一旦他们长 大,变得更独立,就可能重拾过去养成的健康饮食习惯。”


青少年普遍存在的问题还包括,女孩把食物看作对其苗条身材的威胁,而男孩射入肌肉 强健补充剂。大概百分之二十五到百分之四十的青少年超重,主要原因是缺乏锻炼且摄 入大量脂肪和糖分。这个问题可能会演变成情绪问题并形成恶性循环-通过暴饮暴食或通 过过度节食来解除苦恼。


“如果你遇到了真正的饮食问题,并且伴随着愤怒和内心冲突,” 里斯建议,“向专业人士 寻求干预。” 来自家庭、朋友和专业保健人士 的支持和帮助是解决饮食失调的最好方法。

篇二:创新大学英语综合教程2 复习资料

创新大学英语综合教程2 复习资料

(Unit 1) vocabulary 1, directions

1) Despite a number of setbacks, they persevered in their attempts to fly around the world in a balloon.

2) The two countries have always maintained close relations.

3) He quickly sketch the view from the window.

4) I met the old lady as i was walking down a steep path out of the village.

5) She carefully adjusted her clothes and her hair before going out.

6) I am extremely grateful to all the teachers for their help.

7) The swimming pool is drained and cleaned every winter.

8) The farmhouse is remote from any other buildings.

9) They went on a ten-mile hike through any other buildings.

10) This kind of bookcase can easily be assembled using a screwdriver.

11) The village of East Anglia are marked by beautiful churches with fine towers.

12) Economic growth expected to average 2% next year.

13) She stationed herself at the window to await his return.

14) If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will give you a full refund.

15) These plants will grow best in a humid atmosphere.

(unit 2)

1) he struggled to retain control of the situation.

2) His experience abroad provides a wider perspective on the problem.

3) It is generally assumed that stress is caused by too much work.

4) The two pictures are similar, although not identical.

5) Let me give an example to illustrate the point.

6) Thousands of illegal immigrants in Japan have surrendered to police.

7) The officials were eager to convince us of the safety of the nuclear reaction.

8) The total value of the paintings is assessed at $20 million.

9) Despite growing pressure, the Minister of State refused to give way.

10) She has acquired an email address and a site on the World Wide Web.

11) The majority of residents here are decent citizens.

12) The Army has set up mechanisms to help jobless ex-soldiers get work.

13) The heavy traffic is a constant source of irritation.

14) All his decisions have been entirely governed by self-interest.

15) I don’t understand the mentality of these teenagers.

(unit 3)

1) Passing the English examination should enhance your chances of getting the post.

2) The doctor said he was optimistic that the little boy would make a full recovery.

3) They held a spectacular firework display to mark the new millennium.

4) He always has the well-being of the masses at heart.

5) The retired worker is very enthusiastic about neighborhood affairs.

6) She showed a great talent for acting at an early age.

7) During the earthquake, much of the relief work was done by volunteers.

8) The affair is a symptom of a global economic crisis.

9) Someone who is alert is good at noticing what is happening round them and reacts quickly and intelligently.

10) He bought the land because he could see that it had development potential.

11) I can’t concentrate on my studies with all that noise going on.

12) My grandfather chose teaching as his career; it’s the only job he’d ever done.

13) Henderson recalled that he first met Pollard during a business trip to Washington.

14) It really irritate me when he doesn’t help around the house.

15) It is universally acknowledged that dogs have an acute sense of smell.

(unit 4)

1) After a week at sea, it was good to feel the earth beneath our feet again.

2) Of the six people in the plane that crashed, only one survived.

3) There is little chance that we will succeed in changing the law, nevertheless, it is important that we try.

4) You need to feel the rhythm of the music in order to dance properly.

5) Several glasses slide off the tray and crashed to the floor.

6) The factory has now cease production and will close next month.

7) He wept bitterly when it was time for us to leave.

8) It was reported that millions of Jews were slaughtered in the concentration camps during World War Ⅱ.

9) I grabbed the door handle, pulled the door open against the force of the wind, and ran up the stairs.

10) She was awakened by a noise at two in the morning.

11) Listen! Someone is tapping on the window.

12) The target audience for this advertisement was mainly teenagers.

13) “Quiet, someone may hear us!” she whispered.

14) Four women, walking two abreast, approached, their shoes loud on the wooden walkway.

15) To my astonishment, it had completely disappeared.

(unit 5)

1) All these small states were unified into one nation.

2) We shall defend, our city, whatever the cost may be.

3) The hotel offers a high standard of service at competitive.

4) He is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

5) New Zealand has beautiful natural landscape with green hills and mountains.

6) The fence marks the boundary between my land and hers.

7) I like the challenge of learning new things.

8) The mountain was finally conquered by climbers in 1982.

9) Doctors are sometimes threatened with violence if they don’t do what patients want.

10) It’s difficult to preserve your dignity when you have no job and no home.

11) Our country has grown rich because of its commerce with other nations.

12) Much of our country’s artistic heritage was destroyed during the war.

13) The defendant claimed that he had a fair trail.

14) Their religious conviction prevented them from taking up arms.

15) Retired groups were driven from their homes to alien regions.

(unit 6)

1) Journalists are reporting that the situation has now normalized.

2) In 1972, our country established diplomatic relation with Japan.

3) A/an overwhelming majority of the members were against the idea.

4) Richardson played a/an vital role in the team’s success.

5) Who will preside over the meeting hasn’t yet been decided.

6) They all doubt about the government’s long-term economics strategy.

7) Chinese Literature brings you contemporary Chinese novels, stories, plays and poems.

8) The result of the election was released through official channels.

9) Please keep me fully informed of any developments.

10) He asked several questions concerning the future of the company.

11) The scandal about mayor caused a sensation.

12) Hard work is essential. But there’s also a time for rest and relaxation.

13) A delegation of government officials will visit Germany this Wednesday.

14) In his speech he proposed that the UN should set up an emergency center for the environment.

15) Preliminary market research has shown that most Americans prefer environmentally-friendly products.

(Unit 1) structure 1,directions

1) wherever she goes (她所到之处), there are crowds of people waiting to see her.

2) Whichever you buy (不管买哪一个), there is a six-month guarantee.

3) Whoever wants to speak to me on the phone (不管谁打电话找我), tell them i’m busy.

4) Keep calm, whatever happens (无论发生什么事情).

5) She leaves her bedroom window open, however cold it is (无论天气多么冷).

(unit 2)

1) To a great extent (在很大程度上), she influences his decisions.

2) They found that to certain extent age affected language-learning ability(在一定程度上年龄影响语言学习能力).

3) He was weak to such extent that he could hardly stand up by himself(几乎到站不起来的程度).

4) He had changed to the extent that i no longer recognized him(以至于我都认不出他来了).

5) Everything happened quickly to such an extent that i hadn’t time to calm down and think it over(以至于我都没有时间静下来思考一下).

(unit 3)

1) We got ourselves to the railway station at 12.30, only to find that the train had already left(结果却发现火车早已经开走了).

2) Michael tried to call the Embassy, only to be told that Marry was in meeting(结果却得知玛丽正在开会).

3) They tried to frustrate us with failures, only to strengthen our determination(没想到却坚定了我们的决心).

4) He stopped smoking for the sake of his health(为他的健康着想).

5) They were ready to suffer death for the sake of their country(为了他们的国家).

(unit 4)

1) There are four factories in this town, each having over 100 workers.

2) He rushed into the room. His face covered with sweat.

3) She entered the room, nose red with cold.

4) All the tickets having been sold. They went away disappointed.

5) His legs badly hurt. He had to stay in bed.

(unit 5)

1) When it comes to the impact of weather on wood(谈到天气对木材的影响), Humidity is the key player.

2) When it comes to the opening of university campus to tourists(说到大学校园向游客开放), different people hold different views.

3) When it comes to involvement of college students in business activities(说到大学生涉及商业活动), there are different opinions.

4) While passing the ball to Jim(把球传给吉姆时), John broke the window.

5) While in prison(在监狱时), she wrote her first novel.

6) Spartans were trained to fight while still little boys(还是小男孩时).

(unit 6)

1) Hurry up! Here comes the bus(公共汽车来了)!

2) China’s first nuclear test was carried out in October 1964. Then followed a second in may 1965(接着的第二次是在1965年5月).

3) Now comes your turn(现在该你了). Follow me please.

4) Here’s the money you lent me(还你借我的钱). Thank you very much.

5) The sky had clouded over quickly. Then came a heavy rain storm(然后大暴风雨来了).

(unit 1)structure 2, directions

1) Arriving at the station, he found his train gone.

2) Being poor, he could not afford to buy books.

3) Not wanting to give offence, they did so all the time.

4) Turning to the left, you will find the post office.

5) I don’t like to sit here doing nothing.

(unit 2)

1) Whether she was available or not, he visited her house every day.

2) Whether you are careful or not, feeding a baby is a messy job.

3) It seemed to me that she was in trouble whether Mahoney lived or died.

4) I got it wrong, what she wanted wasn’t red one but the blue one.

5) They aren’t doing this to make money but to help the church.

(unit 3)

1) They swept to victory in the council elections, which could never have happened under the old rules.

2) The current which is very rapid, makes the river dangerous.

3) We’ve tested three hundred types of boots, none of which are completely waterproof.

4) One of the boys kept laughing, which annoyed Jane intensely.

5) He gave several reasons, few of which were valid.

(unit 4)

1) I hope I can come back, even if it’s only for a few weeks(即使只能待几个星期).

2) They will stand by you even if you don’t succeed(即使你们不成功).

3) He is an honest man, i must say, even though i disagree with him(尽管我和他有过分歧).

4) He was always afraid of failure, even though he had made great achievements(尽管他已经取得很好的成绩).



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