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Unit 1



1.He defines greatness as the lasting contribution which a person makes or has made to human civilization.

2.The example of Churchill shows the importance of persistence and dedication in achieving greatness.

3.Firstborns and only children tend to make good leaders in times of crisis, but middle- born children are better peacetime leaders.

4.A 20th century politician should be an effective public speaker and a social person.

5.Intelligence seems to be less important than other factors, such as the ability to communicate effectively.

6.The ability to overcome traditional ways of thinking is also crucial.

7.They simply don’t devote the amount of time required.

8.The study showed that enjoying one’s work is the best form of motivation.


1.chat 2.acknowledge 3.motivated 4.charcteristic

5.despite 6.influential 7.cited 8.obstacle

9.intrinsic 10.criteria 11.obsession12.innate

13.contribution(s) 14.contemporary 15.submitted 16.morale


1.left behind2.rise3.made history 4.were endowed with

5.put up with6.going nowhere7.ifocuses on 8.be built on

9.put in 10.come up with11.take charge 12.set...apart



proficiency tendency urgencysufficiency

1.fluency 2.proficiency3.emergency 4.Efficiency

5.tendency 6.frequency


1.For some students, it's not that they don't put in enough time — it's that they don't have good study habits.

2.Children perform differently at school. It's not that they have different IQs — it's that they are brought up in different environments.

3.The company is not very productive. It's not that its staff aren't talented — it's that their energy hasn't been channeled effectively.

4.I'm really sorry. It's not that I don't want to go to the cinema with you— it's that I have to finish

my paper tonight.

5.You have a stomachache. It's not that the food was bad — it's probably that you have too much stress from your work.


1.President Wilson didn't try to bring the US back to economic and political isolation. Instead, he believed in international cooperation through an association of nations. 2.Computers don't teach students in groups. Instead, they can help them learn effectively according to their different needs.

3.We shouldn't focus on minor points. Instead, we should try to solve the problem of the greatest urgency at present.

4.He dosen't get anybody else to help him. Instead, he likes to attend to everything himself.

5.Teaching success shouldn't be measured by the scores the students receive on tests. Instead, it should be measured by whether the students have internalized the ability and desire to learn.






1.Americans tend to define people by the jobs they have/do. Such characteristics as their family and educational backgrounds are considered less important.

2.His uncompromising personality explains why he could no longer put up with his employer and eventually submitted his resignation.

3.If you really want to learn English well, you must put in a lot of time and energy, or you'll go nowhere. The same can be said of other subjects.

4.Some actors' fame is built on their innate beauty, but despite his short stature, Dustin Hoffman rose above and it is his excellent acting that set him apart.

5.After he took charge, we discovered that there were striking differences between him and his predecessor. He had the drive and passion, came up with many new ideas, and focused his work on how to raise our morale.

6.Deng Xiaoping made history when he declared China's reform and opening-up policy. Despite tremendous obstacles, he made lasting contributions to our country's modernization with his uelenting efforts.

7.Why could someone with a genius IQ be left behind by a hardworking person with an average IQ? It has to be acknowledged that besides one's IQ, many other factors have much to do with one's achievements.

8.This teacher is really remarkable in first motivating her students so she can really teach them

something. It's not that she is talented, it's that she focuses completely or drawing their full attention in class.

unit 2



1.He got no thanks fo(来自:WWw.hn1c.com 唯 才教 育 网:21世纪大学英语读写教程第四册电子版)r returning a wallet, though he deserved to.

2.He wants to show how much people need gratitude to keep up a spirit of kindness and cooperation.

3.She saved up for two years, went to Normandy in person, and gave her son's gold wristwatch to the woman.

4.He send a short recording expressing his appreciation of the author's thoughtfulness and sent it to the author.

5.A patient whose life was saved by a blood transfusion came back again and again to donate his blood anonymously so that more patients could be saved.

6.He does it by citing W.H. Hudson's gratitude for his wife's day-to-day heroism.

7.Those people who do little things for us all year round.

8.It can make people take infinite pains with their work.

9.Gratitude is needed all the time and none of us can give too much of it.


1.intention2.sincere 3.glaring 4.sore

5.trace 6.render 4.denial5.proof

9.tribute 7.conventional 11.generous12.gratitude

13.slammed 14.agreeable


1.caught/took my fancy 2.a mistake on John's part

3.take for granted 4.think twice

5.saved up 6.referred to

7.boast about 8.took pains with

9.refrain from10.something of

11.in one way or another 12.fed up



5.fortitude 6.mulitiude 7.latitude8.solitude


1.coordination 2.coexist3.co-workers4.co-owners

5.co-authored6.Cooperation 7.Coeducation 8.copilot


1.no sacrifice for the education of the young was too great

2.No price is too high to pay in order to save their lives

3.cannot be too careful in performing an experiment

4.They cannot praise him too much

5.can not be overemphasized

6.cannot be overestimated






1.He glared at John and was annoyed by his refusal to cooperate.

2.John's sincere speech shows his gratitude to the people who rendered him generous help when he was in difficulty.

3.He is something of a stamp collector. The fact that once he saved up for two years to buy a rare stamp is proof of it.

4.The beauty of these roses could not be overstated. They took/caught all the visitors fancy in one way or another.

5.At first he took it for granted that they should build more highways in this area. Then a careful calculation of the expenditure compelled him to think twice before he made the final decision.

6.Each time he receives a gift from me, no matter how small, my friend Bill never fails to acknowledge it.

7.The journalist has decided to trace the young man referred to in the old couple's letter, which is a tribute to the young man's effort at improving their living conditions.

8.Though he was fed up with the salesmen who knocked at his door and boasted about their products every day, he refrained from slamming the door in their face.

Unit 3



1.He changed his perspective and observed people who did not have smallpox.

2.He wants to give a good example of lateral thinking.

3.He compares the human brain to a computer and the change of one's point of view to the reprogramming of the computer.

4.It is to fight it.

5.He calls it vertical thinking.

6.He used the technique of lateral thinking.

7.The key is to make a shift in emphasis instead of fighting the problem head-on.

8.They should change their point of view and regard themselves as their body's keeper.

9.Very often lateral thinking yields much better results than vertical thinking.

10.It is approaching the target from a sideways point of view instead of approaching it directly.


1.tactic 2.utmost 3.structure4.slack 5.significance

6.head-on7.dead end8.erased9.framework 10.vertical;vertical

11.ceased12.flaw13.implies 14.affirmed


1.wound up being 3.take in 5.take over

2.pulling on 4.in effect6.ended up teaching


1.approach 2.fought 3.cure 4.pressured

5.focus 6.approach 7.program 8.experienced

9.switch 10.escape11.fail12.escaped


assistant accountant servantdependantattendant

contestantdefendantconsultantinhabitant occupant


6.occupants7.assistant 8.inhabitants 9.dependants10.defendant


1.of use

2.of great importance

3.of great/critical/extreme significance

4.of little value

5.of marked benefit

6.of invaluable help


1. should have told me at once2.

2.should have told me beforehand3.

3.should have left the company long ago

4. never should have happened

5. should have left thirty minutes ago

6. should have phoned