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1. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before the(转 载自:wWw.HN1c.cOM 唯才 教 育网:高中英语复习:高考重点词汇专题练习【英语高分必备】)y are fully _____.

A.admitted B.acknowledgedC.absorbedD.considered

[答案] D. considered

[注释] considered 考虑; admit 承认; absorb 吸收。

[注意]acknowledge 1) (=agree or admit the truth of; confess) 承认, 供认; A. He acknowledged his mistake. (他承认了他的错误。) B. 接动名词 He acknowledged having been beaten. (他承认被打败了。) 2) (express thanks for) 致谢; A. Mary acknowledged the gift with a pleasant letter. (玛丽致函感谢馈赠的礼物。) B. His long service with the company was acknowledged with a present. (向他赠送礼品以感谢他长期来对公司的服务。)

2. The boy slipped out of the room and headed for the swimming pool without his parents' _____.

A. command B. conviction C. consentD. compromise

[答案] C. consent

[注释] consent 同意, 赞成, 答应。conviction 深信, 确信。compromise 妥协, 折中。command 命令, 指令; 掌握, 运用能力。

3. Our research has focused on a drug which is so _____ as to be able to change brain chemistry.

A. powerful B. influential C. monstrousD. vigorous

[答案] A. powerful

[注释] powerful (=having or producing great power) 强有力的。在这里四个形容词中, 只有powerful (有效力的) 可与表示药物的名词搭配。influential 有影响的, 有势力的, monstrous 异常大的, vigorous 精力旺盛的, 强健有力的。

4. The lost car of the Lees was found _____ in the woods off the highway.

A. vanishedB. abandonedC. scatteredD. rejected

[答案] B. abandoned

[注释] abandoned (=give up completely) 放弃, 抛弃; 1) The scientist abandoned his research for lack of fund. 2) The sailors abandoned the burning ship

[注意]abandon 暗指某人对其所抛弃的人或物将会发生什么事情不感兴趣, 如把撞坏的汽车抛弃在路旁。vanish (=suddenly disappear; go out of existence) vi.消失, 绝迹; 1) The airplane vanished into the clouds.2) Many kinds of animals have vanished form the earth. (许多种类的动物以在地球上绝迹。)scatter (=send, go in different direction) 驱使, 使分散; The police scattered the crowed. (警察驱散人群。) (=throw or put in various directions) 撒, 到处放; He scattered his clothes all over the room. reject (=refuse to accept) 拒绝接受; She rejected my suggestion

5. Hey's news report covering the conference was so _____ that nothing had been omitted.

A.understanding B.comprehensible


[答案] C. comprehensive.

[注释] comprehensive 完全的无所不包的; comprehensible 能懂的, 可以理解的; understandable 可以理解的, 主要用来指人的行为。understanding 用来指人时, 表示"善于理解别人或别人问题的 (人) 。"注意下面的搭配:a comprehensive map (街区详图) ; a comprehensible remark (听得懂的话) ,an understandable mistake (可以理解的错误) ; an understanding friend (一位能理解人的朋友) 。

6. She was afraid that unless the train speeded up she would lose her _____ to Scotland.

A. ticket B. place C. seat D. connection

[答案] D. connection

[注释] lose one's connection to 误了到......地方去的 (汽车、火车、轮船的) 联运; The train was late and I missed my connection.

7. The ship was _____ in a storm off Jamaica.

A. drowned B. sunk C. wrecked D. submitted

[答案] C. wrecked

[注释] wreck vt. 撞坏, 毁坏; 1) My son wrecked my car. 2) My car was completely wrecked in the accident.

sink vt. 下沉, 沉没, 该动词也可作及物动词用, 意为“使下沉”, 但按本题句意看, 用被动语态不妥。 drown 溺死, 淹死: (vt.) He drowned his wife. (vi) He drowned in the river. (他在河里淹死了。) submit 1) (=put oneself under the control of another) 提交, 呈送 (to) : Should a wife submit herself to her husband? (妻子应顺从他丈夫吗?) 2) (=put forward for option, discussion, decision ect.) 提出 (供评论、讨论决定等) You must submit your request to the committee. 3) (=surrender (to) , give in) 屈服,投降:After being defeated, they submitted to the enemy. (打败后, 他们向敌人投降了。)

8. No one has _____ been able to trace the author of the poem.

A. stillB. yetC. alreadyD. just

[答案] B. yet

[注释] yet 常用于现在完成时的否定句中, 意为“尚, 还”。

9. More than one-third of the Chinese in the United States live in California, _____ in San Francisco.

A. previouslyB. predominantlyC practically D. permanently

[答案] B. predominantly.

[注释] predominantly (=mostly; mainly) 主要地。 previously (=coming earlier in time or order) 先前, 早先; This is better than any solution previously. (这个办法比以前提出的任何解决办法都好。) practically (=really; in a practical way) 实际上。permanently (=going on for a long time) 永久地。

本题译文:在美国, 华人中有三分之一居住在加利福尼亚洲, 其中主要是在旧金山。

10. The new secretary has written a remarkably _____ report only in a few pages but with all the details.

A. concise B. clear C. precise D. elaborate

[答案] A. concise.

[注释] concise (=brief; giving much information in few words) 简明扼要的:He gave a concise report of the meeting. (他对会议作了简明扼要的报道。) clear 清楚的。precise (=exact; correctly stated; free form error) 精确的, 明白无误的; Please tell me the precise measurements. (请告诉我精确的尺寸。) elaborate (=worked out with much care; carefully prepared) 精心制作的, 丰盛的:Peter worked out an elaborate scheme for raising the money. (彼得制定了一项详尽得计划来筹集着笔款项。) 孤立地看, 似乎4个形容词均能修饰report, 但从句子的逻辑关系看, 后半句中有only in a few pages but with all the details, 故concise 是最贴切的选择了。

11. The managing director took the _____ for the accident, although it was not really his fault.

A. guilt B. charge C. blame D. accusatio

[答案] C. blame.

[注释]take the blame for 对......承担责任。Take charge of 负责管理 (照顾) 。[注意]charge 前无冠词the.

12. The worker agreed to _____ the strike if the company would satisfy their demands.

A. call for B. call forth C. call off D. call up

[答案] C. call off[注释] 详见III,25,26注释。

13. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn't _____ what color it was.

A. look outB. make outC. get across D. take after

[答案] B. make out[注释] 详见III,123注释。

14. He has impressed his employers considerably and _____ he is soon to be promoted.

A. eventually B. yet C. finally D. accordingly

[答案] D. accordingly.

[注释]accordingly (=for that reason, therefore) 因此, 所以。

15. It was a great _____ for him to be pleasant to people he didn't like.

A. attempt B. trouble C. power D. effort

[答案] D. effort.

[注释] effort (作可数名词用) (=vigorous attempt) 努力的尝试:Does it require a great effort of will to give up smoking? (戒烟需要坚强的毅力吗?)

16. The firemen managed to _____ the fire in time.

A. extinguish B. prevent C. suppress D. ruin

[答案] A. extinguish.

[注释] extinguish (=put out) vt. 扑灭 (火焰等) 。Stop the fire虽然也可以搭配, 但按本句题意用extinguish为最佳。

17. What is most obvious in this book are all those details of daily living which make Mrs. Richard _____ common.

A. nothing butB. anything but C. above all D.rather than

[答案] B. anything but.

[注释] anything but (=far from being) 根本不; The boys knew they bad broken the rules, and they were anything but happy when they were called to the office. (=They were unhappy and afraid.) nothing but 只不过; Don't have him for a friend; he's nothing but a criminal. (不要把他当朋友, 他只不过是个罪犯。) I have nothing but two dollars. (我只有2美元。) above all最重要的。rather than 而不是

18. The car was completely _____ and the driver seriously injured.

A. broken off B. taken off C. written off D. picked up

[答案] C. written off.

[注释] write off报废, 参看III, 200.注释; break off参看III.13.注释; take off参看III.170.注释; pick up参看III.130,129.注释。

19. On this happy occasion, I'd like to say that we are _____ much obliged to you for your kind cooperation.

A. even so B. ever so C. as yet D. so far

[答案] B. ever so.

[注释]ever so (=very) 非常; It's ever so cold.与名词搭配时则用ever such, 如:She's ever such a nice girl. (她是一位非常好的姑娘。) even so (=although that is true, nevertheless; still) 即使如此:The fire was out, but even so, the smell of smoke was strong. (=The fire was out, but the smell was still there.)

20. His new appointment takes _____ from the beginning of next month.

A. place B. effect C. post D. office、

[答案] B. effect. [注释]take effect 生效。

21. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _____ him of speeding.

A. charged B. accused C. blamed D. deprived

[答案] B. accused.

[注释]accuse sb. of... 控告某人犯有......, warn sb. of警告、告戒某人有......deprive sb. of sth.剥夺某人某事。charge sb. with murder (指控某人犯有杀人罪) 。

22. Mr. Smith gradually _____ a knowledge of the subject.

A. attained B. achieved C. requiredD. acquired

[答案] D. acquired.

[注释]acquired (=gain for oneself by skill or ability, by one's own efforts or behavior) (由技术、能力、努力或行为) 获得; 得到:He has acquired a good command of English language. (他已精通英语。) achieve, vt. 取得 (胜利、成功等) , 实现 (目标、目的等) 。 attain, vt. 达到 (目的等) , 取得 (成就等) :1) I hope you will attain your object. (我希望你会达到你的目的。) 2) He attained success through hard work.

23. This is the _____ piano on which the composer created some of his greatest works.

A. actual B. genuine C. real D. original

[答案] A. actual

[注释]本题中actual (=existing in fact, not imaginary) 实际使用过的。actual, read, genuine是同义词, 有时可以互换, 如:an actual (or real) event in history, (历史上的真实事件) , real (or genuine) banknotes (真钞票), 其反义词是false

(假的) ; original (原来的) , 其反义词是duplicate (复制的) 。从不同的角度看, 似乎任何一个选择都说得过去, 但按照题意选A. actual 最佳, 因为题中强调的不是钢琴的真假, 而是指作曲家“实际使用过的”。本题译文:这是作曲家创作他的一些杰出作品时实际使用过的那台钢琴。

24. My camera can be _____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.

A. treated B. adopted C. adjusted D. remedied

[答案] C. adjusted.

[注释]adjust (=arrange, put in order or agreement; make suitable or convenient for use) 强调, 调节, 使适应; The body adjusts itself to change of temperature. (身体能自行调节以适应温度的变化。) My eyes have not been adjusted to dark yet. (我的眼睛还没有适应黑暗。) 本句中adjust是不及物动词。I must adjust my watch. It's slow. (我必须调一下我的表。它走得慢了。)

25. According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, wisdom comes from the _____ of maturity.

A. fulfillmentB. achievement

C. establishment D. accomplishment

[答案] B. achievement

[注释]achievement (=something successfully finished or gained especially through skill and hard work) 取得, 达到, 成就。例如:achievement age智力成熟年龄。fulfilment (=the act of fulfilling or condition of being fulfilled) 履行, 实行。如:He was willing to face any hardship in fulfilment of his duties. (他愿意迎向困难去履行他得职责。) establishment 建立,建设。Accomplishment (顺利) 完成:It was a great accomplishment to finish the house cleaning in two days. (两天内打扫完这栋屋子是件很了不起的事。)

26. The number of tickets _____ will be determined by the size of the stadium.

A. adaptable B. acceptableC. advisableD. available

[答案] D. available.

[注释] available. (=capable of being used; that may be obtained) 可用的, 有效的, 可得到的。例如:1) There are no doctors available in the remote areas. (在边远地区没有大夫。) 2) There tickets are available for on month. (这些票有效期一个月。)

acceptable 可以接受的:None of the suggestions was acceptable. advisable 明智的, 可取的, 适当的:I think it advisable that he be assigned to the job. (我认为指派他干这项工作是可取的。) adaptable 能适应的:He is an adaptable man and will soon learn the new work.

27. Too many hotels have been built and this has _____ prices, making holidays cheaper.

A. cut short B. cut out C. cut off D. cut down

[答案] D. cut down.

[注释] cut down 参阅III,38注释。

28. He is a very honest official and never _____ any gifts from the people who sought his help.

A. accepted B. received C. took up D. excepted

[答案] A. accepted

[注释] receive 收到, 接到, 指“收, 接”这一动作; 而accept 是经过考虑“接受”下来, 表示当事人的态度, 如:I received the present, but I did not accept it. (我收到了这件礼物, 但我没有接受。)

29. He was not _____ to the club because he wasn't a member.

A. allowed B. admittedC. permittedD. approved

[答案] B. admitted.

[注释] admit sb. to (=allow sb. or sth. to enter; let in) 允许某人某物进入; 让......进入:1) Children are not admitted. (儿童免进。) Only one hundred boys are admitted to the school the school every year. (这所学校每年只收100名男生。) admit (=acknowledge; confess) 承认, 供认:1) We have to admit that he is a highly competent man. (我们不得不承认他是一位能力很强的人。) 2) The thief admitted his crime. 3) She admitted having read the letter, 4) I admit breaking

the window. 注意admit后可接动名词的一般式或完成式。5) We must admit the task to be difficult。注意admit也可以接复合结构。allow和permit后均可接sb. to do sth., 故不合本题题意。approve sth. 批准; approve of doing sth. (=think well of) 赞成, 赞许:1) I am afraid they won't approve of your going there. (恐怕他们不会赞成你去那里的。) 2) I don't approve of your way of looking at things. (我不赞同你看待事情的方法。)

30. Although he doesn't like that law, he will _____ with it.

A. confine B. conform C. comply D. contend

[答案] C. comply [注释] comply with 遵守。

41. The Department is also deeply _____ in various improvement schemes.

A. connectedB. included C. involved D. implied

[答案] C. involved.

[注释]be involved in 参与。Be included in 包括在......中。

42. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves _____ know where to look.

A. virtually B. variouslyC. unavoidablyD. invariably

[答案] D. invariably.

[注释]invariably 总是, 不变地。Virtually 事实上, 实际上。unavoidably不可避免地。

43. The boy had a _____ escape when he ran across the road in front of the bus.

A. close B. short C. narrow D. fine

[答案] C. narrow. [注释]have a narrow escape 幸免遇难。

44. Do you mind if I _____ with my work while you are getting tea ready.

A. get throughB. turn toC. carry on D. come on

[答案] C. carry on.[注释]carry on 继续, 参看Ⅲ,28。

45. I left for the office earlier than usual this morning _____ traffic jam.

A. in line with B. in case of

C. for the sake of D. at the risk of

[答案] B. in case of.

[注释] in case of 参看Ⅲ,94注释。In line with (=in agreement with) 与......一致, 符合:His actions were not in line with his belief.本句中in line with...作表语。In line with history and social evolution socialism is inevitable.本句中in line with引导地短语作状语, 意为“按照”。For the sake of 为了......起见。At the sake of冒......的风险。

46. The finance minister has not been so _____ since he raised taxes to such a high level.

A. popular B. well-knownC. favorable D. preferable

[答案] A. popular.

[注释]popular 此处意为“ (=liked and admired) 受爱戴的, 有名声或声望的”。

47. It is wrong for someone in such a high _____ in the government to behave too badly in public.

A. situation B. positionC. employment D. profession

[答案] B. position.

[注释] position 此句中指“地位” (不可数, 有时加不定冠词), 如:1) She was a woman of high position. 2) a high (low) position society.

48. We all knew from the very _____ that the plan would fail.

A. outcomeB. outset C. income D. output

[答案] B. outset.

[注释] outset 开端, 开始, from the very outset (从一开始) 。outbreak爆发, 发生。outcome结局. income 收入。output 产量。

49. He looked rather untidy as there were two buttons _____ from his coat.

A. loosing B. losing C. off D. missing




第1讲 常用动词短语(一)

考点1. break相关短语

① Let’s break up the whole into parts.


② You must break away from these old customs.

你们必须破除这些旧风俗。 ③ The dog broke away from its owner and ran away.

狗挣脱了主人,跑了。 ④ After a long time of hard work,he almost broke


长时间艰苦劳动之后,他的身体几乎垮了。 ⑤ Why did the peace talks break down?

为什么和谈失败了? ⑥ This matter will break down in water.


1. 【2012 陕西】He had to pause from time to time to

wipe the sweat from his forehead, because the air-conditioning system ______. A. broke in B. broke up C. broke out D. broke down 2. 【2013福建】Old-fashioned phones matter when wireless networks ______ in disasters. A. turn down B. turn out C. break downD. break out 3. 【2009江苏】— I’ m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have ______.

—So am I. They seemed very happy together when I last saw them. A. broken up B. finished up C. divided upD. closed up 4. 【2006辽宁】The computer system ______ suddenly

while he was searching for information on the Internet.

A. broke downB. broke out C. broke upD. broke in 5. 【2006广东】I was still sleeping when the fire ______, and then it spread quickly.A. broke out B. put out C. came out D. got out 考点2. call相关短语

① Call your dog off. 把你的狗叫走。

② The match was called off because of bad weather.

由于天气不好,比赛取消了。 ③ This problem calls for careful thought.

这个问题需要好好想一想。 ④ I’ll call for you at seven this evening.

今晚七点我来接你。 ⑤ We call for the package at the post office.


⑥ The toy company has decided to call in the defective

products all over the world.

该玩具公司已决定在全世界范围内召回那些有缺陷的产品。 ⑦ They boy called out for help. 那个男孩大声呼救。 6. 【2009福建】The Somali robbed frequent attacks on

the sea urged the United Nations to______ all

nations to take immediate action. A. fight for B. apply for C. call on D. wait on 7. 【2007山东】It’s the sort of work that ______ a high level of concentration. A. calls for B. makes up C. lies in D. stands for 8. 【2006湖北】As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village ______ many good changes in their lives. A. got through B. resulted from C. turned into D. brought about 考点4. cut相关短语

______scenes of my childhood.A. called up B. called for C. called on D. called in 考点3. come相关短语

① Things are coming along fine.


② When does their new album come out?

他们的新唱片什么时候发行? ③ The subject came up at the meeting yesterday.

这个话题昨天在会议上被提及。 9. 【2011安徽】If you ______ faults but you still want

the bicycle, ask the shop assistant to reduce the price. A. come acrossB. care about C. look for D. focus upon 10. 【2011天津】She ______ an old friend of hers yesterday while she was shopping at the department store.

A. turned downB. dealt with C. took after D. came across 11. 【2013新课标Ⅱ】Would you like to ______ with us to the film tonight? A. come alongB. come offC. come acrossD. come through 12. 【2007江苏】—Have you ______ some new ideas? —Yeah. I’ll tell you later. A. come aboutB. come into C. come up with D. come out with 13. 【2006湖北】It’s already 10 o’clock I wonder how it

_______ that she was two hours late on such a short trip.

A. came over B. came out C. came about D. came up 14. 【2005重庆】His idea of having weekly family meals together, which seemed difficult at first, has

① The government has announced plans to cut back on

defence spending by 10% next year.

政府已宣布计划明年减少防务开支10%。 ② I’m trying to cut down on caffeine.


③ I was just talking to Jane, when Dave cut in (on us /

our conversation).

我正和Jane谈话,这时Dave突然插话进来。 ④ Did you see that white car cut in (on us/ in front of


你看到那辆白色的车突然插入(到我们前面)了吗? ⑤ If this bill is not paid within five days, your gas

supply will be cut off.

如果这个账单五天内不付,你的液化气供应将会被切断。 ⑥ Many villages have been cut off by the heavy snow.

许多村庄因为网搜语法通霸大雪与外面隔断。 ⑦ He cut the wood up to build a fire.


15. 【2013陕西】My uncle hasn’t been able to quit

smoking, but at least he has ______. A. cut out B. cut downC. cut up D. cut off 16. 【2005湖南】I was just talking to Margot when Jackson ______. A. cut in B. cut downC. cut out D. cut up 考点5. get相关短语

① How are you getting along/on with your job?

你的工作进展得怎么样? ② She got through her exams without too much trouble.

她没有遇到太大麻烦就通过了考试。 ③ I don’t know how I got through the first couple of

months after Andy’s death.

我不知道在安迪死后我是怎样度过前几个月的。 ④ The thief got away in the dark.


⑤ If someone commits a murder, he won’t get away

with it.

如果一个人犯了谋杀罪,他是不会逃脱惩罚的。 ⑥ I wanted to come along, but couldn’t get away.

我想要一起走,但是走不开。 ⑦ We tried to get our point across, but he just wouldn’t


我们尽力想使他理解我们的意思,但他就是不听。 ⑧ The heat was beginning to get to me, so I went indoors.

炎热开始使我感到难受,因此我走进屋里。 ⑨ I know he’s annoying, but you shouldn’t let him get

to you.

我知道他很烦人,但你不应当让他影响你。 17. 【2010福建】We’ve just moved into a bigger house

and there’s a lot to do. Let’s______ it. A. keep up withB. do away with C. get down toD. look forward to 18. 【2013天津】I had hoped to take a holiday this year but I wasn’t able to ______. A. get awayB. drop in C. check out D. hold on 19. 【2013江苏】Team leaders must ensure that all members ______ their natural desire to avoid the embarrassment associated with making mistakes. A. get over B. look over C. take over D. come over 20. 【2007湖北】If we can ______ our present difficulties, then everything should be all right. A. come acrossB. get over C. come overD. get off 21. 【2010浙江】After that, he knew he could ______ any emergency by doing what be could to the best of his ability.

A. get away with B. get on withC. get through D. get across 22. 【2007天津】Hardly could he ______ this amount of work in such a short time. A. get through B. get off C. get into D. get down 23. 【2009全国I】I tried phoning her office, but I couldn’t______. A. get alongB. get on

C. get to

D. get through

24. 【2008陕西】It’s going to rain. Xiao Feng, will you

please help me ______ the clothes on the line? A. get off B. get back C. get in D. get on25. 【2008四川】I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we______ fine. A. look out B. stay up C. carry on D. get along 26. 【2006重庆】—How are you managing to do your work without an assistant? —Well,I ______somehow.A. get alongB. come on C. watch out D. set off 27. 【2004全国I】 Sarah, hurry up. I’m afraid you can’t have time to ______ before the party. A. get changedB. get change C. get changingD. get to change 考点6. give相关短语

① The party was meant to be a surprise, but Sharon

gave it away.

本打算这个派对秘密准备,但Sharon却泄了密。 ② She thinks no one knows how much she likes him,

but her face gave her away!

她认为没有人知道她多么爱他,但她的表情却告诉了我们一切。 ③ All machines gave out eventually.

所有的机器最终都停止了运转。 ④ Our food supplies gave out.


⑤ Both the man and the horse gave out after the long

ride. 赶了很长一段路后,人马俱乏。 ⑥ The government gave out food to people out of work.

政府向失业者分发食品。 ⑦ They stood there, giving out the leaflets to the


他们站在那里, 向过路人散发传单。 ⑧ This milk must be bad, for it is giving off a nasty

smell. 牛奶一定变质了,因为它散发出一种令人恶心的气味。

⑨ The sun gives out light and heat to the earth. 太阳向

地球发出光和热。 ⑩ He gave up teaching only two years ago.


28. 【2008江西】If a person has not had enough sleep,

his actions will give him ______during the day. A. away B. up C. in D. back

④ I always go over my revision notes just before I go

into an exam.

在考试之前,我总是认真复习我的复习笔记。 ⑤ You must go over the instructions of how it works

before you use the micro-wave oven.

在使用微波炉前要先看看它的使用说明。 ⑥ I’m going through my wardrobe and throwing out all

the clothes I don’t wear any more.


29. 【2007福建】The news of the mayor’s coming to

our school for a visit was ______ on the radio yesterday. A. turned outB. found out⑦ Remember to go through the pockets before you put C. given outD. carried out 30. 【2005山东】What shall we use for power when all

the oil in the world has ______? A. given out B. put out C. held upD. used up 考点7. go相关短语

① How can we go about solving this problem?

我们怎样着手解决这个问题? ② Didn’t you hear your alarm clock going off this


你没听到你的闹钟今天早上响了吗? ③ We’ve received permission to go ahead with the

music festival in spite of opposition from local residents.

尽管当地居民反对,我们得到允许继续举办音 乐节。

those trousers in the washing machine.

在把裤子放进洗衣机之前,记着看一下口袋。 31. 【2007安徽】—Didn’t you have a good time at the party?

—Of course I did. As a matter of fact, I had such fun

that time seemed to ______ so quickly.

A. go by B. go away

C. go out

D. go over 32. 【2007江苏】—Do you think that housing price will

keep ______ in the years to come? —Sorry, I have no idea. A. lifting upB. going up C. bringing upD. growing up 33. 【2007浙江】Would you please ______this form for me to see if I’ve filled it in right? A. take off B. look after C. give up D. go over 34. 【2011四川】To get a better grade, you should __________the notes again before the test. A. go over B. get over C. turn over D. take over

写作专练1. 熟练使用常用动词短语(一)

(参看P. 错误!未定义书签。)

第2讲 常用动词短语(二)

考点1. look相关短语

① I still shudder when I look back on the past.

想起过去,我仍然不寒而栗。 ② Things are looking up. 情况在好转。 ③ You shouldn’t look down upon the poor.


④ The police are looking into the cause of the accident.

警方正调查事故原因。 ⑤ Look out. There’s a car coming! 当心!汽车来了! ⑥ I had a few minutes before the meeting to look over

what he’d written.

在会前我有几分钟时间来快速查看他写的内容。 ⑦ He looked her over and nodded lightly.

他上下打量她,然后微微点了点头。 ⑧ We looked on her as a daughter.


⑨ While shopping here, you must look out for


在这里购物时,你一定要留意扒手。 ⑩ Many fans look up to Yao Ming.



【2011四川】I often ______ the words I don’t know

in the dictionary or on the Internet. A. look up B. look at C. look forD. look into 2. 【2009湖北】Would you please ______ the paper for me and see if there are any obvious mistakes? A. look aroundB. look into C. look up D. look through 3. 【2009江西】It is reported that the police will soon ______ the case of two missing children. A. look uponB. look after C. look intoD. look out 4. 【2007全国I】“Goodbye, then,” she said, without even ______ from her book. A. looking down B. looking up C. looking away D. looking on 5. 【2010安徽】No matter how low you consider yourself , there is always someone ______ you wishing they were that high. A. getting rid ofB. getting along with C. looking up to D. looking down upon 考点2. pay相关短语

① Can you lend me some money? I’ll pay you/it back


你能借给我一些钱吗?我明天还你。 ② He swore he’d pay her back for all she’d done to him. 他发誓他要为她所做的一切报复她。 ③ We should be able to pay off the debt within two

years. 我们应该两年内能还清债务。 ④ All her hard work paid off in the end, and she finally

passed the exam.

她所有的努力最后都得到了回报,她终于通过了网搜语法通霸考试。 6. 【2012安徽】The athlete’s years of hard training

______ when she finally won the Olympic gold medal. A. went onB. got through C. paid off D. ended up7. 【2013新课标Ⅱ】The watch was very good, and he ______ 20 percent down for it. A. paid B. cost C. bought D. spent






ignore calmrecoverdisagree swap conquer base eichcommand request recognizetransportpreferflowpersuadegraduate scheduleburstinjure destroy shock rescue trapdevote bury foundattackescapeeducate sentence recover


concern loneliness tip item identity usage dialect accent disadvantage fare shortcoming altitude attitude insurance suffering shetlter tittle

invader principle fee violince cruelty reward


upset loose grateful official native latter stubborn reliable useless active devoted equal unfair educated


outdoors entirely exactly secondly actually gradually fluently frequently straight sincerely selflessly



admit advertise affect appreciate arise bargain bite broadcast calculate charge compete contain debate decorate deserve design download earn employ endange explode explore fine form harm hunt inspect perform pretend rebuild remove replace respond reunite roll rub select signal simplify secceed

survive threaten type


addition application competitor devotion dynasty ending evidence extinction fame finance glory goal importance income intelligence invitation less medal mercy motto passer-by personal reality reception relief reserve

responsibility revolution sum trial vivus zone


ancient artificial attractive brief certain electronic extra fancy fierce hopeless informal logical magical nowadays overnight painful rare regular secure sensitive swift tcchnological total unexpected universal valuable

wild(未开发) worth


afterwards anyhow apart briefly logically personally totally



account admire apologize award balance benefit border chat combine confirm consult crash diet digest dissolve drown exhaust exist gain gather impress lessen limit measure mix multiply permit pull puzzle seek sigh spot spy starve surround terrify trick wander weep wipe


amount arrival atmosphere beliefcarbon celebration claim continent

cooperation curiosity custom customer dawn embassy envelope fake gravity location mixture necessity nightfall origin parade passage permission scene

strength theory


agriculture energetic extinct fundamental genuine limited lunar multicultural obvious penniless polar prime protective raw religious unpaid urban violent worldwide


aboard ahead approximately downtown eastward upward indeed slightly




behave shade observe respect argue crowd inspire support intend deliever

struggle hunger expand circulate equip export confuse regret focus reduce comment entertain overcome convince direct whisper react represent approach

dash function ease swing preserve advance


achievement welfare compaign bond entertainment rate emergency gengeation

determination statistic decade output nationality occupation nutrition

discovery summary failure underdog costume gesture occasion budget

explanation defence misunderstanding rank fantasy amusement attraction engine length tournament settler minority admission


worthwile outspoken considerate modest sunburnt disturbing depressed content ordinary charming homeless worn worn-out direct mountainous drunk major

unspoken subjective various unique advanced


therefore throughout particularly curiously simply truly wherever



absorb accomplish acquire cnnounce apply approve arrange assess attend

attract blame bleed challenge clarify conclude cure defeat delight demand deny fasten fold guide handle imitate inform instruce involve lack poison polish pollute pour press previous process publish recycle reject spin

submit suspect swell switch tolerate treat update


accusation amateur aspect ceremony certainty clue currency deadline dilemma disposal ecology enquiry impression instant motivation settlement symptom

tissue variety victim


accurate admirable cautious chief concise consistent constant deadly

demanding enjoyable enthusiastic essential expert furnished gifted guilty

nationwide negative optimistic original pessimistic positive representative

responsible rough sceptical severe splendid temporary thorough tight

unbearable uncertain unwilling vital


backward constantly firmly meanwhile mildly privately roughly sideways

technically tightly



abuse adopt advocate aim appoint attempt ban consume contribute convey

erupt evaluate exchange fountain glance guarantee panic possess quit refresh shoot sponsor state strengthen stress subscribe suit tend transform utter wave


abortion adolescence appreciation branch hyproduct candidate catastrophe

circumstance civilization coincidence commitment comprehension consequence

diploma effect existence faimin figure fuel minimum obesity phenomenon

possession preference prejudice presentation range reputation resolve shot

signature tendency withdrawal


Abnormal abstract actual aggressive allergic appropriate ashamed automatic

average awkward bare casual concrete contemporary contradictory controversial conventional delicate desperate diverse due economical embarrassed endless

evident flexible fragile mental mild permanent potential precious pregnant radom renewable ridiculous specific steady tough typical unconscious unfit visual widespread


Absolutely alongside automatically consequently eventually faithfully steadily必修7


abandon abolish accompany acknowledge adapt adjust alarm click comfort

conduct contradict declare desire distribute divorce donate draft drag flee govern lecture obey operate participate pause pile purchase recommend

reflect refund resign scare substitute toast urge witness


absence access accommodation affection ambition anecdote anniversary approval arrangement bonus cell certificate companion conceptconservation destination dignity disability favour fortnight fulfilling handy leftover pension

privilege psychology qualification routine security target teamwork


absurd abundant accessible adequate ambitious annual autonomous awesome awful beneficial clumsy digital firm junior neatnumb opposite optional relevant sharp suitable theoretical vivid voluntary weekly


Otherwise sharply



accumulate accelerate accuracy applaud arrest associate assume attain betray boom bother claim classify compromise condemn disguise distinguish elect

fade file forbid grasp hesitate hire identify indicate interrupt mourn

object obtain occur overlook owe pulse reform remark resist restore retire ripen rob scratch seize sharpen slip sob spit worship strike tap


acquaintance alternative applicant assumption breakthrough carrier caution

competence criterion customs division drawback handful hardship identification majority means ministry outcome patent percentage personnel procedure

receptionist recognition referee regulation significance starvation status


arbitrary brilliant commercial competent compulsory conservative convenient

disgusting distinct dizzy dynamic effective exact extraordinary fascinating fateful freezing horrible identical initial innocent invaluable merciful

messy miserable mistaken moral musical passive practical primitive racial

radioactive reasonable shabby skilful stable stainless straightforward

superior tentative thoughtful troublesome vain vice valid


Abruptly altogether apparently heartly merely merrily occasionally properly shortly somehow nowhere



Add up come to powerat duskcalm down set up face to face have got to be sentenced to at presentbe concerned about as usualgo through

at midnightset down right away suffer from at an endget tired of in ruinspack up a number of get along with out of work join in as a matter of fact come up in trouble make use of play a part in be fond ofcare aboutchange one’s mind make up one’s mindgive in dig out blow upturn tolose heart


Attach toget familiar with beling to break up come into being deal with dream of burst into laughter pay attention to play jokes on protect from rely on sort out stand for take apart think highly of watch over above all according to in addition as a result at war to be honest in cash in charge in a way in danger of in peace in relief in search of less than one after another or so so that so that with the help of be worth doing human race


Account for prevent from before long as for go ahead put on weight by accident block out break out bring up catch sight of cheer up cut down dress up earn one’s

living get away with give birthto have a gift for hold one’s word lay eggs tell a lie look forward to manage to do lose weight remind of set off settle down

settle in stare at take a chance play a trick on turn up watch out win back get the hang of spy on on the contrary in debt day and night day in and day outin memory of in one’s turnnow thatin rags


Be modelled afterbuild upcarry on come across come to life be content with crowd in cut off defend against focus on get close to keepfree from/of lead to lead alifebe likely tolook down uponlose face move off no wonder pick out refer to rid of star in would rathe turn one’s back to in advancebadly off by chance at ease thanks to


Accuse ofbreak away from break downconcentrate on consist ofdivide into

draw a conclusion expose tofall ill leave out link to lose sight of make a difference make sense put forward put one’s hands on slide into speed up squeeze out sweep up take the place of take up be back on one’s feet ahead of apart from electric shoock first aid in placeto one’s credit


Be accustomed to be addicted to burn to the ground come about decide on due to get intoglance throughgo up keep onlet outmake one’s waybe opposed toput up with at risk in spite of on behalf of on the whole quantities of result inrun out ofsubscribe totake it easy take risks try outvary from to


Adjust toadapt to set aside be aware of be dying to cut outdry outfit in help out hear from keep it up leave alone make fun of meet with be occupied with

ring upbe scared to death settle in sit around have sympathy for as far as one is concerned out of the questiontest out turn around upside down选修8

Apply for bring back to life call upbe cast downcut update bace dive into

fade out fed up with get through keep up live on look ahead make a life make one’s acquaintance mark out pass off as pay offa good manyat

most back to backby means ofin favour of in good /poor conditionin terms of in vainout of order regardless of ring back ring offset about show in strike into one’s heart take in team up with