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A Life with Birds

For nearly 17 years David Cope has worked as one of the Tower of London?s Yeoman

Warders, (1)______ known to tourists as Beefeaters. David, 64, lives in a

three-bedroomed flat right at the (2)______of the Byward Tower, one of the gatehouses.

“(3)______ our bedroom we have a marvelous view of1 Tower Bridge and the Thames.”

says David.

The Tower of London is famous (4)______ its ravens, the large black birds which have

lived there for over three centuries. David was immediately fascinated by the birds and

when he was (5)______ the post of Raven Master eight years ago he had no (6)______ in

accepting it. “The birds have now become my life and I?m always (7)______ of the fact

that I am (8)______ tradition. The legend says that if the ravens leave the Tower, England

will fall to enemies, and it?s my job to (9)______ sure this doesn?t happen! ”

David (10)______ about four hours a day to the care of the ravens. He has grown to love

them and the (11)______ that he lives right next to them is ideal. “I can (12)______ a

close eye on them all the time, and not just when I?m working.” (13)______, David?s wife

Mo was not (14)______ on the idea of life in the Tower2, but she too will be sad to leave

when he retires next year. “When we look out of our windows we see history (15)______

around us, and we are taking it in and storing it up for our future memories.”


Marvelous /'ma:vil?s/ adj.奇妙的,不可思议的

fascinate /'f?sineit/v.着迷,吸引

raven /'reiv?n/ n.乌鸦,黑色的鸟

legend /'led??nd/ n.传奇,传说


1. …from our bedroom we have a marvellous view of…:从我们的卧室看去,有一个


2. …keen on the idea of life in the…:热衷于塔里的生活


1. A) moreB) better C) sooner

D) very

2. A) height B) summit C) peak

D) top

3. A) Since B) Out C) From

D) Through

4. A) forB) because C) of

D) by

5. A) award B) applied C) presented

D) offered

6. A) regret B) delay C) hesitation

D) choice

7. A) aware B) knowingC) pleased

D) delighted

8. A) holding B) maintaining C) surviving

D) lasting

9. A) take B) make C) have

D) keep

10. A) devotesB) spendsC) passes

D) provides

11. A) reason B) chanceC) opportunity

D) fact

12. A) hold B) haveC) keep

D) put

13. A) Firstly B) First of all C) At first

D) First

14. A) interestedB)keen C) fond

D) happy

15. A) every B)all C) much

D) so


1. B 根据上下文,这里应选择比较级,所以排除D,再根据句意,为“更为人所熟知”,


2. D 根据句意,词组搭配at the top of,表示在……顶部最为合适。Height意为“高度”,


3. C 根据句意,从卧室的角度看去,from最为恰当。

4. A 固定搭配be famous for意为“以……而著名”,文中要表达的是伦敦塔以乌鸦而著


5. D 根据句意,David是被提供了这样一个职位,所以。ffered最为恰当。award表


6. C 根据上下文,很容易理解David是这么迷恋这种黑鸟,因而毫不犹豫地接受了这


7. A be aware of表示“意识到”,有这样一个警觉。其他三项均不符合句意。

8. B 固定搭配maintain a tradition,保持一个传统,maintain最为恰当。hold表示“抓

住”, survive表示“存活,幸存”,last表示“维持”。

9. B 固定搭配make sure,意为“确保”,在文中表达的是“确保这种状况不会发生”,因


10. A 根据句意,David每天大约用四个小时来护理乌鸦,表达出对乌鸦的爱护之情,

devote “献身于……,专用于……”最为恰当。spend后需加动词ing形式。pass表示“经过”,


11. D 这是一个定语从句,根据句意,David已经爱上了它们,而他正居住在它们旁边(这


12. C keep an eye on为固定搭配,意为“注意,关注”,所以选C。

13. C 根据句意,作者要表达的意思是起初,David的妻子Mo并不感兴趣,因为只有词

组at first表示“起初,开始时”符合句意。

14. B bekeenon为固定搭配,表示“对……感兴趣,对……热衷”,interest后面配介词in,

fond 后应配介词of,因此正确答案是B。

15. B 根据句意,作者表达的感情非常强烈,过去的那些都环绕在身边,所以all为最佳



作为伦敦塔的守卫者之一David Cope在那里工作了近17年,被游客们称为Beefeaters。

David,64岁,生活在Byward塔顶部的一个三居室的单元里,一个警卫室。 David说:“从



种鸟迷住了,当他在八年前被提供乌鸦主人的职位时他毫不犹豫 地接受了它。“这种鸟类现


英国将落到敌人手中,我的工作就是确保这种 情况不会发生!”


生活是最佳选择。“我可以在所有的时间内密切关注它们,不仅 仅是在工作的时候。”起初,


很伤心。“当我们透过我们的窗口 向外看,我们看到历史环绕在我们身边,我们正接受它并



A Lucky Break

Actor Antonio Banderas is used to breaking bones, and it always seems to happen when

he's (1)______ sport. In the film Play it to the Bone he (2)______ the part of a

middleweight boxer alongside1 Woody Harrelson. (3)______ the making of the film

Harrelson (4)______ complaining that the fight (5)______ weren't very convincing, so one

day he suggested that he and Banderas should have a fight for real. The Spanish actor

wasn't (6)______on the idea at first, but he was (7)______ persuaded by his co-star to put

on his gloves and climb into the boxing ring. However, when he realized how seriously his

(8)______ was taking it all, he began to regret his decision to fight. And then in the third

round, Harrelson hit Banderas (9)______ hard in the face that he actually- broke his nose.

His wife, actress Melanie Griffith, was furious that he had been playing "silly macho

games". "She was right," confesses Banderas, “sand I was a fool to (10)______ a risk like

that in the middle of a movie.”

He was (11)______ of the time2 he broke his leg during a football match in his native

Malaga. He had always (12)______ of becoming a soccer star, of performing in front of a

big crowd, but doctors told him his playing days were probably over. "That's when I

decided to take (13)______ acting; I saw it as (14)______way of performing, and

achieving recognition. What happened to me on that football (15)______was, you might

say, my first lucky break."


middleweight /'mid(?)weit / n.中量级拳击手

convincing /k?n'vinsi?/a.有说服力的,令人信服的

furious /fju?ri?s/ a.暴怒的,强烈的

macho /'ma:t??u/ a.雄壮的,男子气概的

confess /k?n'fes/ v.承认,坦白


1. …plays the part of a middleweight boxer alongside…:……与……并肩,扮演一个


2. …was reminded of the time…:……想起……的时候……


1. A. practising B. making C. doing

D. losing

2. A. plays B. doesC. gives

D. fights

3. A. When B. AsC. While

D. During

4. A. kept B. continued C. carried

D. insisted

5. A. actions B. matchesC. scenes

D. stages

6. A. interested B. keenC. enthusiastic

D. happy

7. A. lastly B. eventuallyC. at the end

D. after

8. A. competitorB. contender C. opponent

D. participant

9. A. very B. more C. such

D. so

10. A. take B. make C. have

D. get

11. A. remembered B. reminded C. recorded

D. replayed

12. A. hoped B. pretended C. dreamed

D. looked forward

13. A. upB. onC. to

D. over

14. A. furtherB. additional C. different

D. another

15. A. match B. pitch C. court

D. course


1. C 根据句意,每次骨折似乎总是发生在做运动时,应当选用动词do。practise表示“练习”, 后面应跟某一项具体的训练,而不是sport,所以正确答案为C。

2. A play the part of…为固定搭配,意为“扮演一个……的角色”,其他三项均不合适。

3. D 联系上下文,根据句意,在影片制作过程中,所以应当用during。

4. A 根据句意,Harrelson在影片制作过程中不断地抱怨,而且后面的动词complain用的是ing形式,因此动词keep“连续,不断”最为恰当。continue后加动词ing形式一般表示在停顿后重新开始、继续,carry一般后面跟介词on,表示“进行某项事务”,insist表示“坚决主张”, 不合句意,所以选A。

5. C 联系上下文,因为是影片中的打斗场景,所以这里scene是正确答案。

6. B be keen on为固定搭配,表示“对……感兴趣,对……热衷”,interest后面配介词in, enthusiastic。后面配介词of。

7. B 联系上下文,作者要表达的是最终他还是被他的搭档说服了,副词eventually放在动词persuade之前,lastly表示“最后一点,最后”,"at the end”一般放在段落的最后,表示最后怎么样。

8. C 根据句意,“当他意识到……是全心全意投入进来时,他开始后悔自己要打斗的决定”,


9. D so...that…固定搭配,太?…??以至于……,根据句意,"Harrelson如此狠地打在Banderas 的脸上,以至于居然打破了Banderas的鼻子”,其他选项都不适合。 1O.A 固定搭配take a risk,表示“冒险”。

11. B 联系上下文,根据句意,“他记起在他的故乡马拉加进行的一场足球比赛”,是因为鼻子骨折这件事促使他想起了故乡的那次比赛,remind表示“提醒”,符合句意。remember表示 “自然想起,记起”不合句意。

12. C 根据句意和后面的介词of,显然,“他一直梦想成为一个足球明星”,dream是正确答案。pretend表示“假装”,后面跟介词to,不合句意;look forward表示“向往”,后面跟介词to,不合句意。

13. A 固定搭配take up sth.,表示“开始从事某事”,根据句意,作者要表达的是“我决定开始演戏”,因此up是正确答案。

14. D 联系上下文,作者显然把它看成是另外一种比赛,所以只有another符合句意。

15. B 词组football pitch,表示“足球场”。前面由介词on引导,后面一定是场地,也就是足球场,而不是match“比赛”。court表示“网球场”,course表示“跑道”,均不符合句意。 译文: 幸运的骨折

演员Antonio Banderas经常骨折,而且它似乎总是发生在运动时。在影片《拳拳到骨》中,他与Woody Harrelson并肩,扮演一个中量级拳击手。在影片制作过程中,Harrelson不停地抱怨整个打斗场面并不是很令人信服,所以一天,他提议他和Banderas应该进行一场真正的打斗。


女演员Melanie Griffith,他的妻子对他进行这样一场“傻男子气概的游戏”非常愤怒。“她是对






10.Lack of space( forbids) further treatment of the topic here.






11.The worst( agonies) of the war were now beginning.






12.His knowledge of French is( fair).

A.quite good

B.very useful

C.very limited

D.rather special


13.The book( raised) a storm of controversy.






14.Afterwards there was just a feeling of let-down.






15.Some comments are just( inviting) trouble.

A.keeping out of

B.getting into

C.asking for

D.suffering from



16、The Feed Me Better campaign targeted a healthier diet at school children

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

17、Everyone believed the campaign should be succeiful

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

18、The ISER is an instute

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

19、The puoils in Gtreewwich said they said they liked the healthier meals

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

20、The nwmber of pupils who asked for sick leave decreased

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

21、The ISEK didnot do a comparative study on the impact of the new diet

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

22、The healthier diet has helped school childrecn improue academically

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned



1 Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine which is based on the use of very concentrated essential oils from the flowers,leaves,bark,branches or roots of plants which are considered to have healing ptoperties.In aromatherapy these powerful oils are mixed with other oils,such

as almond(杏仁)oil,or they are diluted(稀释)with water.These solutions(溶液剂)can be rubbed on the skin,sprayed in the air,or applied as a compress(敷药)。

2 Many people have aroatherapy massages(按摩),and depending on the treatment aperson is having,the aroatherapist will massage the oil into the hands or shoulders.The massage is smooth and flowing,as it is designed to create a sense of relaxation and calm.The sessions are tailored to the individual's health and mood at rhe time,so every session is unique.

3 Practioners of aromatherapy believe that the aroma of the essential oils directy stimulates the brain or that the oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream,where they can affect the whole body and promote healing.Other claims in support of aromatherapy are that it aids digestion,imtproves the functiong of respiratory system,reduces muscular aches and pains,and promotes muscle relaxation and tone.It has also been argued that aromatherapy can improve circulation,lower blood pressure,and help combat insomia(失眠)and other stress-related disorders such as tension headaches,anxiety,and mild depression.

4 However,while aroatherapy may hace real effects that promate a sense of well-being,some tradional medicine practitioners remain doubtful about its powers.While research has confirmed that aroatherapy does have some positive short-term effects on most people,it also suggests that aroatherapy is not an actual science or medicine that should be used to treat illness.Furthermore,not all aroatherapy is considered beneficial to health.There are precautions which shoula be taken bofore having aroatherapy because some oils can have negative effets on people with certain medical conditions.The study of aroatherapy is relatively new and unexplored.More research needs to be conducted to make scientific conclusions about its use and effects.


23. Paragragh 1 (D)

24. Paragragh 2 (F)

25. Paragragh 3 (C)

26. Paragragh 4 (E)

A. Current research into aroatherapy



2014年职称英语考试真题、模拟题尽收其中,千名业界权威名师精心解析,精细化试题分析、完美解析一网打尽!在线做题就选针题库:mercial C.huge D.national

2.New secretaries came and went with monotonous regularity.

A.amazing B.depressing C.predictable D.dull

3.A person’s wealth is often in inverse proportion to their happiness.

A.equal B.certain C.large D.opposite

4.His professional career spanned 16 years.

A.started B.changed C.lasted D.moved

5.The symptoms of the disease manifested themselves ten days later.

A.eased B.improved C.relieved D.appeared

6.The group does not advocate the use of violence.

A.limit B.support C.regulate D.oppose

7.She talt that she had done her good deed for the day.

A.act B.homework C.jusuce D.model

8.Some of the larget bieds (来自:www.Hn1c.cOm 唯 才教 育网:护士职称英语考试真题)can remain stationary in the air for several minutes.

A.motionless B.sitent C.seated D.true

9.There was an inclination to treat geography as aless imponant Subject.

A.point B.resuit C.finding D.tendency

10.His stomach felt hollw with fear.

A.sincere B.respectful C.empty D.ternbie

11.The committee was asked to rendcr a report on the housing situation.

A.copy B.publish C.summarize D.furnish

12.That uniform makes the guards look absurd.

A.serious B.beautiful C.impressive D.ridiculous

13.The department deferred the decision for six months.

A.put off B.arrived at C.abided by D.protested against

14.The original experiment cannot be exactly duplicated.

A.invented B.reproduced C.designed D.reported

15.The country was torn apart by strife.

A.conflict B.poverty C.war D.economy



A New Strategy to Overcome Breast Cancer

Post-menopausal women who walk for an hour a day can cut their chance of breast cancer

significantly,a study has suggested. The report ,which followed 73,000 women for 17 years,found walking for at least seven hours a week lowered the risk of the disease.The American Cancer Society team said this was the first time reduced risk was specifically linked to walking. UK experts said it was more evidence that lifestyle influenced cancer risk.

A recent poll for the charity Ramblers a quarter of adults walk for no more than an hour a week,but being active is known to reduce the risk of a number of cancers.This study, published in Cancer Epidemiology,Biomarkers&Prevention,followed 73.615 women out of 97,785 aged 50-74 who had been recruited by the American Cancer Society between 1992 and 1993,so it could monitor the incidence of cancer in the group.

They were asked to complete questionnaires on their health and on how much time they were active and participating in activities such as walking,swimming and aerobics(有氧运动)and how much time they spent sitting watching television or reading.They completed the same questionnaires at two-year intervals between 1997 and 2009.Of the women,47% said walking was their only recreational acivity.Those who walked for at least seven hours per week had a 14% lower risk of breast cancer compared to those who walked three or fewer hours per week.

Dr.Alpa Patel,a senior epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta,Georgia,who led the study,said:”Given that more than 60% of women report some daily walking,promoting walking as a healthy leisure-time activity could be an effective strategy for increasing physical activity

amongst post-menopausal women.We were pleased to find that without any other recreational activity, just walking one hour a day was associated with a lower risk of breast cancer in these women.””More strenuous(紧张的)and longer activities lowered the risk even more.

Baroness Delyth Morgan, chief executive of Breast Cancer Campaign,said:”This study adds further evidence that our lifestyle choices can play a part in influencing the risk of breast cancer and even small changes incorporate into our normal day-to-day activity can make a difference.”

She added:”We know that the best weapon to overcoming breast cancer is the ability to stop it occurring in the first place. The challenge now is how we turn these findings into action and identify other sustainable lifestyle changes that will help us prevent breast cancer.”

31. All of the following factors relating to cancer risk were mentioned in the


A. breathing exercise

B.regular walking

C.recreational activity

D.lifestyle choices

32. It can be inferred from Dr. Alpa Patel’s study that____.

A. women have fewer chances of physical activity

B. daily walking could cut the chance of breast cancer

C. leisure-time activity is not associated with cancer risk

D. walking is not recommended for women with breast cancer

33. Dr. Alpa Patel was_____.

A. head of the survey study

B. chief editor of Cancer Epidemiology

C. chair of the American Cancer Society

D. chief executive of Breast Cancer Campaign

34. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A. Most women take walking as their only recreational activity.

B. The study aims to track the health conditions of its subjects.

C. Walking was the only recreational acitivity for about half of the women

D. Irregular walking increased the risk of breast cancer in post-menopausal women

35. The word “sustainable”in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to

A. continuable

B. affordable

C. available

D. Persistent