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篇一:儿童英语(Kid's English)二年级下册全册教案

Lesson One Going to the farm


1. 学生能够用英语说出farm,zoo,park以及短语hand in hand, arm in arm从而能够说唱歌谣《To the farm》。

2. 学生能够初步简单表述:Where are you going? I’m going to…


Rhyme《To the farm》


1. Rhyme《To the farm》

2.farm 和 arm 的正确发音。




一、 Warm-up(热身):

1. Greeting:

Good morning! Boys and girls.

How are you today? (做OK手势,学生根据手势回答)


T:(pig的图片)What’s this? It’s a pig.

Ss: It’s a pig.

3. 同法展示不同的动物。

T:Where are the animals?

Ss:They’re on the farm.教学单词farm.

T::Let’s go and have a look.

4.播放歌曲:《To the farm》

二、 Presentation(新课导入):

1.歌曲完毕后,课件呈现农场果园的画面,T: Oh, We are here. Here is the farm. What can you see? (给一秒钟时间学生看看,想想) Wow , I can see Hello, Terry,Kay,Mary and Jack. T:They are very happy.they are hand in hand , arm in arm to

the farm.

2.教学短语hand in hand , arm in arm。


(2)Game :High low voice。


3.播放Rhyme:《To the farm》,教学Rhyme。

(1)Read after the tape.

(2)Teach the new word: happy,kid,road.

(3)Read the rhyme group by group.

(4) Follow me , let’s say and do.


(6)Show time, let’s see which group is the best.



1.利用game来教学句型“Where are you going? I’m going to…”

2.Group work:一个学生为发令者,另外三个学生找不同的目的地(farm,zoo,park)出口。活动开始时,发令者问另外三个学生:“Where are you going?”三个学生分别根据自己要到达的目的地用“To the park./To the zoo./To the farm.”来回答。(设计意图:此游戏有练习语言的同时,还可以检测学生的观察和思考能力。)

3. Story time

现在我们都知道 Hello和他的伙伴们去农场了。Let’s listen and watch the story. The second time, answer my question: “Does Hello know the farm?” (设计意图:本部分的设计也是对语言输出的检查,从学生对故事的理解程度可以检测到学生对本节课教学内容的掌握情况。)

4.Let’s sing a song《To the farm》.




Act and say the rhyme to your parents

Lesson Two On the mountain


1.能听懂会唱歌谣:A beautiful scene!








(一)Warm up

1.全班跟课件唱歌谣 :“To the farm”

2.分小组跟课件唱歌曲“To a farm” ,一个小组唱一句或者两句。

3. Greeting


T:Where are you going?

Ss:I’m going to the farm.

T:OK.Let’s get on the bus.Let’ s go.

CAI呈现一段去农场的动画。看完后老师对动画里出现的风景进行提问。 T:What is this/it /that? It’s a hill/bus/….

(二)Presentation and practice

1.承接上面的问题用What is this/it /that?引出beautiful,scene,mountain,highway等单词的教学。利用图片和单词卡进行教学。


3.指导学生看课本的图让学生说出图中的景物,当学生说river,mountain,highway的时候,老师问小河的水怎样呢? 山怎样呢? 高速公路怎样呢? 引出形容词:deep,clean,steep,wide等单词的教学.

4.Learn the rhyme:“A beautiful scene!”

1)Listen and watch the CAI first.And then teacher explain the rhyme.

2)Read after the teacher and do the actions.

3)Listen to the CAI and read the rhyme together(three times) .

4)Let’s act the rhyme team by team.

5)Ask some students to show the rhyme.

5.帮助学生编一首中文歌谣加深记忆:小河,小河,深又净。高山,高山,陡又绿。高速公路, 高速公路,宽又长,快乐的孩子,快乐的歌。

Lesson Three Meeting the family


1.Be able to listen and say the words:family grandma grandpa brother call mama papa bump

2. Be able to understand and say the rhyme

二、教学重点:The rhyme

三、教学难点:“No more monkeys jumping on my head!”

四、教学用具:Tape, word cards ,picture


㈠Warm up

1.Read the rhyme “To the farm” “ A beautiful scene!”together

2.Sing the song“To a farm” “A happy day” together

3. Greeting

T: What’s this /it? S:It’s a river/highway /mountain.

T:Where are you going? S :To the farm/school/park/zoo

T:Where are you ?

S: On a river/highway /mountain

㈡、Presentation and practice

1.、Ask the students to bring their family photo to the class.T:Wow!Is this your family?

Use “Who is he /she”? to guide “mama papa grandma grandpa brother”

And then to teache the new words.

2. T:Do you know monkey’s family. Let’s learn the chant.“ A monkey’s family”

3.指导学生看课本的图,并告诉学生这是猴子的一家。老师逐一指图用Who is he /she?来问学生。如果学生能正确用英语回答mama papa grandma grandpa brother等单词并给予表扬。.

4.Learn the rhyme“A monkey’s family”

1)Listen to the tape first.And then explain the rhyme

2)Read after the teacher and do the action

3)Listen to the tape and read the rhyme together(three times)

4)Let’s act the rhyme team by team.

5)Ask some students to read the rhyme.

5.Games : Point and say.

Lesson 4 Hello’s family

一、教学目标:1.Able to listen and say the words: father mother.

2.Able to understand and say the rhyme.

3.Able to describe family and relationships.

二、教学重点:The words of family : grandpa, grandma, father, mother, brother, sister , family

三、教学难点:The rhyme

四、教学教具:cards , CD, 课件



T : Class begins!

Ss: Good morning Ellie.

T: Goodmorning boys and girls. How are you ?


The Ant and the Dove来自VIPKID英文亲子阅读

An ant is walking by the river. He looks at the river and says to himself, “How nice and cool this water looks! I must drink some of it.”


But when he is drinking, he slips into the river.


“Oh. Help! Help!” The ant cries.“啊!救命!救命!”蚂蚁叫喊着。

A dove is sitting in the tree. She hears him and throws him a leaf, “Climb up that leaf,” she says “and you will float to the bank.”

一只鸽子正呆在树上,听见呼救声,就扔给他一片树叶。“快爬到树叶上去。她说:“你会漂到岸上的。” The ant climbs onto the leaf, and the wind blows the leaf to the bank. And the ant is saved. 蚂蚁爬到叶子上面,风把他吹到了岸上,最终蚂蚁得救了。

“Thank you, Dove. You’re so kind,” The ant says and runs home, “You have saved my life, and I wish I could do something for you, Goodbye!”


“Goodbye!” says the dove, “Be careful. Not to fall into the river again.” “再见!小心别再掉进河里了。”鸽子说。

After a few days, the dove is building her nest. And a man is raising his gun to shoot her. 几天后,鸽子正在筑巢,一个人举着枪要打鸽子。

The ant sees this, and runs quickly to bite the man’s leg.


“Ouch! Ouch!” The man feels pained and drops his gun. The dove hears and flies away.So the man picks up his gun and leaves.


The dove comes to her nest. “Thank you, my little friend,” she says, “You have saved my life.” 鸽子又飞回巢里。“谢谢你,我的小伙伴。”鸽子说,“你救了我的命。” The little ant is so glad, because he can help the dove.


The Princess & the Pea

Once upon a time there lived a handsome Prince Jake. He liked playing and singing and liked eating cake.


One day, his mum told him to sort out his life. ”My son," said Queen Bella, "we must find you a wife!"


So, day after day, the Queen asked to tea all the princesses for her son to see.


"I don’t want to marry any of them!" declared Prince Jake. "I want to marry a real princess, and these are all fake!"

“我不想和他们中的任何人结婚!”杰克王子宣布,“我想和一个真正的公主结婚,这些都是假的!” "Oh dear," said Queen Bella, "What shall I do? I simply must find the right wife for you!"


so, the Prince and the Queen thought of a test. They made a bed on which the princess could rest. 所以,王子和女王想出了一个测试方法。他们做了一个可以供给公主休息的床。

Said the Prince, "if she can not feel this one little pea. She is no real princess and no pride to be!"王子说,“如果她不能感觉到这个小豌豆。她就不是真正的公主,也就不能成为(我的)新娘!”

One stormy night, there was a knock at the door. A young lady stood there, wet, tired and footsore.一个暴风雨晚上,有人敲门。一个年轻的女士站在那里,浑身淋透,疲惫不堪,脚也受伤了。

"You poor young thing!" Queen Bella said. "Come in and rest your weary head!"


"Did you sleep well?" asked the Prince Jake the next day. "No!" she said, "and my name is Fizz by the way." “ 你休息得好吗?”第二天王子问。“不好!”她说,“顺便说一下,我的名字是菲丝。” "Oh dear, what was wrong?" asked the Prince in a tizz. "There was a terrible bump in the bed," replied Fizz. “哦,亲爱的。有什么不对劲吗?”王子兴奋地问。“床上有个可怕的突起。”菲丝回答。 "I just couldn’t sleep a wink all night long. I tossed and I turned, but the bed felt all wrong." “一整夜我都没有睡着。我翻来覆去。床一点都不对劲。”

"Oh this princess is no fake!" cried Prince Jake. “哦,这个公主是真的!”贝克王子喊。

"Only a real princess could feel one little pea! oh please, Pincess Fizz, will you marry me?" “只有真正的公主才能感觉到一个小豌豆!哦,菲丝公主,你可以嫁给我吗?”

So, after a feast of joy and great laughter. They lived, we are told, happily ever after!


Cat and Tiger

In China, people believe that, at the beginning, the tiger and the cat were friends, and the cat was much smarter than the tiger.


The cat learned physical skills quickly, and the tiger was always behind.


Gradually, the tiger had to learn from the cat, and the cat was patient to teach the tiger. 渐渐的,老虎不得不向猫学习了,猫也很有耐心的教老虎。

Day after day, month after month, finally, the tiger could also run, jump, roll, grasp, tear, and strike as well as the cat.


One summer afternoon, the cat was taking a nap as the tiger was sitting nearby.


Looking at the cat, the tiger suddenly thought, why should he keep be friending with such a small animal since he had already learnt all the skills from the cat?


The evil tiger decided to kill the sleeping cat as a before dinner snack. The tiger stood up and approached the cat viciously.


Just at this moment, the cat woke up. Opening her eyes, the smart cat immediately realized what the tiger was trying to do and swiftly jumped onto a nearby tall tree and climbed to the top branch.


The tiger thought he had already learned every skill from the cat.


But he never knew that the cat had hidden the tree climbing from him.


“I kept the last technique of the tree climbing from you just because I suspected you might be an ungrateful friend.”



宝宝在家学英语的误区请注意(转载)2009/02/21 07:55 P.M.加入世贸了,申奥成功了,申博成功了,学习一门外语,把孩子塑造成国际人,成了很多父母刻不容缓的任务。除了送孩子进双语幼儿园学习,那些英语好的父母也想在家里帮助孩子更快更好地学英语,但是要提醒父母,你们不是专业老师,有些问题可要注意!






仇剑虹 唐亮(宋庆龄幼儿园双语教师)


在家里,英语发音标准、语法过关的家长不妨采用幼儿园老师的方法:手上拿着一个苹果,直接教孩子发"apple"。接下来用不同的形式不断进行重复。在孩子吃水果时,要求孩子从很多种水果中挑出"apple";外出散步,和孩子做游戏时,随机性地重复这个单词。再比如随手拿起(来自:www.Hn1c.cOm 唯 才教 育网:vipkid少儿英语)一支笔,对着牙牙学语的小孩子:"pen"。以后就拿着这支笔,教孩子发"pen"这个音,不要任何的中文提示。


情境是需要有心的父母设计出来的。就像幼儿园的老师,她们除了每天固定的半个小时的英语教学外,更多的是随机即兴化的教学,有些老师会随时趁着孩子们饭前准备洗手的时机,来一句英语:"The kid in blue,please go first。"老师在暗暗强调blue这个词。她们还会结合自己的特长,比如采用牛津英语教育方法,即阅读法给孩子讲故事,或者做游戏,或者制作小礼物,或者用软件等等。在孩子们的日常生活中,从一草一木中启发孩子们回忆课上学过的东西,用自己的智慧给孩子们创造一个学习英语的环境。



我们幼儿园实行寄宿制,幼儿园老师们便代替父母同孩子一起看"Big Book"。所谓"Big Book",即一些画幅大而画面生动、故事简单、句型简单且不断重复的图画书。经过长期探

索,幼儿园的专家认为这一种是最适合早期幼儿学习英语的教材。比如一本"Big Book"《A Very Hungry Caterpillar》,故事开端出场的就是一只很饿的毛毛虫,于是它开始大吃水果,"Monday"吃"Apple",接着"Tuesday"吃"Orange",这样一直吃到星期天,"Caterpillar"终于变成了一只"beautiful butterfly"。孩子们也兴奋地跟着“Caterpillar”吃"fruit"。结果一个星期下来,孩子们不仅会说很常用的水果单词和日期用语,还会讲一个毛毛虫变成漂亮蝴蝶的故事。父母们为孩子选择英语教材时,总觉得那种文字多、句型复杂、信息量大的书好,图书发行商们也就多卖这种书。而我们幼儿园用的教材,绝大部分都是老师们从国外挑选来的,很多书一页就一行字,也有整本书就一种句型,只是在个别词语上有所变化。我们建议家长们给孩子挑那种画幅大、画面生动、故事简单、句型简单且不断重复的那种英文书。英语发音纯正、语法准确的父母,跟孩子在家里一起看书效果会更好。这样不仅能提高孩子的语言能力,还有助于建立亲子间的依恋关系,促进孩子心理健康发展。






















我听了以后,把孩子叫了过来,并拿来一盒蜡笔,对孩子讲:“Plese give me the yellow one。”孩子就把黄色的蜡笔拿出来了,然后我又拿出一支红色的蜡笔问孩子:“What colour is this?”孩子很熟练地告诉我:“Red。”这位父亲见状后非常开心,拍着孩子的头夸奖他,然后向我抱歉。





英语学习的六大原则2009/02/25 02:14 P.M.我在英语学习方面是十分幸运的。在下过硬工夫的过程中,我从未感到英语学习的单调和苦闷,也未感到英语学习有多么艰难。我读过一些英语名家谈体会的书,其中有中文译本,也有英文原文本。这些书给了我很多启发,使我能够在结合自身学习英语的方法和经验的基础上,总结出符合常识的学习方法,并上升到符合英语学习规律的原则。如果你能按照这些原则一步一个脚印地去做,认认真真地去学习和体味,那么你就定能学好英语。














Plain English(简洁英语)在英语国家已成为趋势:即在说或写英文时都力求简单。而中国学生尽管学了很多难词,复杂的结构,但就连用简单词和结构来表达思想都做不到;有时用了很大的词,一方面不妥,再者也很难让别人明白。其实当你透彻理解英语中的"小词","简单表达方式"时,才能熟练地用简单英语交际。











英语有句谚语"Repetition is the mother of skills(重复是技能之母)"。你可以回忆一下你学习任何一种技能的过程。无论是游泳还是骑自行车,都是重复同一类动作的过程。 任何技能的获得,当然包括英语这项语言技能,均来自重复。一种事情重复多了,便产生了感觉和深刻的把握。因此,在发展英语技能时,也应该遵循重复原则。比如,在阅读时,当你读过20本初级读物后,就要在这20本中找出


Talk To Your Child In English 1

Unit 1 Feeding The Baby

Oh, Is it too hot? I’m sorry. Let’s blow on it. Ok, Here you go. Yummy, Eat more(Eat some more).

feed the dog. n:饲料chicken feed 也喻指小钱blow my nose 拧鼻涕yummy(yum) adj:好吃的yucky(yuck) adj:难吃的 Unit 2 Don’t Go Too Far

Baby, where are you? I’m cooking supper here(I’m here, cooking supper). Don’t go away, stay here. Dinner will be ready in a minute.

supper n:晚餐=dinner minute n:分钟in a minute 马上,立即wait a minute=hold on a minute等等

Unit 3 Dining

No beans? Beans make you strong. Carrots are good for your eyes. Great(Good baby)!

dining n:用餐 dining room 餐厅

Unit 4 Concentrate on Eating

Stop horsing around! Don't be a picky eater. Stop playing with your juice! Sloppy eaters(You are such messy eaters)! concentrate v:专心于concentrated adj:浓缩的concentrated fruit juice 浓缩果汁horse v: 胡闹 picky adj.挑剔的; sloppy adj:脏的;messy adj:脏乱的 mess v:弄乱(mess up) mess up the room

Unit 5 Eat It Up(Finsh Your Plate)

Oh,no!You left a lot of food on your plate(There’s still a lot of food left on your plate). Eat it up(Finish your plate)! See?I told you not to eat so many snacks before dinner(Okay then.No more snacks before dinner).

a lot of=lots of left v:剩下 snack n:点心;小吃 local snack 当地小吃

Unit 6 At The Dining Table

Wow!What a loud noise(What’s all that noise)! Don't drum on your bowl with chopsticks. Eat everythng on your palte. Don't be such a picky eater!

noise n:噪声 car noise 汽车噪声 drum v:咚咚的敲 n:鼓 chopstick n:筷子 disposable(adj:一次性的) chopstick 免洗筷子

Unit 7 Dining Courtesy(Dinner Table Manners)

Eat with a spoon.Don't be a sloppy eater. Want some scrambled eggs? Don't make such noise!People are staring! Good boy!

scramble v:炒(蛋)scrambled egg 炒蛋 poached egg 荷包蛋 boiled egg 水煮蛋 stare v:凝视

Unit 8 Eating Ice Cream

You are too excited(Calm down,children). Sit down,please. Sit nicely(Sit up right),then I'll give you some ice cream. calm down 冷静下来(某人太兴奋,太生气,太慌张时要求对方冷静下来)sit-up 仰卧起坐

Unit 9 Splitting a Piece of Chocolate(Sharing a Piece of Chocolate)

What are you doing? Let me split it in half. This is for you. The other half is for you(And this half is for you).

split v:分开;(使)分裂;(使)(团体)意见不合 spaghetti n:意大利面

Unit 10 Having Snacks(Snack Time)

We are out of peanut butter. How about strawberry jam? Do you want to spread it yourself? Well done! You're great. out of 用光指实物或抽象名词的完全消化。I’m out of money. I’m out of energy. Spread v:涂抹如jam or butter.彩妆涂抹要用put on the make-up.

Unit 11 Snacks

Time for snacks. Let's have some cookies and milk! Would you like some more?

cooky n:甜饼干 cracker n:咸薄脆饼干 biscuit n:<英>饼干 <美>烤松饼

Unit 12 Having Night Snacks(Bedtime Snacks)

Do you wanna eat something before bed(Do you want a bedtime snack)? No candies! How about a bowl of cereal? Good girl!

bedtime adj:临睡前的 bedtime story n:就寝时间 My bedtime is ten o’clock. cereal n:谷类植物 谷物 荞麦食品adj:谷物的 谷类制成的

Unit 13 Eating Hot Pot①

David,do you want tofu? OK,let me put it in the hot pot. Vegetables are good for you. Careful! It's very hot!

hot pot 火锅 spicy hot pot 麻辣火锅 pot n:壶 罐 锅 tea pot vegetable n蔬菜 adj:植物的

Unit 14 Eating Hot Pot②

Here are the fruits. Watch out! Oh!No!The fruits are in the hot pot(All the fruit fell in the hot pot).

watch out=look out spinach n:菠菜

Unit 15 Dining on Dragon Boat Festival

Eat some stedmed fish. Do you like curried chicken? OK,you want rice dumplings. Just one!Don't eat too much.

festival n:节庆 school festival校庆 the Moon Festival中秋节 stedmed adj:蒸的 curried adj:咖喱的 dumpling n:水饺 make dumpling包水饺 fry dumpling煎饺

Unit 16 Having Cotton Candy(Eating Cotton Candy)

Do you want cotton candy? Wow,look at your face! Your hands are sticky,too. Let's go wash them.

cotton candy棉花糖 rock candy冰糖 sticky adj:粘粘的 在口语中还指天气湿热的 闷热的

Unit 17 Buying Another Bottle(Buying Another Drink)

More juice? Sorry,it's all gone. Never mind. Let's get another one.

Unit 18 Eating Too Much

Hi,boys.I've made some jelly. Slow down,or you'll get a tummy ache. You see,I told you.

jelly n:果冻 tummy ache 肚子疼 headache 头疼 toothache 牙疼 stomachache 胃痛

Unit 19 In a Fast Food Restaurant①

Look out(Watch out)! Walk slowly(Walk carefully)! The floor is wet!

restaurant 店面餐厅 street vendor 摊贩小吃 floor室内 ground室外 Leaves cover the ground.

Unit 20 In a Fast Food Restaurant②

Don't just eat your French Fries. Eat your hamburger,too. You can't play until you finish your food. Fine,you can go play now.

French Fries 法式炸薯条 French bread 法式长条面包 Fine=You’re doing fine.

Unit 21 In The Supermarket①

Go get a small shopping cart. Don't go so fast. Follow me. Go this way(Turn that way).

cart n:推车 卡车 window shopping 只看不买的商店橱窗浏览

Unit 22 In The Supermarket②

We need some milk. Yes,let's get some cheese,too. No,not this time. Put it back on the shelf.

Unit 23 In The Supermarket③

Don't push the shopping cart so fast. Look out! Don't bump into people and the shelves.

Don’t pull my sleeve. bump v:撞 n:肿块 I got a bump on my head. Steak n:牛排

Unit 24 In The Warehouse

Don't stand up(in the cart). Sit nicely,please,good boy! OK!We're going up. Careful!Don't stick your head out(Keep your head in the cart).

warehouse n:大卖场;仓库 sticker n:贴纸

Unit 25 No Toys Today

No toys today! We made a deal,didn't we? "No" means no! I'll gey something for you next time.

make a deal 做了约定

Unit 26 Shopping In The Market

Just look around(You can go and look around). Not today,dear. We have too many toys in our house(You already have plenty of toys). We'd better hurry home.It's going to rain.

Talk To Your Child In English 2

Unit 1 Changing The Diaper

What's wrong, honey? Oooh~~Your diaper is dirty. Let me change your diaper.

diaper n:尿布 disposable diaper一次性尿布 bib 围嘴 pacifier 安抚奶嘴

Unit 2 Getting Dressed

Oh,no!Your fly is open. Zip up your pants. Wait. Let me tuck in your shirt.

fly n:裤子上的拉链开口 zip up将拉链拉上 zip (也可)n:拉链 tuck v:将...塞入

Unit 3 A New Dress

Look, a new dress for you. Oh,no,it's too long. Never mind,You will grow into it very soon.

dress n:洋装 连衣裙 穿着 Susan always dresses in pink. too...to This dress is too small to wear. grow into 长大能穿 grow out of 长大不能穿

Unit 4 Going Out On A Rainy Day

It is starting to rain. Put on your raincoat and rain boots.

Unit 5 Putting On A Raincoat

You want an umbrella? No, my dear! You're too small(A raincoat would be better). Go get your raincoat and boots. Come on! It's pouring. You'll be soaked to the bone(You'll get soaked to the bone).

pour v:倾盆而降 倒茶 soak v:湿透 get soaked to the bone 全身湿透

Unit 6 What To Wear

Hurry up! We'll be late for the party. Don't wear shorts! That's too casual. How about this pink dress? That's good. You look great!

casual adj:随便的 非正式的 casual clothes 便装 formal dress 礼服 slippers 拖鞋

Unit 7 Buying Clothes

Oh, it's too big. Too small. Try it on(Try this one on). This is just right. We'll take this one.

clothes hanger 衣架 clothes pin 衣夹 Try on the shoes to see if they fit.

Unit 8 In The Clothes Shop

This white dress(You want the white one)? No,it's a party dress. Pick a T-shirt(Get a T-shirt). You can wear it more often(You will wear it more often). Not that one. You've already got three of them! Let's buy this one!

always 总是 usually 通常 often 时常 sometimes 有时 seldom 很少 never 从不 party dress 舞会装 underskirt 短裙 party hat 礼帽

Unit 9 Your T-shirt Is On Backwards

Silly,your T-shirt is on backwards. Take it easy(You’ve got it). Oh! That's better.

backwards adv:向后地 step backwards 向后退一步 backwards and forwards 来来回回地 silly adj.蠢的; 糊涂的; 不明事理的; 没头脑的; n.(常用于向孩子指出其愚蠢行为)傻孩子,淘气鬼; 傻子,蠢货

Unit 10 Getting Dressed

Wow,look at you! You can get dressed by yourself. Well done! Wait,you forgot to put on your shoes.

Look at the baby. Look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Unit 11 Getting A Haircut

Come here.I'll give you a haircut. Oh,no!You look like a boy! I'm sorry! I'll try to do better next time(I'll do a better job next time.).

Unit 1 Go For A Ride On A Motorcycle(Going For A Motorcycle Ride)

Sweety, go get your helmet. Hold tight(Hold on tight)! Here we go!

helmet n.头盔 安全帽 tight adj:紧的 牢固的 The shoes are tight. Time is tight.

Unit 2 Getting In The Car

Get in the car. Move over a little bit. Buckle your seat belts.

buckle v:扣住 使...连接 Remember to buckle your belt. seat belt 安全带(泛指车上或飞机上)

Unit 3 Don't Put Your Hand Outside The Window(Keep Your Hands In The Car)

No!Don't put your hand outside the window(Keep your hands in the car)! Hey, stop that. You could lose your arm. Unit 4 Be Careful When You Out Of The Car

Wait until I stop. Here we are. You can get out.

Unit 5 Waiting For A Bus

Stop horsing around. The bus will come any minute. How come the bus is late again(Why is this bus late again)? Let's take a taxi.

Unit 6 Taking A Bus①

Here comes the bus. Get on the bus quickly! Hold on to the bar. Say"Thank you "to the nice lady!

Unit 7 Taking A Bus②

Hush, you're too loud! Don't stand on the chair(Don't stand on the seat)! Wake up,boy's!We're getting off the bus(This is our stop).

hush int:嘘 v:使沉默 安静 The mother hushed the little baby. wake up 醒来 fall asleep 睡着

Unit 8 MRT(Mass Rapid Transit)①

Let's go through the blue door. Honey, don't go on the escalator. Let's take the elevator.

escalator n:电扶梯 elevator n:电梯(美式用法) lift n:电梯(英式用法)

Unit 9 MRT(Mass Rapid Transit)②

Let's wait in line. Don't cross the yellow line. Watch out for the gap.

gap n:间隔 缺口 generation gap 代沟

Unit 10 MRT(Mass Rapid Transit)③

Look at that sign(We can’t drink in here).(See that sign)No drinks.No food. That sign says,"No smoking(You can’t smoke on the MRT)"

No food 禁食 No smoking 禁烟 No drinks 禁饮 No littering 禁垃圾

Unit 11 On The Street

Don't run into the street. Whoo-you almost got run over by that truck. Look both ways before you cross the street. Crossing the street can be dangerous.

one-way street 单行道 street lamp 街灯 run over 辗过

Unit 12 Crossing The Street

Don't play ball in the street(Don't play ball while crossing the street). Give me your hand,please. Red light.Stop(It’s a red light. We have to stop)! Green light.Go(It’s a green light. We can go)!

traffic light 交通灯 a beam of light 一束光 railroad crossing 铁路交叉口 crosswalk 人行横道

Unit 1 Maving A Fever (I Have A Fever)

Are you ok? Oh!You have a fever! Let me take your temperature! Oh~My dear!You have to see the doctor(You need to see a doctor.).

room temperature 室温

Unit 2 Blowing Your Nose

Don't wipe your nose with your hands. Go get a tissue. Blow your nose.One-two-three! One more time.Good boy! wipe v:擦拭 擦干 wipe the window tissue n:面纸 纸巾 tissue paper 卫生纸

Unit 3 Sneezing

A~Ahchoo…. Cover your mouth with your hands(Cover your mouth when you sneeze). Ahchooo…. Bless you! cover v:覆盖 掩盖 n:书的封面或封底

Unit 4 Having Diarrhea

What's the matter? Do you have a tummy ache? Are you finished? Let me wipe your bum(Let me wipe your bottom). Poor boy, you have diarrhea.

diarrhea n:腹泻 tummy n:胃 肚子(用于孩子)tummy ache 小孩腹泻 stomachache 成人腹泻

bum n:屁股 笨蛋 流浪者

Unit 5 How Itchy(It Itches)

Your skin rash is getting worse. It must really itch,but don't scratch(I know it itches,but don’t scratch it). Come on!Let's put on some ointment on it!

Itchy adj:(使)发痒的; 渴望旅行(或搬家 换工作)itch v:发痒 rash n:疹子 heat rash 汗疹 scratch v:抓 刮 scratch card 刮刮乐 ointment n:软膏 药膏 mosquito bite 蚊叮咬

Unit 6 Having A Tootthache

Honey, do you have a toothache? Open your mouth, please. Gee! Your tooth has a cavity. Let's go to the dentist. cavity n.腔,洞; 蛀牙,龋洞;

Unit 7 Having Chicken Pox

Oh, my! You're covered with spots. You've got chicken pox. They itch, right?Don't scratch! Don't worry! What you need is a good night's sleep.

pox n:n.发疹的疾病; 痘; 疹; 瘟疫;

Unit 8 A Bump On The Head

My goodness! What's this big bump on your head(That's a big bump on your head)? When did you get it(What happened)? Don't touch it with your dirty hands! It should go away soon.

touchdown n.触地得分

Unit 9 Mommy's Not Feeling Well

Mommy's not feeling well. Go play by yourself, please. Oh!You made a get-well card.How lovely!

Unit 10 Getting Hurt In The Park

Don't run so fast! Take it easy(Take your time)! Oh, it's OK.Show me where it hurts.

That is a hurt to my mind.

Talk To Your Child In English 3

Unit 1 Taking A Bath

Look, a rubber duckie.Quack~Quack~ The water is getting cold.Time to get out. Say"Bye-Bye,Duckie!"

rubber adj:橡胶的

Unit 2 Taking A Bubble Bath

It's time for a bath. Look! A bubble bath.Your favorite. Five more minutes. OK.Put on your clothes!

bubble n:泡泡 blow bubble 吹泡泡 Take off your wet clothes, or you will catch a cold.

Unit 3 Don't Grab My Glasses

Don't grab my glasses! Don't grab my hair!Oooh~~It hurts! Yeh!Shake your rattle.One,two,three.

grab v:抓 grab kid’s attention 抓住小孩的注意力 grab the chance 抓住机会 rattle n:摇铃

Unit 4 The Kid Feels Sleepy(Getting Sleepy)

Hondy,do you feel sleepy(Are you sleepy)? Wanna sit on my lap(Want to sit on my lap)?

laptop 膝上电脑=notebook

Unit 5 Watching TV①

You are too close to the TV. Please sit on the sofa! One cartoon only. OK. It's over. Turn off the TV,please. Good boy! Unit 6 Watching TV②

You always watch TV and eat potato chips. What kind of program are you watching? Cartoons again!You shouldn't watch so much TV. Don't put your legs(feet) on the table,please!

get cold feet 因胆怯而临阵退缩 I got cold feet before my performance on the stage.

Unit 7 Watching The Video

Want to watch the video? Put away your toys first! Don't lie on the sofa. Sit up!

Unit 8 Don't Play With The Scissors

Kettle's boling! Oh, dear! Put those down. Don't play with the scissors, please.

scissors n:剪刀 a pair of scissors 一把剪刀

Unit 9 Don't Litter

Don't litter! There's a garbage can over there. That's a good girl!

litter v:乱丢垃圾 n:废弃物 There were piles of litter on the ground. garbage can 垃圾桶 garbage truck 垃圾车 Unit 10 The Piggy Bank Is Broken

Bang! Ah! What was that? Oh, my. Who broke the piggy bank? OK, you both need to help me clean it up. clean up 收拾干净

Unit 11 You've Made It Even Worse

Who made this terrible mess? Goodness, you've made it even worse! You'd better go wash your hands. Be neat and tidy(Try to be neater), please!

even adv:甚至 adj:平坦的 The road is very even. neater adj:更整洁的 neat adj:很棒的 很酷的

Unit 12 Your Sleeves Are Wet

Baby, where are you? There you are. Your sleeves are wet. Change your T-shirt, or you'll get a cold.

sleeve n:袖子 sleeved 有袖的 sleeveless 无袖的 get a cold=catch a cold=have a cold

Unit 13 The Toy Is Too Expensive

You like this toy? How much is it? No way, it's too expensive(inexpensive=cheap). We'll take that one instead. Unit 14 Mediating the dispute(Ending A Fight)

Who started this? I want to know everything. I saw you hit him. Say"sorry!

Unit 15 Too hot(It’s Very Hot)

Do you want some fried chicken? Get your hot fried chicken here! Don't get too close to the stand. Look,it's very very

篇五:幼儿英语词汇 (2)

一、幼儿英语水果名称(fruit 水果)

apple 苹果——banana 香蕉——pear 梨——orange 橙子——Watermelon 西瓜——grape葡萄——peach桃——strawberry草莓——betelnut 槟榔——carambola 杨桃——cherry 樱桃——chestnut 栗子——coconut 椰子——cumquat 金桔——date 枣子——durian 榴莲——filbert 榛子——grape 葡萄——guava 番石榴——haw 山楂——honey-dew melon 哈蜜瓜——juicy peach 水蜜桃——kiwifruit 猕猴桃——lemon 柠檬——lichee 荔枝——longan 龙眼——loquat 枇杷——mango 芒果——nectarine 油桃——olive 橄榄——papaya (Pawpaw) 木瓜——persimmon 柿子——pineapple 凤梨——pomelo 柚子——plum 梅子——sapodilla 人参果。 二、颜色的英语(colours颜色)



cat猫——dog狗——pig猪——duck鸭——rabbit兔——horse马——elephant大象——ant蚂蚁——fish鱼——bird鸟——eagle鹰——beaver海狸——snake蛇——mouse老鼠——squirrel松鼠——kangaroo袋鼠——monkey猴——panda熊猫——bear熊——lion狮子——tiger老虎——fox狐狸——zebra斑马——deer鹿——giraffe长颈鹿——goose鹅——hen母鸡——turkey火鸡——lamb小羊——sheep绵羊——goat山羊——cow奶牛——donkey驴——squid鱿鱼——lobster龙虾——shark鲨鱼——seal海豹——sperm whale抹香鲸——killer whale虎鲸。


friend朋友——boy男孩——girl女孩——child孩子——baby婴儿——kid小孩——son儿子——daughter女儿——classmate同学——mother母亲——father父亲——sister姐妹——brother兄弟——uncle叔叔/舅舅——man男人——woman女人——Mr.先生——Miss小姐——lady女士/小姐——mom妈妈——dad爸爸——parents父母——grandparents祖父母——grandma/grandmother(外)祖母——grandpa/grandfather(外)祖父——aunt姑姑——cousin堂(表)兄弟/堂(表)姐妹——queen女王——visitor参观者——neighbour邻居——principal校长——university student大学生——pen pal笔友——tourist旅行者——robot机器人。


hair 头发——head 头——eye 眼睛——face 脸——neck 脖子——arm 手臂——leg 腿——hand 手——foot 脚——toe 脚趾——finger 手指——ear 耳朵——nose 鼻子——mouth 嘴巴——tooth 牙齿——shoulder 肩膀——knee 膝盖。

六、食品、饮料(food & drink)

rice米饭——bread面包——beef牛肉——milk牛奶——water水——egg蛋——fish鱼——tofu豆腐——cake蛋糕——hot dog热狗——hamburger汉堡包——French fries炸薯条——cookie曲奇——biscuit饼干——jam果酱——noodles面条——meat肉——chicken鸡肉——pork猪肉——mutton羊肉——vegetable蔬菜——salad沙拉——soup

汤——ice冰——ice-cream冰淇淋——Coke可乐——juice果汁——tea茶——coffee咖啡——breakfast早餐——lunch午餐——dinner/supper晚餐——meal一餐 七、蔬菜英语名称(vegetables)

eggplant茄子——green beans青豆——tomato西红柿——potato土豆——cucumber黄瓜——onion洋葱——carrot胡萝卜——cabbage卷心菜。




bike自行车——bus公共汽车——train火车——boat小船——ship轮船——yacht快艇——car小汽车——taxi出租车——jeep吉普车——van小货车/面包车——plane/airplane飞机——subway/underground地铁——motor cycle摩托车。




cold寒冷的——warm温暖的——cool凉爽的——snowy下雪的——sunny晴朗的——hot炎热的——rainy下雨的——windy有风的——cloudy多云的——weather report天气预报。十二、地点英语名称(locations)

home家——room房间——bedroom卧室——bathroom卫生间——living room起居室——kitchen厨房——classroom教室——school学校——park公园——library图书馆——post office邮局——police office警察局——hospital医院——cinema电影院——bookstore书店——farm农场——zoo动物园——garden花园——study书房——

playground操场——canteen食堂——teacher’s office教师办公室——library图书馆——gym体育馆——washroom卫生间——art room绘画教室——computer room计算机教室——music room音乐教室——TV room电视机房——flat公寓——company公司——factory工厂——fruit stand水果摊——pet shop宠物商店——nature park自然公园——theme park主题公园——science museum科学博物馆——the Great Wall长城——supermarket超市——bank银行——country国家——village乡村——city城市——hometown家乡——bus stop公交车站。


teacher教师——student学生——doctor医生——nurse护士——driver司机——farmer农民——singer歌唱家——writer作家——actor男演员——actress女演员——artist画家——TV reporter电视台记者——engineer工程师——accountant会计——

policeman(男)警察——salesperson销售员——cleaner清洁工——baseball player棒球运动员——assistant售货员——police警察。


river河流——lake湖泊——stream河/溪——forest森林——path小道——road公路——house房子——bridge桥——building建筑物——rain雨——cloud云——sun太阳——mountain山——sky天空——rainbow彩虹——wind风——air空气——moon月亮。 十五、星期英语名称(week)



Jan. (January)一月——Feb.(February)二月——Mar.(March)三月——April四月——May五月——June六月——July七月——Aug.(August)八月——Sept.(September)九月——Oct.(October)十月——Nov.(November)十一月——Dec.(December)十二月。


课程(classes):sports体育运动——science科学——Moral Education思想品德课——Social Studies社会课——Chinese语文——math数学——PE体育课——English英语课。

国家、城市(countries & cities):China/PRC中国——America/USA美国——UK联合王国——England英国——Canada/CAN加拿大——Australia澳大利亚——New York纽约——London伦敦——Sydney悉尼——Moscow莫斯科——Cairo开罗。

季节(seasons):spring春——summer夏——fall/autumn秋——winter冬。 方位

(directions):south南——north北 east东——west西——left 左边——right右边。 患病(illness):have a fever发烧——hurt疼痛——have a cold感冒——have a toothache牙疼——have a headache头疼——have a sore throat喉咙疼。

十八、杂物(other things)

window窗户——door门——desk课桌——chair椅子——bed床——computer计算机——board写字板——fan风扇——light灯——teacher’s desk讲台——picture图画;照片——wall墙壁——floor地板——curtain窗帘——trash bin垃圾箱——closet壁橱——mirror镜子——end table床头柜——football/soccer足球——present礼物——walkman随身听——lamp台灯——phone电话——sofa沙发——shelf书架——fridge冰箱——table桌子——TV电视——air-conditioner空调——key钥匙——lock锁——photo照片——chart图表——plate盘子——knife刀——fork叉——spoon勺子——chopsticks筷子——pot锅——gift礼物——toy玩具——doll洋娃娃——ball球——balloon气球——kite风筝——jigsaw puzzle拼图游戏——box盒子——umbrella伞——zipper拉链——violin小提琴——yo-yo溜溜球——nest鸟窝——hole洞——tube管子——toothbrush牙刷——menu菜单——e-card电子卡片——e-mail电子邮件——traffic light交 通灯——money钱——medicine药。



nineteen十九——twenty二十——thirty三十——forty四十——fifty五十——sixty六十——seventy七十——eighty八十——ninety九十——forty-two四十二——hundred百——one/a hundred and thirty-six一百三十六——first第一——second第二——third第三——fourth第四——fifth第五——eighth第八——ninth第九——twelfth第十二——twentieth第二十——thirtieth第三十——fortieth第四十——fiftieth第五十——sixtieth第六十——seventieth第七十——eightieth第八十——ninetieth第九十——fifty-sixth第五十六。、


big大的——small小的——long长的——tall高的——short短的;矮的——young年轻的——old旧的;老的——strong健壮的——thin瘦的——active积极活跃的——quiet安静的——nice好看的——kind和蔼亲切的——strict严格的——smart聪明的——funny滑稽可笑的——tasty好吃的——sweet甜的——salty咸的——sour酸的——fresh新鲜的——favourite最喜爱的——clean干净的——tired疲劳的——excited兴奋的——angry生气的——happy高兴的——bored无聊的——sad忧愁的——taller更高的——shorter更矮的——stronger更强壮的——older年龄更大的——younger更年轻的——bigger更大的——heavier更重的——longer更长的——thinner更瘦的——smaller更小的——good好的——fine好的——great很好的——heavy 重的——new新的——fat胖的——happy快乐的——right对的——hungry饥饿的——cute逗人喜爱的——little小的——lovely可爱的——beautiful漂亮的——colourful色彩鲜艳的——pretty漂亮的——cheap便宜的——expensive昂贵的——juicy多汁的——tender嫩的——healthy健康的——ill有病的——helpful有帮助的——high高的——easy简单的——proud骄傲的——sick有病的——better更好的——higher更高的。 二十一、介词(prep.)

in在……里——on在……上;在……时候——under在……下面——near在……的旁边——behind在……后边——next to与……相邻——over在……上面——in front of在……前面。



buy(bought)买——take(took)买;带——live居住——teach(taught)教——go(went)去——study(studied)学习——learn学习——sing(sang)唱歌——dance跳舞——row划——do(did)做——do homework做作业——do housework做家务——watch TV看电视——read(read)——books读书。

cook the meals做饭——water the flowers浇花——sweep(swept) the floor扫地——clean the bedroom打扫卧室——make(made) the bed铺床——set(set) the table摆饭桌——wash the clothes洗衣服——do the dishes洗碗碟——use a computer使用计算机——do morning exercises晨练;做广播操——eat breakfast吃早饭——eat dinner吃晚饭——go to school上学——have English class上英语课——play sports进行体育运动——get(got)up起床——climb mountains爬山——go shopping买东西——play the piano弹钢琴——visit grandparents看望(外)祖父母。

go hiking去远足——fly kites放风筝——make a snowman堆雪人——plant trees种树——draw(drew) pictures画画——cook dinner做饭——read a book看书——answer the phone接电话——listen to music听音乐——clean the room打扫房间——write(wrote) a letter写信——write an e-mail写电子邮件——drink(drank) water喝水——take pictures照相——watch insects观察昆虫——pick up leaves采摘树叶——do an

experiment做实验——catch butterflies捉蝴蝶——count insects数昆虫——collect insects收集昆虫——collect leaves收集树叶。

write a report写报告——play chess下棋——have a picnic举行野餐——get to到达——ride(rode) a bike骑自行车——play the violin拉小提琴——make kites制作风筝——collect stamps集邮——meet(met)见面——welcome欢迎——thank谢谢——love爱——work工作——drink(drank)喝——taste尝——smell闻——feed(fed)喂养——shear剪——milk挤奶——look看——guess猜——help帮助——pass传递——show展示——use使用——clean打扫——open打开——close关上——put放——paint绘画——tell(told)告诉——kick踢——bounce反弹——ride(rode)骑——stop(stopped)停——wait等——find(found)寻找到。

drive(drove)驾驶——fold折——send(sent)寄——wash洗——shine照耀——become变成——feel(felt)感觉到——think(thought)思考——meet(met)遇见——fall(fell)落下——leave(left)离开——wake(woke) up醒来——put on穿上——take off脱掉——hang up挂起——wear(wore)穿——go home回家——go to bed上床睡觉——play computer games玩电脑游戏——play chess下棋——empty the trash倒垃圾——put away the clothes收拾衣服——get off下车——take a trip去旅行——read a magazine读杂志——go to the cinema去看电影——go straight向前直走。