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Unit 1 Food and drinks

Have some fish, Jenny?

Yes, please.

I like orange juice!

Lesson 1 I like eggs.

Let’s have breakfast.


I like eggs.

I don’t like eggs. I like bread. I like orange juice.

I don’t like orange juice. I like milk. Have some milk, mum?

Yes, please.

Lesson 2 Do you like fish?

Do you like fish?

Yes, I do.

Do you like vegetables?

No, I don’t.

I like vegetables.

What’s for lunch, mum?

Rice, fish and vegetables.

And chicken, too.

Lesson 3 I’d like some apple juice. I’m hungry, mum

Let’s have dinner.

Would you like a drink?

Yes. Coffee, please.

Would you like a drink?

Yes. I’d like some apple juice. I’d like some orange juice.

Unit 2 clothes

Whose coat is this?

Is this your coat, Wang Hong? NO. My coat is blue. It’s jenny’s.

Lesson 1 I have a new sweater. Mum, my sweater is too small. Yes, it is.

Li Ming, this is for you.

I have a new sweater. It’s cool. Do you like it?

Yes, I do. Thank you, mum.

You have a new sweater. It’s lovely! Thank you! I love it.

Lesson 2 Is this your cap?

Is this your cap, Li Ming?

No, it isn’t.

Is this your cap, Guo Yang?

No. my cap is black. Danny’s cap is blue. Is this your cap, Danny?

Yes, it is. Thank you, Miss Zhang.

Lesson 3 Whose coat is this? Is this your coat, Guo Yang?

Yes, it is.

Whose coat is this?

It’s my coat. Thank you.

Whose shirt is that?

It’s Peter’s.


三年级上 unit1 hello I I'm hiunit3 look family father motherunit5 our classroom new desk

unit7 how many one two three 三年级下 unit1

breakfast egg bread orange unit3 g o zoo yeah tiger these

unit5 school office lab

playground good sister morning brother how grandpa are grandma you a

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unit6get upo'clocktimenowreadyday

name my he he's friend she nose mouth me face tail oh like black orange

cap isn't coat whose shirt box unit4 welcome home beautiful we living room thirty

class go home game at go to school

let's two play ear OK eye wow hand


unit3 classmate day subject Monday we

Tuesday Chinese Wednesday PE Thursday today

Friday favourite Saturday science Sunday English football

unit5 sunny climb hill cloudy windy put on snow weather rain unit7 speak may hold on call do some training write email sure everyone doll dining room go to bednoodles bed room nighttea on skirt read woman in pretty watch handsome where boat know kitchen under bed door

behind 四年级下 unit1 u nit3 unit5China want toyfrom eat nusCanada noodle carthe U.S. food fastBritain

out cheapAustralia potato all right India soup buyFrance tomato excuseher

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maths computer studies make thing often

picture sorry hurry up dad rancoat tomorrow will winner jump longjump high

high jumpliveOttawa


Washinton D.C. minute pizza cake

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unit4 unit6housework weekend vacationshoe visit June

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五年级下unit1 u nit3

holiday feel Beijing


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next to plan storybook

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You'd better umbrella country trip naughty song


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gym merry yesterday send dress helpful

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Father Christmas Christmas



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get ready middle school life term miss more exciting



Unit 1 Food and Drink


一、本单元教学要求: 知识目标:


2.能听懂、会说、认读食品和饮料的相关单词:egg, bread, orange, fish, milk, please, rice, juice,drink, hungry, vegetable, apple,并能结合句型灵活运用。

3.能听懂、会说、认读与饮食相关的句型:“Do you like ??” “Would you like ??” 能力目标:能运用所学句型谈论饮食及自己和他人对饮食的喜好。

情感目标:对中、西方的饮食差异有一定的了解,培养学生良好的饮食习惯。 二、本单元教材分析:

本单元共4课:Lesson 1I like eggs. Lesson2 Do you like fish? Lesson 3 I’d like some apple juice. Lesson 4 Again, Please! 12个认读单词,7个听说单词。四个核心句型。一首歌谣。7个字母的书写。 三、教学重难点: 教学重点:

能听懂、会说并认读句子:“I like eggs.”“Do you like fish?”“Yes , I do.”“No, I don’t.” “Would you like a drink?”“I’d like some apple juice”,能自由谈论饮食并运用所学句型,表达自己对饮食的喜好,询问他人对饮食的喜好。 教学难点:

“Would you like ?? ”的意思及回答。 四、教学时间:

Lesson 1 I like eggs. 1课时 Lesson 2 Do you like fish? 1课时 Lesson 3 I’d like some apple juice.1课时 Lesson 4 Again, Please! 1课时 单元测试与评价:1课时


1. 充分利用已有知识 What colour do you like ? I like?.引出新的词汇。 2. 滚动复现所学过的颜色词汇。

3. Chant 可灵活运用:扩充、替换,在每一个lesson 中使用。

4. 创设不同的情景让学生体会 Do you like ??和 Would you like??的区别。 (家庭聚餐、餐馆、野餐)

5. 游戏中激活已有知识,培养学生表达能力。 6. 字母书写要打下良好的基础。 六、教学中应注意的问题: 1、滚动复习前面学习的内容。 2、注重语言的实际运用。 3、语音语调的模仿。 4、字母书写规范

Lesson1 I like eggs.(新授)

一、教学目标: 知识目标:


2.能听懂、会说、认读食品和饮料的相关单词:egg, bread, milk, juice, orange, please并能结合句型灵活运用。

3.能听懂、会说、认读与饮食相关的句型:I like eggs.I don’t like eggs/ orange juice. 能力目标:能运用所学句型谈论饮食及自己和他人对饮食的喜好。

情感目标:对中、西方的饮食差异有一定的了解,培养学生良好的饮食习惯。 二、教学重难点:

重点:能听懂、会说并认读句子:“I like eggs.”能自由谈论饮食并运用所学句型,表达自己的喜好。

难点:能听懂、会说并认读句子:“I like eggs.I don’t like eggs.”能自由谈论饮食并运用所学句型,表达自己的喜好。


四、教学用具:教学挂图、单词卡片、录音机、磁带、教学光盘、头饰 五、教学课时:1课时 六、教学思路设计:

1、歌曲热身,激发学习兴趣。 2、教师运用颜色图片,复习句型 3、听录音或看教学光盘学习语言 4、表演、游戏巩固 5、情境活动练习 6、字母书写 七、教学过程: