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1. Think about your childhood and try to describe your

experiences such as your deepest memory about childhood, your childhood dream, the game you liked best in your

childhood, etc.

2. Some students believe love on campus is more stable than

that in society because it is based on thorough

understanding. But others hold the notion that many

lovers will not be able to remain together after graduation, which may bring about many problems. Are you in favor of or against college romance? Why?

3. Calligraphy class is required in the schools of Sichuan

Province. What is your opinion about this news?

4. It is generally believed that a high diploma guarantees a

promising future. Do you agree? Why or why not?

5. With the ever rapid development and increasing

popularity of the information technology, shopping on the internet has been a fashion, especially among the youngsters. Please comment on this phenomenon.

6. Do you think it necessary for teenagers to keep off fast

food such as fried chicken and potato chips? Why or why not?

7. Finding a job, having further study or going abroad,

which will you choose after graduation? And how do you prepare to achieve your goal?

8. Do you like developing friendship or love with a net friend?

Why or why not?

9. Do you want to find a job you are interested in or a

well-paid one? Please give your comments on your future job.

10. What is your favorite holiday? (Reference: Spring

Festival, Moon’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter,

Christmas, etc.)

11. Are you satisfied with the living conditions in your

dormitory? Why or why not?

12. Do elderly people like living with their children or

grandchildren? Do you think elderly people would like to live in homes for the elderly? Why or why not?

13. Do you think e-learning is an efficient way of learning English?

14. China has harsh laws aimed at penalizing drunk driving. What’s your opinion?

15. The public has experienced so many crises of food

contamination. Please give your comments on this


16. We cannot fail to notice that countless uncivilized

behaviors exist in our daily lives, such as spitting, talking loudly, littering, saying nasty words in public places and so forth. Please make comments on it.

17. Currently, we could hardly live a single day without

seeing a celebrity spokesperson promoting a product or a social campaign on TV, net or other media. What’s your opinion of the phenomenon?

18. Nowadays, there exist all kinds of lotteries in our society,

such as welfare lottery, sports lottery, computer lottery, and so forth. Anyone, whether man or woman, the young or the old, may buy lottery tickets. What’s your opinion?

19. Obviously, campus thefts have become increasingly

annoying as they occur far more often than before. And it seems that the thieves are less choosy these days, with their targets ranging widely from bikes, cell phones,

purses, pre-paid IC cards to sunglasses, bags, and even underwear. Please comment on this phenomenon.

20. It is now said that the young generation is lacking of

striving spirit. They are easy to give up and always turn a pessimistic attitude to failure. Do you agree?



Personal Story

我叫XXX, 今年21岁, 是一个十分乐观向上的青年。在北京市北方交通大学附属中学毕业后, 考入北京青年政治学院泰尔弗商务分院, 所学专业为国际商务, 在大学老师们辛勤培养下学到许多国际贸易、商务方面的知识。参加了一些社会实习活动, 极大提高了自己的能力。毕业后, 到英国的Hastings College 学习硕士预科课程。

I am Cai Liyang, 21, optimistic and ambitious. After my graduation from the high school attached to Beijing Jiaotong University, I was admitted to Beijing Youth Politics College Telfort Business Institute, majoring in International Business. Under the conscientious cultivation of my teachers, I acquired an extensive knowledge of international trade and business. And my experiences of internship greatly enhanced my abilities. Then, after graduation, I went to Britain to study Master's Degree preparatory courses at Hastings College.

初到一个陌生而又神奇的国度, 开始很不习惯, 我努力适应新的环境, 结交新的朋友, 正确对待两国文化、教育方面的差异。在英国期间, 我自觉遵守当地的法律制度, 尊重当地的风俗习惯。时间久了, 我感受到英国人民的友好、善良。我和英国老师、房东都能相处得很好, 成了好朋友, 送给他们有中国特色的小礼

物, 如: 中国结、鼻烟壶等。他们对我也很关照。同时也结交了很多德国、西班牙的留学生, 开拓自己的视野。母校北京青年政治学院的老师也经常关心我们的生活和学习, 使我在学习能力、生活能力方面有了很大的进步。

As a stranger to this exotic and mysterious land, I felt quite out of place at the beginning. But then I began to try to adapt myself to the new environment, make new friends, properly treat the difference between China and England in culture and education. During my stay here, I have been conscientiously abide by the local laws and regulations and respecting the local customs and practices. As time goes on, I am coming to feel the friendliness and kindness of the British people. I am getting very well with my English teachers, host, and we have become good friends. I have even given such small gifts of Chinese characteristics as Chinese Knots and snuff bottle. And in return, they have shown me much care. Besides, I have made friends with many fellow students from Germany and Spain, and consequently my visions have been much broadened. My former teachers at Beijing Youth Politics College have also given me consistent care and attention in my study and life, and that has been playing an indispensable part in my great progress in these aspects.

到英国后, 从听课到日常购物、办事全是英语环境。短短几个月, 使我的听力、口语水平进步很快, 达到6.5分。在学习上, 老师经常让我们自己查阅资料, 这锻炼了我的自学能力和独立分析问题的能力。我积极参与市场调查等实践活动, 锻炼了我口头交流的能力, 培养了团队合作精神。

The moment I set foot in Brit(来自:www.Hn1c.cOm 唯 才教 育网:英语口语好的人自述)ain, I have been in an English Only environment, from attending classes, daily shopping, attending to various affairs. A brief period of several months saw my quick progress in listening and oral English, and I was beginning to get a score of 6.5. In study, the teachers always tell us to look up materials for ourselves, and this has been of much help in cultivating my ability of independent study and analysis of problems. I have been active in the participating in practice activities such as market surveys, which not only have given me opportunities to improve my oral English in terms of communication, but also fostered in me a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation.

我性格上最大的特点是开朗、热情、外向、广交朋友, 十分善于和人相处。当和别人有矛盾时, 总能为他人着想, 宽于待人。我认为每个人都有自身的优点和长项。团队的力量可弥补个人能力的缺陷, 与人交流思想可开拓自己的眼界。我养成与人合作、与人讨论的习惯, 倾听别人不同的意见。

It is most characteristic of me to be optimistic, enthusiastic, outgoing, to make many friends, and to be good mixer. Whenever conflicts arise, I am always the one to think for the other party and be tolerant. I am convinced that everyone has his / her share of strong points and weak points, that a team can make up for what is deficient for every individual, and that communicating with others can broaden our visions. I have formed a habit of cooperating with others, discussing things with them and listening to different voices.

我想到英国的Sunderland of University 深造学习, 学习

international management。这和我的性格相符, 未来的世界是一个开放的交流的世界, 我渴望学习国际商务的管理知识和国际贸易方面的法律法规, 今后回国从事这方面的工作。

I am planning for my further study at the University of Sunderland, where I will take International Management. This is a natural choice of mine. The world in the future is one of openness and mutual communication. I am eager to have a knowledge of international business and laws and regulations related to international trade, and I am going to be engaged in relevant work when I am back home

个人陈述翻译, /article/20110907225836.html转载,



一。 我的网名叫做jacky, 大学在青岛市念书,4年,中国海洋大学的计算机科学与技术。我并不象很多人那样关注现在的流行,超级女声,快乐男声,加油!好男儿,李宇春,张靓颖或者周笔畅,我甚至可能也不知道谁是全国7进6,8进7,我可能还不知道有关满城尽带黄金甲,巩俐和章子怡的最新消息,可是我却知道第六轮六方会谈的结果,我也知道中国暴雨洪灾的后果,受灾地区,我还有着一段值得人驻足的一段经历。毕业之后工作两年,辞职孤单一人来到北京准备考研。当初准备的是北外的高翻学院,也就是大家俗称的同传专业。但是那时候除了看的是同传的高薪之外,还有自己提高自己的英语水平。我一开始,英语程度也就是6级,但是经常锻炼口语,所以交流很流畅。这是我惟一的优势,其他的,没有工作,计算机专业,看来都不是什么好事情。可是我有着很多人没有的一样东西。 那就是坚定的毅力。这样是

我后来能够成功被录取的最重要的一点。从那年1月开始,我认真准备,但是当时对于高翻没有清晰的概念,所以很幼稚的觉得,把一套新东方推荐的60篇文章背诵下来,然后背诵GRE词汇就可以解决问题了。结果,大概一个月之后,发现语言运用能力的确有所提高,但是要是参加考试远远不够,因为那时候开始接触<经济学家>,发现根本看不懂。于是在网络上疯狂的搜索和高翻相关的内容,论坛,网站,blog等等,也开始获得了大量的信息。其中几个重要的网站在这里推荐一下:如果你想要找一个最综合的口译资料资源练习方法的网站,就去这里看看http://kouyitianxia。ttsite。com/index。如果你还没有认真的看过经济学家,那考高翻就太困难了,经济学家师一定要看的,而且最好每天都看几篇。经济学家中国:http://ecocnorg/forum/index。如果你要考北外,那么究一定要经常到北外专门的校内网去看看最新的消息,还有很多牛人在哪里发帖,北外星光: http://www。xgbbs。如果你的听力和知识面都不是很广阔,那么你需要经常去普特听力论坛看看,并且练习,我是坚持了一年多普特听力论坛:http://www。putclub。这些是主要的一些论坛,接下来我说自己的努力过程的时候会提高他们的用处为了能

够清晰明了的说明我自己的努力过程,我把自己针对每一个考试所必需掌握的技能,进行的练习列出来:英语基础------中英互译新概念3,4册,新东方精选60篇文章,张培基散文50篇,实用口译教程全部,现代汉英口译教程,现代汉英口译教程练习册,然后熟练背诵,这一共7本书!其实还有很多其他的我背诵了只有2-3遍的,就不想提了。这些书腰背诵至少3-4遍,我自己背诵了大概有10遍左右,之后总结当中重要的,自己不熟练的句型,词组等等,要针对自己。听力------这个是我自己感到最重要的,为了锻炼听力,我找到了普特论坛,并且严格的每天跟着一起训练,方法大家都可以在论坛上找到。每天听写BBC,因为voa太简单,大概一个月左右就可以完全听懂。 所以我一直坚持精听BBC直到那年9月份,我找到了一个软件,可以把音频变速,叫做NV player,大家搜索,可以找到并且免费下载,其他的软件我也尝试了,但是基本上都还是声音会失真,但是这个软件只会加快速度,声音不会失真。之后我开始把BBC变速听,变到1。1,1。2,,,,,最后倒了2倍速,你听起来这个变速可能没有什么大不了的,但是当你真正的用这个软件开始听的时候,才发现,就算是从1。1跳到1。2你都会有很多东西突然间就听不懂了,

与此同时,我还每天下载联合国网站的会议现场和白宫的会议现场,不断的变速听,而且普特论坛上又各种各样的材料共我选择,我也在不断的精听,精练,倒了10月,我开始精听BBC2倍速,同时开始了我正式的同传练习,是的,我已经可以进行同传了,不过都是同传UN的现场,还有白宫的现场,每天都是一个小时左右,大概过了一个月,我开始同传voa新闻,新闻的同传,在同传界是一个忌讳,也就是说没有人去做新闻同传,因为信息集中,密度大,速度太快,挑战太大,但是我很勇敢的接受了挑战,并且开始坚持每天同传新闻,因为我发现UN会议和美国白宫的会议太简单了,我每天都会把UN 和美国白宫的会议现场变成2倍速来做泛听,基本上一次就可以听懂了。新增国内会外会议视频下载---联合国,白宫,英国议会,中国国家新闻办公室http://kouyitianxia。ttsite。com/thread。php?fid-1831335。后来我曾经尝试一次在安南进行的联合国的演讲录像,直接进行同传,基本上对我来说就是放慢镜头!每次听2倍速的作用就显现出来了,因为最后我发现基本上90%的安南演讲内容我都同传出来了。在此期间,我不但坚持锻炼同传新闻voa,并且开始尝试加速同传,也就是把新闻变速到1。3倍速同传,这个的确非常又

难度,但是我还是克服了,这需要很多的勇气还有毅力,很多人会问我,你怎么又这样的动力,我说,他们都源自我的梦想,一个心中的梦想,希望能够成为一个语言运用自如的人,运用自己的天分非常自如的人。于是,渐渐的,我到了12月份,已经可以同传voa新闻的1。5倍速了,这个是非常难的,因为速度很快,而你有必须要同时传译,但是这些都造就了我非凡的反映速度,还有我稳定的心理素质,因为,现在我听人们说话,就真的好像在放慢镜头一般。而且12月份的时候我也开始同传cnn,也是1。5倍速,以及npr,但是bbc我还从来没有尝试过,因为bbc我一直都留给自己做每天的精听 在后来,voa的同传我就变速倒了1。7倍速了,但是这已经是今年的事情了。并且开始进行新闻的记忆,也就是新闻播放并且同传结束后,尽力的会议全部的大概内容,有的朋友可能会说,新闻简单,容易记忆,练习短期记忆还是应该用会议记录,但是我不这么认为,5分钟的新闻可能很短,但是你知道么,这里面往往包括7-8有的时候10个主要事情,而且相互没有联系,如果你能把每件没有联系的事情都记住,那么你记住会议内容会更加简单容易,看到这里,有的朋友会发现,我这个人有些变态,听力听2倍速,记忆非要用新闻练